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FIFA U20 World Cup: Zambia to play Portugal

The Official Draw for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017 has taken place at the Suwon Artrium, mapping out the group-stage challenge for each of the 24 teams involved.

The newly crowned African Champions will face Portugal, Costa Rica and Iran in Group c.

The Junior Chipolopolo coach Beston Chambeshi witnessed the draw in South Africa.

Africa’s other representative Guinea is in Group A alongside hosts South Korea, Argentina and England.

South Africa will face a South Américan test in thé form of Uruguay, Japan and Italy.

Senegal, have been placed in Group F with USA, Saudi Arabia and Ecuodor.

The full draw:

A: Korea, Argentina, England, Guinea
B: Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Vanuatu
C: Portugal, Costa Rica, Zambia, Iran
D: Uruguay, Japan, Italy, South Africa
E: France, New Zealand, Honduras, Vietnam
F: USA, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador

38 Comments to FIFA U20 World Cup: Zambia to play Portugal

  1. 1king jazzi says:

    Here we go again…it’our time to shine again!!!!GO ZAMBIA GO ZAMBIA.

  2. Goodwells Ngámbi says:

    Group C:


    21 May, 2017- Zambia Vs Portugal
    24 May, 2017- Zambia Vs Iran
    27 May, 2017- Zambia Vs Costa Rica.
    Soccerguru is right.

    Go Zambia go!!!!

  3. Samaita says:

    Lets go boys.. They will the group. They are favorates to win world cup

  4. Gesh says:

    Looks a decent group,2 wins off Iran and Costa Rica or a win off Iran and 2 draws should be enough….but as ALWAYS-good preps is what we need if a WC trophy is to land here-time to dream,thez just ‘something’ about this team,you just sense that we have something brewing with these lads…Lord help everyone else if they fulfill their respective potentials!


    We are going to represent Africa well and We shall put a smile on Africa’s face by reaching the Final. Goooo mwe Bana besu Gooooooo!

  6. Samaita says:

    Let go boys. You are favorites to emerge as group winners and big one. You are the most talented generation . There two dead walking people in cameroon isa hayatu and the presdent of cameroon.

  7. wonderful draws, the lads have got a chance to showcase their talent to the world, go boys go we are behind you.

  8. Sibs says:

    Fair draw for sure.

  9. Kasama Boy says:

    Congratulations ba Zambia U20 and go show them what you are made of. With good preparations we can go a long, long way in the World Cup. So let’s prepare properly and go a long, long way.
    With confidence so high, that is a winnable group.
    Lets use teams like Nigeria, Egypt, Cameroun, and Ghana here in Africa and other strong European U20s to prepare. We can even select those who are in different pots to prepare with.
    If Nigeria Did it, and Ghana Did it, why can’t we also Did it??
    Our Motto will now change to , “Our Boys, Their Land, Our Cup”.
    I also wish to thank the Nigerian TV Show AFRICA SPOTS (aired on Super Sports last night)for their very positive and encouraging words to the Zambian football fraternity and the Zambia U20 National Team. The use of suspected Juju by Senegal was well covered and condemned. It is interesting to hear then say, “the situation would have been different had Nigeria U20 been there.”
    Let’s go to show case our talent. God Bless.

  10. Mario says:

    Good draw actually. Finally my two teams Portugal and Zambia meet. This will be a great test because both teams have exceptional quality. Portugal’s recent youth teams have been very dominant and we’re unlucky not to win the last U20 World Cup.

    There is also potential for Portuguese scouts to see Zambians up close.

    My heart is with Zambia though but both should get through the group.

  11. humble says:

    Not rily a bad draw
    We can do it young african champions
    Believe in yourselves guys u cn do it, all da best in korea

  12. STUMPY says:

    we won afcon with overage players. ghana and ngr failed even to qualify because they tried usng genuine under 20s. about half this team will be dropped from world cup squad because there they do proper tests. they wil be dropped by coach on pretext that they have graduated to senior team.

  13. SLIM says:

    Stumpy you’ve stunted brains! you a pigmy!

  14. Mbita says:

    Such tests are u talking about?

  15. An says:

    We are going to the World Cup as African Champions,therfore,our opponents will also prepare very well for us coz they have seen how destructive we can be on the pitch. but we can pull out of this group with good preparations even going further than semifinals, Let’s the government and Faz put up a good program for the lads and prepare adequately for the tournament and show the world what Zambia is capable of doing, gooo young chips goooooooo all the best keep focused.

  16. Egwugwu says:

    slim you an idioooot

  17. Egwugwu says:

    or sorry stumpy

  18. PHOTON says:

    # stumpy just make clarification over the same and us if MRO was not used this time around. If not ,why ?

  19. PHOTON says:

    # stumpy just make clarification over the same and tell us if MRO was not used this time around. If not ,why ?

  20. Logic says:

    Good draw

  21. Mbita says:

    MRI can only be used on one below 18 years because growth plates in the bones stop growing at 17-28 years in ones life

  22. soccerguru says:

    STUMPY. ….you are an idiot….

    These guys are young…Most of them came through under 17 where they were tested using MRI scanners…..u are a real monkey u know that….

