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FAZ land former Arsenal Chief David Dein for league restructuring

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has landed David Dein for free as consultant to the League Restructuring Working Group.

Dein’s recruitment is a major capture for the Andrew Kamanga-led FAZ.

It is believed the former Arsenal and former English FA vice-chairman has agreed to offer free services to Football House after being impressed with the strides Zambian football has taken since Kamanga assumed office in March 2016.

A source close to the development said of Briton Dein’s FAZ appointment, “He is comfortable to work with a team committed to transparency and accountability. Dein is providing free services to assist FAZ and Zambian football. His services are being offered pro bono (free of charge).”

Research shows Dein is a highly successful soccer administrator who served as Arsenal vice-chairman from 1983 to 2007.

In 1991, Dein held up to 42% shares in Arsenal despite being described as “crazy” when he invested £292, 000 in buying 16% shares in 1983.

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill Wood described Dein’s investment then as “to all intents and purposes it’s dead money.”

Dein was responsible for single-handedly securing the appointment of then unknown Frenchman from Japan Arsene Wenger as manager in September, 1996.

Together the duo transformed the Gunners into a top European club playing fine flowing football with Wenger winning three Premier League titles and six FA Cups.

As vice-chairman of Arsenal, Dein was a keen supporter of women football becoming the president of the Arsenal Ladies Football Club-the most successful female football club in England.

He was also English FA vice-president between 2000 and 2004.

Apart from being president of the influential G14-group of top European football clubs, Dein also served on various UEFA and FIFA committees.

He left Arsenal in 2007.

Dein brings a wealth of experience to the Zambia FA in its quest to separate the league from FAZ.

The family man, who has been married since 1972 with three children from his wife Barbara, was the international president of the England 2018 World Cup bid.

Crucially for his Zambia role, Dein is credited as a major architect of the formation of the English Premier League in 1992.

According to documents obtained, FAZ have appointed veteran football administrator Simataa Simataa as Secretary of the League Restructuring Working Group.

Association Vice-Chairman Rix Mweemba heads the group.

Prominent Copperbelt lawyer and seasoned football administrator Cephas Katongo is vice-chairman.

Renowned football analyst and chartered accountant Reuben Kamanga has been appointed member of the newly approved three-man Audit Committee headed by former Bell Equipment Chief Financial Officer Emmanuel Mbambiko who now runs his own consultancy firm.

And a three-member Ethics and Compliance committee headed by lawyer-cum-businessman Katongo has also been ratified.

The documents revealing the appointment of Dein and the committees dated 13th December, 2017 are signed by FAZ C.E.O Ponga Liwewe.

FAZ president Kamanga last month announced the three committees had been put in place subject to ratification of appointed members.

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20 Comments to FAZ land former Arsenal Chief David Dein for league restructuring


    Ba FAZ learn to tell the truth, how can you have a Football Administrator for free?
    Kindly post the contract, we see terms and conditions

  2. km says:

    Help me to understand. How can a man with family responsibilities use his precious time for free in the administrative work at football house. He just requested? Or He was approached. In any case, they should be conditions attached .suppose they, a change in his mind,how will Faz protect its image.Simata simata is a politician to me, he likes dragging football in to politics .When he was one the administrator at lusaka dynamos,He is the one who initiated the confusion on water bwalya,that affected the performance of the player and the team.Faz succumbed to his crazy request to have water bwalya investigate.

  3. km says:

    If I remember correctly, during the ran of Rupiah Banda,as Zambian president,the ones being appointed almost formed or engineered a parallel league. Andrew Kamanga was being used as pawn.They made him as a parallel president of the league. They could not wait for the GM meeting.Is Kamanga rewarding them for that confusion?.

