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FAZ impress clubs with empowerment program

Football house has continued it’s hounoring it’s promise of rendering support to lower division teams. The Association handed over five footballs to each of the Division Two, Three and women clubs as part of the lower clubs empowerment program.

One of the beneficiarys Winford Academy chairperson Winford Chandalala said the clubs were grateful to FAZ for having honoured its promise to give out a equipment to lower division clubs.

“We are very happy as lower division clubs that we are receiving these things. It is the first time that any FAZ president has initiated the distribution of kit and footballs to clubs,” Chandalala told FAZFOOTBALL.COM.

“We struggle as lower clubs in running these teams, we are grateful because this will help us build more players from the communities,” he added.

Lusaka clubs and their counterparts in Central and Copperbelt provinces were the remaining three groupings to receive the three five footballs in the first phase of kit distribution by FAZ

The distribution of footballs will move to Central province on Thursday before concluding on Friday on the Copperbelt.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga promised to help lower division clubs with equipment as a way of easing the burden of managing football.

Thirty two clubs in Division Two and Three plus 12 women teams have since received a full set of jerseys and five footballs.

All clubs across the 10 provinces have benefitted from the first phase receiving a set of jerseys and five footballs.


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