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FIFA U20 World Cup: Its Zambia v Italy quarter finals

African Champions Zambia will play Italy in the quarter finals of the on-going 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup on Monday.

Italy eliminated the European Champions France via a 2 – 1 scoreline in an all European round of 16 tie.

Italy overcame the pre-tournament favorites who came into the game as clear favorites having won all of their three group matches without conceding a goal.

But France were stunned by a 27th minute goal from Orsolini before they pulled one back from the spot.

Panico sealed the win for Italy in the 57th minute.

This was Italy’s second win at the tournament after they were beaten by Uruguay, beat South Africa and drew with Japan.

Zambia has already overcome two European opponents on their path to the last eight having beaten Portugal 2 – 1 in the opening match before booting out Germany 4 – 3 in the round of 16 tie.

In other games played today, Senegal were eliminated by Mexico leaving Zambia as the sole flag career for Africa.

USA humiliated New Zealand with a screaming 6 – 0 scoreline.

Zambia, Italy, USA, Venezuela, Portugal, Uruguay, England and Mexico are in the last 8 of the tournament.

48 Comments to FIFA U20 World Cup: Its Zambia v Italy quarter finals

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Playing France would have been like playing another African team with all the player’s they’ve poached. Italy is similar to the Germans. Zambia needs to address the leaky defense.


    I know these boys will reach the finals all they need is proper polishing as I do not see Italy posing a greater threat if the Boys go into the game as Warriors.

  3. thete says:

    We can beat italy if we sort out our defence we italy we wont score many goals like we did with germany and italy so please coach teach boyd musonda to concentrate on defensive duties then looking to score goal of the tournment

    • Billy says:

      That boy Boyd Musonda was the weakest point. He doesn’t even know how to shoot the ball. Just look at Shemmy Mayembe; Just one shoot at goal, boommmmm, proved to be the winner in yesterday’s game.

  4. MuZedian says:

    Now we have the platform to not only showcase to Africa but the world as a whole that we are amongst the best 8 countries on the planet. That’s a big big big archievement that many only dream off. We are in great company now to showcase the football we have and better still the talent in Zambia. These boys don’t have stage fright which is a big credit to them. These kids are driven by passion and desire coz if you look at all the teams we have played with the exception of Iran, the have great leagues with world class facilities etc. but our humble and indeed level headed boys have just soldiered on. I am not in Zambia so haven’t heard much about incentives but this is the time for the government to rally behind these boys and put forth an incentive to beat Italy. Asking them to win the World Cup may just except too much pressure hence my thinking of incentive per game and yes I do believe we can win this World Cup. The belief and talent on show is just mind blowing. And better still for Zambia one has to remember that teams grow in. Incidence as the tournament progresses and Zambia is no exception. Good luck boys and make us proud.

  5. Prince says:

    100 percent concentration needed for this one boys!

  6. Billy says:

    The problem we have is the midfield particularly defensive midfield. Boyd Musonda is always out of sorts moving forward trying to score as though he is a striker. All the shots he attempted at goal in the game against Germany were horrific. He needs to drop in defense to assist the leaky Zambian defense. If we sort out the defense, all shall be well for the Chipolopolo U20 on Monday against the young Azzurri..

  7. Kasama Boy says:

    The passion of the Zambia U20 is unbelievable. I felt very touched to see Fashion Sakala crying after being substituted. That shows you the boy feels he has forsaken his colleagues, by not performing to his ultimatum. To me he did and has done wonders throughout.
    Keep the spirit bane, and God bless.

  8. The 1988 repeat 4-1 !!!!

  9. Lusanga says:

    How about if all those shots were on target, would we be saying he is out of position.
    Well, Yes he was. But perhaps we would be saying “the midfield needs to be more organized. looking out for each other. when one goes, the other remain to keep balance.
    But if truth be told, its these “going forward enmase which help us to score. so many options.

  10. Truth is says:

    Cup ibwele… lets go boys. Lets do this.

  11. Kuku says:

    Boyd (player of the tournament COSAFA) pick a spot (or just memorize where the goal is before the pass comes) then keep your eyes on the ball as you take the shot. With Italy the whole team needs to be focused, they are experts at the ball control with those switching passes that can turn defence into attack very quickly. ‘Ukwaali insoke takwafwile muntu’. ‘Fore warned fore armed.’ I think above all we are on a mission. We depend on each other. We are the football machine. We believe in God.

