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No doubt, I want to stay – Sven

Chipolopolo Coach Sven Vandenbroeck has turned a blind eye on calls for him to step down from his position following the failure to qualify to the 2019 AFCON and has unequivocal indicated that he wants to stay.

The Belgian coach was speaking in an interaction session with the media at Gardern Court hotel in Kitwe yesterday.

Sven said the reason why he wants to stay is because he sees that the federation has potential, commitment and the ambition to make changes going forward.

“If you ask if I want to continue, I say for sure yes because I see potential, I see commitment, I see also the ambition from the federation to make changes. They allowed me to bring the GPS, bring the new style, even backed me up in Mozambique after losing,” he said.

He said he wishes to stay until the subsequent World Cup in 2022 in Qatar.

“I think logic would say go until the 2022 World Cup. I think that is a logic project. There are two Africa Cups one you can already eliminate, but there is U23 AFCON next year and Olympics. I think that is a beautiful project to work with although I cannot step in with choices but we will be there to see what is happening,” he said.

Sven touched on many issues including the influx of foreign players – which he thinks constrains game time on youth players compared to countries that have imposed foreign quotas in domestic football.

According to him the Super league has a huge number of foreign players – which he expressed concern on, saying it has not made his quest for defenders an easy job.

Asked about his relationship with the players, Sven said it was not strained. He said he had a good relationship with the players despite benching some of them like Rainford Kalaba and Fashion Sakala – that people had warned him about they were a bit selfish.

And Sven revealed that they have created a WhatsApp group compounded of the technical bench and Chipolopolo players. He further revealed that they sometimes crack jokes in this WhatsApp group, for example when a Simba fan in Tanzania offered his wife in exchange for Cletus Chama’s jersey.

“I have to say from the start that I had a good relationship with everyone and a good feeling even until now. I will give an example, many people were warning me for some guys and I will mention a few, Kalaba (Rainford) and sometimes Fashion Sakala that he can be selfish but although Kalaba did not play all the games and on the bench, his behaviour was good, no complaining.”


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  1. Tony mash says:

    Let him stay he has team at heart. What he said its very true. Faz should beef up the technical bench and add some few dollars on his salary. The man has fallen in love with zambian football. If we fire him it will be a detrimental to future of the team.. If faz they want to bring a new gafer in future should at under 20 level

  2. zacheus Pearson says:

    The only thing that has finished our good football in Zambia is Politics in football Lets not bring Politics in football. Players Have good game Plan and they Need Motivations Like Bonuses How Do FAZ pay the players Food has nothing to do with Scoring.If you are Paying them well at the end of the tournaments then we will Progress. Too much corruption has killed our happiness in Zambian Football. Injuries have Contributed to the losing side . Kalaba is very Powerful Player and if he is unfit he will not perform to our expectations same as Enock Mwapu why do You force a Player who has injuries or Just from recovering then you play him in a crucial game then you blame him for not doing well ? give enough time to players Like Kalaba, Mwepu Daka Patson Fashion Sakala,Kapumbu Mbola, Joseph Musonda. Lets try them and not Politics. Pay them well and give them Motivation Bonus. FAZ open your pockets to the Coaches and Players in the National Team. Kennedy Mweene has to retire from National duty he is old and Performance has gone down look for Sharp goal keepers and not only Names without Performance.

  3. Luapula Bize says:

    I think it will be too early to fire this coach, otherwise we shall end up firing and hiring all day long.

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