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FAZ President aspiring candidate has some things to say

Aspiring Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President Blackwell Siwale has been in the news for a while now even before he made his intentions of challenging for the FAZ top job Known.

First it was the news of him and Kazala being expelled by the FAZ council on Saturday, 25 March 2017 after the council voted unanimously to expel two at a rescheduled emergency annual general meeting held in Lusaka.

Richard Kazala being hounded out of the FAZ annual general meeting earlier this year

Siwale told the ZamFoot crew that no one gave him any money ( K1,650 000) from state house for gate takings in the Zambia vs Nigeria game. K150 000 was alleged to have been missing and that only K1,500, 000 was declared.

“No one gave me the money and no one in this country can prove to me that he/she gave me the money,” he said.

Councillors voted 257-21 to expel the then FAZ vice president Richard Kalaza and executive committee member Blackwell Siwale for alleged financial irregularities. Siwale has come out to deny this on many occasions.

Earlier this month a story surfaced were he allegedly wanted to trim the Super League to just twelve teams if he become FAZ president something which he says is incorrect.

The ZamFoot crew met up with the Chingola based Football administrator who is a qualified Sport and events manager from Wits University in conjunction with Strathmore university in Nairobi kenya and he had somethings to say.

Siwale after being voted as FAZ Executive Committee Member back in 2016

Siwale who prides himself in talent identification in rural areas and nurturing it believes the current leadership lacks quality leadership and that is the major reason he will be vying for the post come 2020 plus to fulfil the promises the current administration made but have failed to live up to.

” The reason is simple, I want to offer quality leadership that is currently lacking,” He told the ZamFoot crew in an exclusive interview.

” The councillors should vote for me because i will bring quality leadership and fulfillment of fake promises that were made by the current leadership, Inclusiveness and I will create a good framework for Division 2 and 3 in all provinces,” he added.

The former Nchanga Rangers Chairman denied wanting to reduce the number of Super League teams to 12 but proposed 16 and said it was up to the family to agree.

” I did not say i will reduce the Super League teams to 12 but maybe 16. Its a proposal that I intend to put across but the national indaba will have to decide to pass it or not.”

ZamFoot also asked Siwale about the new CAF calendar which has forced FAZ to change their calendar also.

” Uncomfortable as it may be we have no choice but to comply…its a bitter pill to swallow.”


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8 Comments to FAZ President aspiring candidate has some things to say

  1. Frog says:

    “Quality leadership” How ?

  2. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Next you will say I never proposed 16 teams. Our FA has already been embarrassed by Kalusha’s shenanigans with FIFA money, we certainly don’t want any repeat of that sort of nonsensical embarrassment.

    Our current FAZ does have joker tendencies and make joker decisions like the Jani thing, but I would never in a million years substitute them for you.

  3. Slim says:

    After chewing the K 150,000.00 he seeks re election kikikiki.

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    Umu muntu umu mu FAZ, it appears there is a lot of money to chew. How is it that even those with dubious and questionable backgrounds are always vying for positions?
    Twebeniko guys ka sikiliti.

  5. Kaskas says:

    No room for imbwalala in Faz again,just join kalusha in ball juggling at political rallies.

  6. Ngake says:

    We are really lacking in leadership in Zambia. How this guy a clearly questionable character is brave enough to even seek election is amazing. If he is such a good leader let him go revive Nchanga Rangers otherwise stay away.

  7. Kaskas says:

    We don’t need imbwalala in Faz any more just go and join your thieving friend kalusha in ball juggling at political rallies.

  8. spaton nyondo says:

    zambia national soccer team mwalitonaula

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