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‘Dream Team’ come from behind to storm 2nd round at FIFA World Cup

The Zambia U20 national soccer team has all but qualified to the round of 16 of the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup after coming from a 2 – 0 deficit to whack Iran 4 – 2.

It was a far much better performance by the Chipolopolo lads despite making defensive mistakes which saw them concede to goals on either side of the half, but recovered with goals from Fashion Sakala, Enock Mwepua, Emmanuel Banda, Patson Daka.

Beston Chambeshi named a line-up which surprisingly had Patson Daka on the bench with Conlyde Luchanga given the mandate to lead the attack.

Iran looked the better team in the opening exchanges and they benefited from a poor clearance by Mangani Banda in the Zambia goal for Shekari to beat his marker for and punish Zambia for the opener on 6 minutes.

Zambia pushed forward from then and were dominating play but the Asian team were defending in numbers with Zambia failing to even trouble the goalkeeper.

Zambia’s best chance came in injury time of the first half when Shemmy Mayembe roped in a sharp cross from the right which found Sakala.

The striker rose high and made firm contact with the ball but he was unlucky to see the ball come off the upright with the keeper beaten.

Beston Chambeshi introduced Patson Daka at half time for Luchanga and after the restart, the Iranians won a penalty with their first wave of attack when a late challenge on the box by Daka saw the referee point to the spot.

Shekari stepped up to score his second as he sent Mangani in the wrong direction in the 48th minute.

The recovery was started in the 53rd minute when a long ball from Solomon Sakala on the right found Fashion Sakala on the left inside the box who brought it down with one touch on his left foot and smashed it home with his right.

Five minutes letter it was Mwepu who picked his spot when the ball was laid off for him on the edge of the box.

In the 64th minute, Fashion skinned his marker on the left to cross the ball which was blocked by the keeper for Edward Chilufya to pounce on the rebound but his effort was also blocked.

Emmanuel Banda was on hand to smash home from close range to give Zambia the lead in the match.

Daka completed the come back in the 70th minute when he hit the target from outside the box to put the tie beyond the reach of Iran.

With 6 points in the bag, Zambia have qualified to the last eight of the tournament with a game to play.

They play Costa Rica in the final game of the group stage.

Zambia XI

Mangani Banda, Moses Nyondo, Shadreck Mayembe, Prosper Chiluya, Solomon Sakala (C), Boyd Musonda, Conlyde Luchanga (Patson Daka), Fashion Sakala, Enock Mwepu, Emmanuel Banda, Edward Chilufya (Musonda Siame)

Iran XI

Mirzazdad, Shahsavari, Derakhanehr, Taheri,Soltani,Mehdikhani,Shekari, Jafari, Razzaghpour, Norafkhan, Aghasi

59 Comments to ‘Dream Team’ come from behind to storm 2nd round at FIFA World Cup

  1. Kasama Boy says:

    Mwasalipeni bane. Abula ndume nandi njifyalile abana baba Lungwana nga ba tu wina. Koseni balumendo, koseni, mwe fita fya chalo cha Sambia.

  2. Prince says:

    …zambia qualification is to the last 16 and not 8…i stand to be corrected.

  3. Kasama Boy says:

    Time to go for and use fringe players, especially if Costa Rica (the Rich Coast-Pura Vida) lose this afternoon’s game. The coach should rest and give more hunger to the main team. This way everybody who travelled has chance to redeem themselves, you avoid fatigue to the main players and reduce on yellow and red cards for the main bullets. Not ukulasenda bamo baka players, mukunwa fye bottled water ku Korea.

    • Prince says:

      Well said…he had the same opportunity in Afcon after winning his first two games but played a full strength Zambia against Egypt!? Am waiting to see what he does this time around!

    • levy silwimba says:

      This is a good idea

    • R2D2 says:

      The coach was right to play a full strength squad-winning rejuvenates tired limbs-our mindset is our greatest asset. Other teams are more technical and better coached but we are high on confidence and individual talent with a strong sense of togetherness, losing one match will open the door to doubt-winning will do the opposite.

  4. C2 says:

    The dream team,Chipolopolo balange, Let’s Zambia let’s go!!!

  5. kensplash says:

    The boys lacked concentration in the opening exchanges of the match,however the team spirit showed by the boys was awesome. I still feel we have a grey area in the name of Boyd Musonda, his passing is still a problem.He is failing to string passes accurately hence break downs in the midfield.We need to try out other guys who have not tasted the waters yet now that we have a game to spare.Good game overall and much better than the one we played against Portugal.THAT WAS WHAT WE CALL CHAMPAGNE FOOTBALL.

