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Fans take a swipe at FAZ over replicas

The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ’s handling of jersey has left many fans annoyed as there will be no replica shirts on sale.

FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe says a number of companies have expressed interest to dress the National team but added that the deal will be finalized after the tournament but this has left many Chipolopolo faithful disappointed

Liwewe said currently the national teams have no kit sponsors but are using the Kappa brand for the time being.
He adds that football house will not sale replica jerseys on wholesale during the under 20 tournament.

Liwewe says only a few jerseys will be sold as the Kappa brand may no longer be used in a few months.

Below are the fans’ views in the jersey issue

Zambian Buffalo

Yesterday went to FAZ with my wife to buy replicas only to be told that they are not selling replica.

This mentality will never make us cash in money, I was disappointed just like Guru had said earlier in other threads that we have missed the opportunity to make money.

Come on FAZ and other stakeholders we can do better than that, gate takings is not enough to boast of hosting the tournament. Its not too late before the final we need the replica to give moral to the young Chipolopolo not tulefwala Nike as if they are our current dresser. FAZ wake up and make money. Chipolopolo iyeeeee…


Undefeated Guru

The football association of zambia can raise a lot of money through the sale of the under20 replicate jersey and they should also announce the shops were we can buy the origin jersey just like the way they did it to the tickets because every soccer fan in zambia is geared for this tournament so the onas is on FAZ to launch the origin replicate jersey so that us fans we can buy the origin jersey on the market not the fake chinese jersey.

What kind of the businessman kamanga is?because this is business as a host nation we need to clad the stadium with our national colours that’s why I will always kamanga has no vision to run our football


Without no kappa replicas, the Nike 2012 legendary jersey is back on the black market including the Zawa one…yes the Zawa jersey!

22 Comments to Fans take a swipe at FAZ over replicas

  1. Amos Mumba says:

    I am pretty sure the likes of Steve and his Kamanga supporters will keep quite and defend this incompentence!How do you let such an opportunity for mass selling wane away like that with a lame excuse.

  2. Dynamite! says:

    The previous administration had their own shortcomings but not in terms of selling replicas, atleast they afforded everyone an opportunity to be clad in a chipolopolo jersey. The current administration has alot to do, we are hosting a major tournament and yet fans are not properly dressed? Come on guys we are better than that!

  3. Its good that they are some people who are seeing sense in my comments unlikely some blorgers like TC soccer man,big steve,positive thinking,slim and Richpopo I don’t hate kamanga its just that I don’t like the way he is running things at FAZ.we all want the best for our football

  4. Its good that they are some people who are seeing sense in my comments unlikely some blorgers like TC soccer man,big steve,positive thinking,slim and Richpopo I don’t hate kamanga its just that I don’t like the way he is running things at FAZ.we all want the best for our football at the end of the day let football win not individuals

    • TC Soccerman says:

      Dude get a freaking life,Why are you so obsessed with me? Geez nigga, calm your @$$ down.

    • TC Soccerman says:

      When did I ever say that your rant about the Jersey was unwarranted? Somehow, you seem to always make every issue about you, Kalu and Kamanga, and to be honest not many give a damn about what you think in your weird, mostly sensiless rants.

  5. TC Soccerman says:

    A Weak and lousy move by Kamanga not organize the kappa Jersey especially if that is what the team will wear in the tournament, but at least we can be comforted by knowing that any money raised in sale of fake replicas doesn’t go to some corrupt Faz official pocket as it did in the previous admin(Simwanza or whatever that ugly thing’s name was) that screwed us up with Nike. In a way maybe, FAZ did OK not to sale any fake replicas to avoid jeopardizing any future sponsors interests in sponsoring Zambia’s kit. That simwanza, previous admin Jersey saga really messed up things for Zambia let’s not forget that, but Kamanga and his people needed to workout something for the fans or better yet should have had balls to face the fans and explain why and what not stuffs, than just keeping quiet until last minute and fans are running around wondering. That’s my take on this issue.

  6. Egwugwu says:

    When i posted about the jerseys people called us names ati kalu worshipers,actually am disappointed with ZAMFOOT for not calling my several posts concerning the kit.

