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FC MUZA threatens legal action against traducers

Manchester United Zambia Academy Director Keith Mwemba has threatened legal action against traducers who are accusing his club of bribing referees to give them penalties.

According to rumor mongers, the FAZ Division One Zone Four table toppers have been awarded an overall of 14 penalties. But Keith Mwemba, a lawyer by professional, says the number does not even go half of the cooked up figure.

He has laughed at the allegations and described them as blatant lies that should be treated with the deserving disdain. He says such talks are only aimed at making FC Muza to lose focus on winning Super league promotion.

Mwemba further throws the gauntlet at traducers to substantiate their claims, lest shall fell his legal muscle.

“All those are total lies and the people spreading lies can’t even prove anything. People keep lying that we have been awarded 18 penalties while others are lying on Facebook that we have been given 14 penalties. This is laughable because the number does not even go to half of those penalties,” he said in a telephone interview with the ZamFoot crew.

“Why are people not talking about penalties awarded against us? Those people are wasting their time and are just feeling the heat and pressure because they are desperate to get promoted to the super league at the expense of F.C. MUZA.

“We know the source of these malicious rumors but for now we shall just keep quiet as F.C. MUZA. And if this continues, we shall sue anyone who makes such malicious accusations. Of course we can do that, because saying that we bribe referees to win penalties is defamation of character”

The FC Muza Director adds that his club has also been victims of being denied clear penalties. He revealed that all their matches are chronicled and broadcasted on Facebook live.

“Why should referees not award us penalties if those penalties are clear? We have actually been unfairly denied clear penalties in some games on many occasions and we can prove this fact with evidence because all our games are on video and are televised live on both radio and Facebook via commentaries and signal motion pictures ( Video).”

The Nowell Phiri presided side is on top of the FAZ Division One Zone Four league table with 46 points after 26 games. Zesco Vic Falls are breathing right on their necks on 45 points.


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  1. Kensplash says:

    Lets hope they wont be another Monze Swallows.

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