  12. Amandla says:

    I preferred facing Italy than France. I think we have a chance! Go boys! “I believe we can do it! Talking is another thing, doing is another! It is our time,” winning Coach of 2012 African Cup!

    • Chu says:

      Big mistake. Italy doesn’t defend erroneously like France and are sharp in front of goal beware of what you wish for.

  13. Amandla says:

    Please dress in green!

  14. Dickson says:

    France would have been a threat to zambia than italy.As it is, we have a chance.GO ZAMBIA GO. “cup ibwele”

  15. Benard says:

    dead or alive this cup must come in zambia, kukwatafye umutima wakuwina

  16. SMSoJC says:

    Our boys must repeat the Snr Team’s 1988 exploits against the then much fancied Italy. Viva our Z boys and Shalom.

  17. M6 says:

    Boyd Was playing well but the problem is his shooting on goal actually he was man of the match

  18. one oracle elliot says:

    we are moving from zero to hero, keep on boys the grace of God is with u.ebwela cup

  19. Muhammed Nyirongo says:

    zambia is a good side.We’ll carry the day.

  20. Nancy says:

    Ts jx favour all wu be well jx be organised boyz & tek it as if u are pkayung ur finals

  21. Akomfour says:

    I hope zambia can be the second african country to win the u20s world cup after Ghana black stars made history for the continent by winning the cup in 2009

  22. SHANGE JR says:

    And the team manager (coach) when you see that its 90+ time. Try to make changes in that way helps when leading. Pliz

  23. D4 says:

    The coach should put steel in the middle of the pack by introducing Sunzu to play alongside Boyd Musonda. With this strong base a 2 holding midfield formula ITALY MUST FALL! We can sacrifice one Singer. Go Zambia Go!

  24. D4 says:

    *One winger

  25. nams says:

    this game is ours,like it or not cup i

  26. Anita says:

    Definitely meeting Italy is better than playing France. Our coaching bench should analyse the Italian team very well. I know the Europeans are experts at that particularly the Italians and that is exactly what they did with the French team. they are very good at controlling the temple of the game, and good at feigning injuries and going down in dangerous areas so our boys should be talked to very well. by now they know our strengths and weaknesses and by the time the game is played on Monday we must do the same.

  27. Lets go zambia, we have to be forcused 100% n own your position guys, every1 is assigned to their special so do your best in the pitch n play with all yr heart #Fashion_Sakala i like your team spirit keep it up #love you guys.

  28. Chris; Busy says:

    Holding midfielder (is another error we have, specifically Musonda shud improve and start help defenders since he has proven to us that scoring goals is the biggest problem.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Go Zambia Go This is our season And I know cup niyathu Wining is our portion.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Let us support our Guys with a position thought.viva zambia

  31. Dickson Tembo says:

    France would have been a thorn in the flash because we almost play the same style of soccer.Italy is easier than German

  32. Dick guru says:

    go Zambia go

  33. jamlung says:

    I think the coach and his technical bench should work on the defence. The defence is somehow leaky. This match should be taken so serious by both the boys and the technical bench. I should encourage the boys to play lungs out up to the final whistle.

  34. Danny Lembo says:

    We will make it.over the years,scoring has been our problem in zambian football.so now we are there,our boys have what it takes to lift the trophy.remember,we are representing the whole continent.GO ZAMBIA GO!

  35. Obed says:

    I don’t have many words to say but let me say Bola na Lesa

  36. Bweupeobed58@gmail.com says:

    I don’t have many words to say but let me say Bola na Lesa

  37. RealJohn says:

    plz coach, the team should put on the green jersey napapata.

  38. ISAAC says:

    midfieder-M usonda improve next game & ba coach delay afer the game is in injury tme.

  39. Can’t wait to see cup in our country and to perdite on game Zambia vs Italy, 2-1.

  40. kasapo samuel says:

    go zambia go nake hestory

  41. Anonymous says:

    B0la na Lesa.Come what may,Italy will fall and a shock to the whites.

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