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FAZ TO DELINK SUPER LEAGUE…as league finally follows British Premier League, PSL model

The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ is set to delink Super League from national football governing body.

This is according according to a document obtained by the ZamFoot Crew.

The Zambia Professional League will be made up of Premier League and National League will be created .

The Premier League will consist of 18 teams and the National League [Division one] will consist of 18 teams.

The two divisions will be run by the Zambian Premier League, ZPL.

“The league will be run by a Board of Directors that will oversee an executive management team headed by a Chief executive officer who will be supported by a Chief operating officer and will head a management team team consisting of six,” read the circular

In terms of ownership, the league will be owned by the 18 clubs and FAZ with 90% going to the club while the association will remain with 10%.

For the 2019 season, which is a transition season , the league will have the 20 teams.

The top tier will be split into two zones.

Possible line up of teams should FAZ divide the Super League into two sub leagues for the 2019 transitional season:


1. Zesco United
2. Green Buffaloes
3. Zanaco
4. Kabwe Warriors
5. Red Arrows
6. Lusaka Dynamos
7. Kitwe United
8. Nakambala Leopards
9. Division One Zone One Champion
10. Division One Zone Two Champion

This is the road map


1. Nkana
2. Green Eagles
3. Power Dynamos
4. Buildcon
5. Nkwazi
6. Forest Rangers
7. Napsa Stars
8. Lumwana Radiants
9. Division One Zone Three Champion
10. Division One Zone Four Champion

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10 Comments to FAZ TO DELINK SUPER LEAGUE…as league finally follows British Premier League, PSL model

  1. Kensplash says:

    Currently this is very confusing. Anyhow we shall see what happens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a nice move

  3. GSK11 says:

    What now Christmas break because its too cold…

  4. This sounds interesting, the lower division clubs will also find an opportunity to play with bigger teams.

  5. Positive Thinking says:

    This is not very clear. If the ownership of the league goes to the clubs, what happens during relegation; do the clubs then relinquish ownership to the next team promoted?

    How will the supersport deal work? Will it now fall under the ZPL? What will be the constitution of the ZPL?

    I like the idea, but I think the onion has many layers that need some serious thought and assessment.

  6. Chinyanta says:

    We are good at copying, just copying and usually without thoroughly analysing so as to fit our environment. E.g How many people watch football in Zambia etc

  7. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    My question is as follows?

    Where in Africa has this been implemented and it has functioned, apart from South Africa?????

    Please tell us how this will be implemented and function

    Give us the full details, as fans we are entitled to be given all the information so that we understand what this is all about.

    I know countries like the UK, Italy, Germany etc have this in place

  8. Leo says:

    This is colonial thinking wanting to please the Europeans
    Most leagues in Europe was constructed with the weather in mind, but faz not with faz
    Always copying
    Why can’t the Europeans copy us or have their league in the calendar year (from January to December)?
    The reason is simple climate can’t allow them…

  9. HardBullZ says:

    Why has the number of teams reduced from 20 to 18 ? We do no have lots of cup tournaments to warrant the reduction in the number of games played. Also , we should maintain the name ‘Super Division ‘ as it is unique , not va ma premier league iyayi.

  10. Samwele says:

    Hope its not “cut & paste”

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