  4. km says:

    Ruben Kamanga, was among or in commitee,which sat to recommend zlacticko krapotic to become Zesco coach.The seemingly underperfomernce of has been attributed to this coach recommended by Ruben and his colleagues. His strong remarks and negativity towards nkana and other copper belt club,shows how unfitty For them,to be part of these committees. They are a lot of good things Andrew Kamanga is doing at football house,But he should bear in mind that rewarding people like simata simata and other politicians in football is dangerous, The possibility of bringing the spirit of division are high.He should not be a” men pleaser”,one who does things to please people. He should a person of integrity.

  5. km says:

    As nkana supporters, we are suspicious of simata simata, for that confusion of water bwalya. Faz was suppose to apologise to nkana,How I wish I can meet simata simata. He will understand why it’s dangerous to mess with nkana and it’s supporters.The majority at Faz, they are ant-nkana,but pro-zanaco.we keep watching you from the distance.

  6. km says:

    Ba Zamfoot, am also concerned with your accolades, praises you put on this administration. You sound like political cadre,for this administration. You know that, certain information is not well-founded .Be balanced and be level headed.You know that, the majority of the guys at FAZ are over ambitious, they want a name for themselves. And they know that they have little or no blessing from teams on the copperbelt.To have support from this province, they have to be clean in their dealings.

  7. Logic says:

    Why not just ask the South Africans on how they did it with SAFA and the PSL?

  8. Enock says:

    Simaata Simaata with his antigonisms, lets hope he will not enstrangle his tounge in the whiteman’s duties.

  9. umwina says:

    Am I missing something that commentators here has seen? Mwe bantu, this is good news and I wonder why we have to search for controversies even when there are none!

    • Positive thinking says:

      Naine I’m surprised. The admin does something that seems to be in good faith and the first thing people do is complain…awe mukwai you can’t win when it comes to FAZ. People just want results on the pitch, but they don’t realize that there is an entire apparatus and system that occurs in the background.

  10. serenje says:

    lets waite and see. Hope simata simata has been strongly talked to not to cause any confusion as we hv seen him do in the past. Ponga and kamanga will be held accountable. Zambian soccer has been heading in the right direction. Alread you hv two liabilities numba and sichone and. Now simata. Anyway lets waite

  11. Ler says:

    What? It can’t be for free, pay him sonething after working for you.

  12. Isoka says:

    Publish his contract please and for simata wrong move faz he lack displine.

  13. discipline says:

    Watch this space,these clowns at football house now have become job providers.

  14. SHI MWEWA says:

    Great move in my opinion. His wealth of knowledge in beautiful game will come in handy in our quest to improve soccer in this country.Expertise should always be sought if we aspire to reach greater heights and not unnecessarily always attacking personalities and rushing to find pitfalls in plans before they have taken off.

  15. km says:

    Shi mwewa,my brother, you are missing a point, first of all it would Ave been wise on your part just to state your viewpoint rather than insinuating that those commenting on this article are attacking personalities of those in football house. Try to respect the viewpoints of those posting on matter.avoid attacking those against your puppets masters.If be a person of integrity, you should avoid becoming presumptuous, as putting yourself on the position were not suppose to be.You becoming a judge on behalf of FAZ against those wanting to speak out on the hypocritical moves and decision being carried out by these guys. Respect you friends viewpoint

  16. km says:

    It seems you shi mwewa,don’t know the background of Andrew Kamanga struggle for power to become FAZ president, Do you know that they formed a parallel league even before the GM? Do you know that simata simata sand those being appointed were part of that confusion? Do you know that Ruben Kamanga was part of the committee which recommended this fake coach for Zesco (klipotic)? This coach almost led to the downfall of Zesco.What are you going to say if it is discovered that this Den was on salary while they are saying, that is working for free?.my advise,If you have little or no knowledge on matter, better not comment and it will be wisdom on your part.Because it is foolishness to anyone who comments on the matter, we’re he or she has little or no knowledge.

  17. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Good move Faz on the white man, thats why we say muzungu ni muzungu.

  18. J.S says:

    Pro bono is a normal thing. He is obviously wealthy and able to look after himself while in Zambia. Great move FAZ.,

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