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Football house : Engaging newly promoted teams a priority

The football Association of Zambia has retaliated its position of supporting clubs coming to the super league. FAZ President Andrew Kamanga said the association has prioritised engaging teams coming to super league because of the heavy cost associated with super league football.

Kamanga and his Vice Rix Mweemba led a team of officials from FAZ to inspect the progress of newly promoted New Monze Swallows in readiness for the 2018 season.

“Since coming into office last year, We have made it our priority to engage teams being promoted, Especially those coming into super league Since the demands of the super league are very high,” Kamanga said.

Vice President Rix Mweemba told New Monze Swallows that the Association’s vision was to take football were it belongs which in this case is Monze as many questions were raised as to whether the team will move after winning promotion.

“The vision we have as the Football association of Zambia is to take football to were it belongs,” Mweemba said.

Mweemba further urged Monze Swallows and the general public not to dwell to much on the negatives .

“Let’s look at positives that the Association is bringing and not always dwelling on complaints. Forget about those who are always negative,” He said.

New Monze Swallows become ther third team from Southern province to join the MTN/FAZ super league after Nakambala Leopards and Green Eagles .


2 Comments to Football house : Engaging newly promoted teams a priority

  1. Discipline says:

    Just visiting this new promotion way is rubbish now useless clubs are promoted this team has been there for God knows how long in lower ranks and it has never come close to promotion.monze the points donor

  2. General says:

    do these guys have sponsors?

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