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Foreign star studded Buildcon hold TP Mazembe in int’l friendly

Newly promoted Buildcon have held former African Champions TP Mazembe to a goalless draw in a game played on Wednesday evening at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

The new kids on the block punched above their weight by holding a team with the likes of Chipolopolo skipper Rainford Kalaba in their ranks.

Nathan Sinkala and Given Singuluma both started for Mazembe.

But the talking point for the match is the starting XI named by Buildcon which was an all foreign player squad.

The visitors looked more Zambian than the Zambian team.

Buildcon has made history by being the first premier league team to name an all foreign starting XI in Zambia

The new comers have given a hint of how they maybe lining up in the league and were able to field a team of all foreigners as Zambia does not have a quota system for foreign players in a team.

Mazembe starting XI had Kalaba, Sinkala and Singuluma

The Ndola baswd side however has renowned Zambia players in their ranks whi include former international Jonas Sakuwaha, Mathews Nkowani, defender Emmanuel Mayuka, 2016 divisiin one top goal scorer Emmanuel Kalala and goalkeeper Mwanza.

Buildcon XI v Mazembe

Scot Ngokene, Isaac Isinde, Basit Masawudu, Ichaka Diarra, Moro Lamin, Fidele Bosandja, Mustafa Essuman, Musa Ndusha, Clifton Miheso, Philip Osamudiamen, Richmond Adongo

TP Mazembe XI

Munkoro – Frimpong, Coulibaly, Kasusula, Sinkala, Miche, Mputu, Asante, Singuluma, Kalaba

Nathan Sinkala in action against Buildcon

31 Comments to Foreign star studded Buildcon hold TP Mazembe in int’l friendly

  1. Discipline says:

    Kamanga should do something asap or else this is going to affect our national team at least three foreign per game not like this useless situation.

  2. Zambia shall win the afcon again says:


  3. Zambia shall win the afcon again says:

    I dont know if this model will be sustained in the long run. Its nit cheap.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well said, this must be put to an end

  5. Logic says:

    Now this is funny, lol. FAZ please establish a quarter so we are spared this circus.

  6. fivestargeneral says:

    Stand out name in the buildcon team is Clifton miheso the Kenyan international that was forced to terminate contract at gunpoint in South Africa

  7. fivestargeneral says:


  8. General says:

    At least 4 foreign prayers per game


    There must be a quota not more than 5 or 6 foreign players.

  10. soccerguru says:

    Nathan Sinkala is finished zoona

  11. Mwebantu says:

    Kings of negativity! Go Zambia, go!

  12. GSK11 says:

    Amazing…how times change…globalization comes to Ndola!!!

  13. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    at least 4 or 5 foreign players not like this

  14. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    For a start let it be free for all.The fact is 90% of the Zambian teams have no foreign players. When 50% of the teams have managed to recruit foreign players then We can start the Quota system.Now We need stiff competition.

  15. Wezi says:

    I am in support of the calls to limit the number of foreign players to three (3) per game. We cant have a situation where a team fields eleven players of foreign origin in a game. FAZ should do something about this to protect the local game. We need also to give chance to young budding talent.

  16. Super world says:

    Where are all the players who helped the team win promotion to super league? Were they all foreigners? What difference will the change make? Just recentry the same team was beaten by Nkana 3-0 Walter Bwalya with a hat trick.

  17. Revel says:


  18. Ruth says:

    Let them play there game, at arsenal only one English player starts the game, wartord only one english starts the game, man city only two English players starts the game, at Madrid only two Spanish players start the game, at Chelsea only one English player starts the game, we need such teams to straighten out local players

  19. L. Mukalati says:

    Please, help me so that i understand. Is this team based in Zambia or they came here to use our stadium? If it is in zambia, why no Zambian player?

  20. serenje says:

    who is couching this same useles team. If that couch is a zambian. He must be very dull. I wouldnt mention or support such a team. Its ant zambian. We have so many talented zambians. We are even destroying our economy by importing products which easily get in the rural areas. We are support to be developing our own and export

  21. Chali says:

    Maybe the local Zambians are not good enough to be in the team. Competition is good but it can be a two edged sword vis-s-vis Chipolopolo. Until FAZ puts legislation in place, go Buildcon use your best available players, win the league and represent Zambia in the CAF Champions League.

  22. Discipline says:

    Yes serenje I second you on this point of dullness from what I understand the owner is zambian in construction,currently he was offered to construct some hostels at CBU and fun enough is instead of channeling those profits to be used to develop the abundant football talent he does the opposite or maybe he thought ati balandunba he is such a clown together with his club executive

  23. Discipline says:

    Ba Ruth this is no blog for girls wrong place for you my sister though good point and you see why England now even losses to useless sides like Iceland and very soon Zambia will start to lose to sides like Somalia if this kamanga does not call an emergency executive meeting come up with just a maximum of three foreign players per game and five to be registered for the all season

  24. TWAFWANE says:

    Something is wrong with our FA, I understand the owner of this team has money but can never be above the LAW.

    We have upcoming talent here and looking at these guys are don’t tell me they are better than Zambian players.

    The upcoming talent we have has to be exposed and not watching a foreign based who are not even better than ours.

    Where is the foundation here, do our young stars have a chance of playing at a higher level?
    There is no motivation in our country (its not about money), but the foundation.
    Young stars are motivated by simple things which i believe our FA does not even think about.
    We won the U20 Afcon and that does not say we have a foundation, We just have good players and don’t forget the so called U20 are not at that age. Most of those boys are 25-28 yrs. This is because they come to scene at 22-25 years so thay have no option but to cheat because every player wants to wear nations colours.

    I don’t blame these boys but FAZ because we don’t have a foundation that is why we call a 25 year old a young star.

    FAZ must do something about our Football we have very good players and if can have a proper foundation then we can be untouchable in Africa.

  25. Positive thinking says:

    Very sad that a team in Zambia would field 11 foreign players. Someone needs to set the standard or establish what the rules are on quotas. FAZ needs to step in. I value competition and foreign players, but this is ridiculous. Also, enough time must be given before the rule on quotas comes into effect. You can’t just do it immediately, perhaps 2 seasons from now

  26. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Okay, enlighten me. Why is it someone here or there alludes to the U20 team as being comprised of age cheaters. What is the truth? If this is merely speculative I hope people desist. Unless the facts are substantive and there are facts as per player basis. Otherwise you are just tarnishing the name of Country.

  27. alfred says:

    promoting competition

  28. alfred says:

    competition bane

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