  23. Don says:

    Fair draw….Go Zambia go!

  24. Don says:

    Wow ,group D living up to it’s billing as the the group of death.
    South Africa

  25. Amandla says:

    This is indeed a good group for us and with good preparation, good cohesion, selfless playing that you have exhibited, love for one another, physical fitness, respect for leadership and reverence for God, nothing can stop you boys! You can go to the next round from these preliminaries.

  26. Positive thinking says:

    Oh Stumpy, the gift that keeps on giving lol

  27. RICHPOPO says:

    stumpy is a food stampede like the one in lusaka,what else can sme1 need in a national team isnt it a trophy.uyo ena aw

  28. Samaita says:

    Guyz before the tournament all the boys went for mr1 scan and they all passed. The boyz are within the need range. When gana won world cup under 20 they refused to go for mr1. The team includes the likes of andrew ayew who is now over thirty as he feel but on paper is 26. Zambia have a youthful team …

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Not that I support Stumpys nonsensical rhetoric but you cant MRI test a player that is above 17. After 17 you have to rely on whatever papers (birth certificate and so on) that the player brings. MRI tests can only be carried out until the age of 17. so Your statement ca therefor not be true.

  29. J.S says:

    Absolutely fair draw. Portugal will be our toughest test as they are technically gifted. Only serious preps will propel us.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      That’s true. If the preps going into the tournament are as good as the preps the boys had going into Afcon we should be a force to recon with at the tournament.

  30. Twapapata Ba Gvt Na Ba Faz Pangeni Program Yama Preps Iya Bana(jr Chipolopolo) So That They Prepare Adquately. With Good Preps “WE CAN DO IT”. GO ZAMBIA GOOOOOO!

  31. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    The draws of the under20 world cup have now been made. After a close scrutiny of the teams that Zambia will face, I have come up with the following analysis of what I expect/foresee


    Though most soccer experts have pegged Portugal as favorites to win this group, I have the following observations when Zambia plays them. Portugal will not have it easy vs Zambia. Portugal play the style of football that suits our style of play i.e. attacking minded and it is teams that play like Portugal does, that Zambia has found easy to play against. Therefore this game will be a 50-50 affair. The team that will win this game is the team that will utilizes its chances. I would not be surprised if Zambia beats Portugal

    Costa Rica:

    Costa Rica has a similar playing style like that of Portugal. They do play attacking football. The trade mark for Costa Rica is their wing play. They usually attack using very fast wingers both on the left and right. Costa Rica like Portugal does possess g very skillful players, but are both very venerable at the back. If Zambia can play it smart and safe we will get the 3 points with easy

    To some soccer experts Iraq could be rated as the outsider in this group. That is far from the truth. Iraq with their style of play will be a pain in the ass for the other three (3) teams in this group. We have seen at senior level how Iraq plays. Iraq style of play is organizational. They play a very defensive but at the same time well calculated football that makes it very difficult for opponents regardless of who they are. Each player in the Iraq team has his role on the field defined. One other thing about the Iraq style of play is that they know how to frustrate opponents and they are technically good. Their main weapon is to catch the opponents napping and they then launch their very swift counter attacks. Very patience in the way the play and if you have to compare them to some creature, I would say Iraq are like a vulture, very patience

    What are Zambia’s chances?
    As AFCON20 champions the expectations will be high and as far as I can foresee and basing on the way the team played at the just ended AFCON20, Zambia have a chance to even reach the Semifinals of the Under20 world cup, but this will require a lot of home work being done by the technical bench. Monitoring of opponents will be to our advantage, but how this could be achieved is all up to FAZ and the technical bench

    What will help Zambia progress in my view?
    There are some things that our National team players must be told not do and in my view these are as follows;
    a)Scouts should not be allowed anyone near the team until after the finals are over. I say this because we have in the past heard of Zambian players that have signed contracts at halftime of a crucial game and in the dressing room for that matter. That should not be allowed. Scouts should be told that any communication to players has to go through some FAZ communications person (No chekelako crap)

    b)Players need to be told that a football game is won in 90 minutes and not when one has scored a goal. Therefore those wild celebrations should left until the game is over. Imagine an army in a battlefield bursting into a wild celebration just after killing one of the enemies. It is common sense that the enemy will come at you. Yes players can celebrate but not overdo it cause they should bear in mind that the enemy is hurt therefore the need to regroup. You score 2 goals in the first half and celebrate as though you have already won the game and only for the opponents to pump in 6 goals in the second half and beat you 6-2! How do you look? Foolish of course. Celebrate yes but very briefly and only the goal scorer, while the rest should just clap and get ready

    c)Playing to the gallery in certain situations should not be allowed as this can at times be a wasting of time and giving an opportunity for the opposition to recover

    d)Zambian players should know when to pass the ball and when to delay (basics)

    e)Last but not least communication on the field of play especially when opponents are awarded a free kick in a dangerous area, during corner kicks etc. This should be in place before kickoff

    Thanks, this all for today. I will keep an eye on our opponents

    Cheers to all Zambian soccer fans

  32. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    It is Iran not Iraq sorry

  33. emutima ba Zambia .go zambia go

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