  6. paradox says:

    things are happening under kamanga

  7. Wezi says:

    Luchanga shoud not be starting these games. He is such a liability. I prefer a three pronged attack of Sakala, Daka and chilufya and a three man midfield of Banda, Musonda and Mwepu.

  8. Pungwa says:

    Accurate deadly shooting exhibited by Patson Daka and Mwepu. When you can shoot accurately from that far then you know you have strikers.

  9. fwanya says:

    Ka mangani banda is our grey area he was at fault for the portuguese consolation goal. Today again he gifted the iranians

  10. Moibwite says:

    I seem to understand the instruction from the coach is to play from the back but mangani Banda has twice been at fault for doing that .. What can Zambia do to change this without disrupting the system

  11. Logic says:

    The first half display was pathetic at best but I have to give credit to the coach because whatever he told them at half time definitely worked. It was like watching a well oiled machine on display…dare I say Champaign football of the George Mungwa era. I like the ‘never die’ attitude of the team. Enock Mwepu and Edward Chilufya should not be playing in the local league…these boys need to be in Europe somewhere.

    • R2D2 says:

      The coach is wanting – the first half of any match is reflective of the teams readiness for their opponents. If a team is out at sea in the first half- the blame lies with the coach. Portugal knew alot about the Zambian teams and players before the match whereas we we required 45 minutes of game time to understand who they are.

  12. john says:

    Now that kalu is gone the team is improving. I said it that kalu was too corrupt. Kamanga will lead the way.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      That’s right John. Corrupt Kalu is gone and the teams are given well worth preparations and it is not taking too long to see the results. How refreshing for Zambia.

    • R2D2 says:

      Who are Zambia’s kit suppliers, I can’t read the logo. It doesn’t look like a Kappa kit and lacks imagination and design. Are able to account for who is on the technical bench?

  13. Mokoena says:

    What is wrong with South Africa’s U20 team? Africa can offer more than this. I need and answer.

  14. Obby Mwilima says:

    Good game boys and a big shout out to the coach.

  15. Kuku says:

    Now these boys need each other more than ever before. Early warning, peace be with the team in Korea. Dream team yes. Chonde.

  16. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    full-time: Costa Rica 1-portugal 1

  17. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    fighting spirit is what we’re missing in the senior team,look at the U-20 balikwata abaice fighting spirit,congrats lads & most of you next season nimu EPL

  18. STUMPY says:

    the zambian team must stop praying to the dead. everytime they kneel and point up, they are praying to the dead of 93. right before the world cup they were taken to the graves at heroes, to motivate them. if not to contact the dead

    • Sorry my brother not to conquer with your opinion but please what you saying will bring the negative energy in the team or other fans, unless you were told personally by the coach and players but according to what we know and see physically is that the boys and coach believe in God and that’s what they confess when asked, please some opinions assassinate characters of other people so let’s believe what we hear from them. we are a Christian nation so we should not advocate or believe in idols which the under 20, I know don’t believe in according to various interview s I have heard. as to kneeling and praying, why can’t they kneel before God, that’s just acknowledging his presence .please it’s not personal but I feel there is no connection to the team with whatever other people believe so let’s support our team, forgive me if I have offended you brother but it’s all in good spirit

      • Anonymous says:

        Just shut up if you dont know how to pray.
        If you dont have anything to say shut up.
        How does it concern you.
        Nga ulefwaya ikulike. Rabish

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      And what’s your problem with that Mr. Stumpy?

    • Prince says:

      What happened to you? You used to be objective…

  19. Kay Hummer says:

    This is what normally happens when you adequately prepare for a tournament. The results will show on the field of play. You can see that the team has been drilled to win this tournament. They are specialists are winning tournaments. This team will shock the world. The likes of Brazil, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Nigeria who have dominated this tournament are not there this time around. We have a chance as a country to win this. This under 20 for me is the the best that we have ever assembled in more than 50 years!!!!

  20. Positive thinking says:

    I missed this match because it was on too late for me, but watching the highlights and reading the reports; sounds like this team is determined to go all the way. No more just being happy to qualify. They are not African Champs for nothing.

  21. sly says:

    Well, the boys fought back well. However, one detrimental weakness was easy to notice with them. Excitement is the animal.After the the full come back the boys were trying out styles of passing carelessly. Careleslly indeed because possession kept on eluding them through the detrimental practice. Fashion Sakala is one such culprit. The back heel pass he was doing unnecessarily could have put Zambia in a precaurious situation had Iran taken full advantage of the possession they gained from his carelessness.

