(Livingstone)– 211 members associations across the globe, including the Football Associations of Zambia (FAZ) will receive more funds from FIFA starting next year. This follows a decision by the world governing body during a council meeting held in Kigali, Rwanda, last Friday to approve a newly-revised football development funding for the 2019-2022 cycle.

And FAZ President Andrew Kamanga says there has been no suspension or the cut of grants to FAZ, adding that if such happened FIFA would have announced it.

Members associations affiliated to FIFA receive to their coffers about $5 million each under the FIFA Forward Development Programme over a period of four years. Under the new package dubbed the Forward 2.0, FAs that comply with the set of regulations will receive $6 million, an increase by $1 million.

The FAZ President explained that what they have not drawn are the annual project funds because the previous project, the School of Excellence in Luanshya has just been completed in 2018 and phase 2 will start next year.

“There has been no suspension or cut of the grant. Fifa would have announced any cuts for FAZ funding,” Kamanga told the ZamFoot Crew.

“We receive $500,000 per year for operations and $750,000 per year for projects bringing the total to $1.250m per year or $5m for the 4 year cycle. This has now been increased to $6m for the 2019 to 2022 cycle. Operational budget will remain $500,000 per year and the project funds has increased to $1m per year from $750,000.

“For 2016, 2017 and 2018 we have received the operational budget $500,000 per year. Disbursement for 2018 was $250,000 for the first 6 months and the second half of 2018 we are receiving monthly payments of $50,000 up of the end of 2018 for the balance of $250,000.

“FAZ has not drawn any annual project funds of $750,000 per year ( total $2.250m for 3 years remains available to FAZ) because the previous project the School of Excellence in Luanshya has just been completed in 2018 and phase 2 will start next year. That remains the position unless there is suspicion that FAZ has been denied the project funds which isn’t the case.”

The FAs can use up to $1 million per year for their running and operational costs that include governance, structure and administration, the national teams, domestic competitions, permanent administrative and technical staff, financial management (audits), website and other communication platforms, training for key football.

Half of the funds ($500 000) will only be allocated if the member implements or provides at least eight of the 10 essential elements, which include employing a secretary-general and a technical director, organises a juniors, women or men’s league, has a clear strategy for the promotion and development of women’s and grassroots football, promotion and development of refereeing, if the member runs an initiative or project related to integrity or good governance.

Each of the six confederations including CAF will be entitled to a yearly contribution of $12 million to support its football activities and projects.

Part of that money, up to $1 million, will be distributed to the regional (zonal) bodies like CECAFA, WAFU and COSAFA to organise men’s, women’s and youth football tournaments.

In a bid to ensure strict adherence to the regulations on how to use the funds and for accountability purposes, the world body has directed that each member association or confederation will have to engage the services of a statutory auditor and will be subject to a central audit review undertaken by an independent, high-profile, international auditing company.



  1. Kaskas says:


  2. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Ok…this pretty much explains why a clown like Blackwell Siwale wants to be FAZ president.

  3. slim says:

    School of excellence! What is involved gentlemen? Where is the building located in Luanshya? This is the money which makes Siwale salivate! Him, Kazala and Kalusha would have shouted, ” its a goal”

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    On yesterday’s blog, I was wondering why?
    Now I fully understand why these characters fight for positions in FAZ.
    I should have also ignored my father’s advice when in the late 60’s and early 70’s he told me to ignore football and other sports as there was no fruitful rewards compared to education.
    I have spent 12 years studying in different universities around the world but cannot make the USD50,000 that I hear some people were asking for as donations.
    In the next world, I will know exactly what to do.

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