  22. LALA ISSUE says:

    don’t insult kalu by the way because the guy has a very confortable role compared to kamanga.infact kamanga will be consulting kalu in several international engagements as he is the CAF organising presido as well as caf chairperson ,so mwana watch out you may just be insulting the crocodile before you cross the river.go go go kalu go go go AK!WE LUV U BOYS!CHIPOLOPOLO 4EVA

  23. welldone chipolopolo u20

  24. D4 says:

    Well done boys. Stay focused as usual. Go on and conquer the world!

  25. Martha says:

    Go Zambia Go may God always protect u

  26. Watch Over says:

    Well done boys keep lifting up the Zed flag high.

  27. Mwebantu says:

    Is UPN… soccer-ingulu still on this page? Or is it waiting for a negative result to go ballistic! Well done boys! Well done Beston!

  28. Mario says:

    They never were despondent, even after conceding the 2nd goal. This is a team of champions with self belief and talent to back it up. Its a blessing to have gone down early because this will keep them earthed and focused going forward.

    To create so many chances against a defensive outfit like Iran is commendable. There are not many teams which can cut through defences and finish with precision like that. Costa Rica will naturally play more attacking and allow more space.

    I would also like to see some alternate players given a chance in the 3rd match, to give more competition for places and rest the key players.

    I was watching Portugal against Costa Rica afterwards… it was pretty ordinary.
    For me, Zambia and Korea so far are the stand out teams of this competition.

  29. Don says:

    Well done guys, you were down but didn’t buy the defeatist attitude but you kept on fighting n were never subdued. The first half saw a team lacking composure but rebounded in the 2 nd half n stunned the Iranians. They thought they had it all wrapped up but little did they know that they were playing with fire.Thanks 4 making us proud.

    • felix mutale says:

      Hahahaha nice indeed they can’t hung around with fire I watched the 90 minute game when zambia was down after seeing the net shacking it was such a shocking moment when our goal keeper magane banda tried to clear the ball but it was unfortunatly for the goal keeper the ball failed to reach

  30. NAZO says:

    Out of topic,let us clear Walter Bwalya’s paper work and persuade Charles Musonda to talk to his son Charly so that we can incorporate them in the team national team.Especially the upcoming under 20s because soon it will be the senior national team will have.

    • Lusanga says:

      True, we should not throw the gems we have, but pick em even if from the dust. Once polished and to our taste, the dusty gems will bring us wealth. We have gems in young Charly, and possibly his elder brother who plays defense. The current defense is suspect. They are playing hopeful football. You cannot be hoping the ball goes out in the 18 area. You must make sure you get there first and make it happen. Our striking force is great. I like the daring nature of our players. I just have one thing against Fashion Sakala. He should not just play to score, but play to bring others into scoring chances. I see a lack in that area. If the ball goes to Fashion, the only time he does not shoot, is when he is near the line out. The more he creates for the others, the more the others will position themselves to score when he has the ball. They will have faith. If they lose faith, ati nga bola yaya kuli baFashion, kulabakofye. That will kill the team.

  31. chileshe henry mukuka says:

    seems like that Mokoena guy from south Africa wants to change nationalities from south Africa to Zambia ,his loving the atmosphere here hahahaha,we don’t have the facilities but we have soccer at heart,the best interest of soccer is at our hearts,its a pride thing for us and thats why we are moving mountains,i already see that Zambia will meet Ecuado in the last 16 and will then meet either France or Italy in the semis.Then final i don’t care cause will win it and bring the trophy home.

  32. R2D2 says:

    Well done boyz! We are a fast team with good ball skills but we don’t win penalties. Why?? Musonda and I think its Chilufya are giving away the ball to easy.

  33. VETERAN FIELD says:


  34. soccerguru says:

    Mwebantu. ….I will beat you

  35. Don says:

    Fashion is a ball magician who should learn to pass the ball when someone else is in a better position to score. Otherwise excellent comeback.

  36. Martin says:

    Well done boys

  37. General says:

    fashion sakala,partson Daka, chilufya , Emmanuel Banda and mwepu let them be included in the senior national team.we don’t have players who are so thirst and hungry for the goals and win.they can add value to the senior team. kalaba,Mbesuma,needs these boys to help them carry the flag high.

  38. Steve lungu says:

    we played pa 21 and the result was 2:1. Played on 24,the result was 4:2 and we’re playing on 27,that tells us the results already. BOLA NA LESA.

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