    This kamanga and some ID88TS on this blog cannot continue saying it is kalu’s faulty for us not to have a sponsor .Why cant you pull your balls together and find a sponsor .This worm infested tummy of ponga is telling us there are so many companies interested to dress chipolopolo but this could only be done after the tournament my foot so annoying .let me tell you Zambia is not a small team all we needed are men at FAZ not these ladies we have there who are ever waiting for the Government for solutions.

    No replicas and a proper jersey for the first ever biggest tournament in Zambia is a big joke.

    Same applies to the tickets they gave fake announcements that tickets will be on sale on Monday but they only started selling on wednesday and kaponyas bought all the tickets for the opener which have since run out .So today i have bought a K20 ticket at whooping price of K80 .Shame on you KAMANGA ,PONGA and your followers.

  7. sly says:

    Zamfoot and their poor English! Ine na dabwa .

  8. Egwugwu says:

    Ati Ba energy guru and also a development economist my ……fimo fimo .I spoke about this fake off the shelf jerseys and the need to get quality kappa if need be, but people came blazing on us (bakandile) who saw sense in it .ZAMBIA is a big team which cannot be dressed like Kabwe Warriors ,what of its supporters have you catered for them? NO it is kalu .ZAMFOOT KINDLY RECALL MY POSTINGS .

  9. GRAND says:

    Yo white kappa jersey pliz, why should you give our team a white jersey . Zambia stopped wearing a white jersey long time ago.
    I don’t u understand what kind of business man who fails take this opportunity.

  10. Amandla says:

    If it were the 1988 African Footballer of the Year in charge, everyone would be all over the place by now! This world my brother!

  11. Egwugwu these are isues that we have been telling these kamanga supporters but they can’t listen just look at this moron called TC soccer dog he is blaming the previous administration for kamanga failures.look MR TC soccer dog let’s learn to move on in life kalu is no longer at FAZ we have kamanga now so its pointless to blame the previous administration for kamanga failure

  12. General says:

    Plz talk about tomolo’s game not vama jersey.

  13. My friendly advise mr tc soccer dog stop smoking weed because you are going mad bit by bit but I know you to be a useless man so you can’t listen to a friendly advise FOOL

    • TC Soccerman says:

      @zamfoot, I assuming you’re reading what dude is yapping and since he has no substance, he is resulting to insults. Look, don’t get me started. You will hate me even more, so don’t start. I will act as an adult here and not insult,but don’t tread on me. Ian warning you.

  14. TC Soccerman says:

    Take that as a friendly warning. Guru.

  15. Kuku says:

    Check that report: The ‘legendary Nike’ is back on the market…who is making it now, on its own??? Could it be that we have been slandering some previous officials for acts of other individuals.

  16. Today that when you are saying no insults when all this time you have been insulting the previous administration, insulting who ever criticize kamanga and you have been insulting young players like patson daka.let’s discuss football here let’s avoid name calling each other otherwise its not our duty to pronounce someone gulty when we have the court of law if kalu has stolen the money let produce the evindence to the relevant authority so that he can be arrested becaus we won’t solve any thing when we call him names and one more thing let’s respect other peoples opinion then I will stop atacking you and another thing let’s stop calling each other names like kalu cadres.you see mr TC soccer ??? Let’s move on kalu is no longer at FAZ we have kamanga let’s tell kamanga what kalu failed to do so that kamanga can do them.look I’m been polite here I did not insult you this time

  17. SLIM says:

    What worries Guru is the fact that Kalu was corrupt and a thief, and we r all agreed and convinced on this blog. However Kamanga weakness lies in his failure to persue the matter to a logical conclusion. Guru wants Kamanga to print fake jerseys but why? from my understanding Faz has no kit sponsor at the moment! Isnt it illegal to continue printing fake Nike jerseys or print Kappa minus an agreement with the latter? Guru teach us how did the Kalu scumbags do it??

  18. SLIM says:

    Nike sponsored our teams for close to 10 yrs; supplying training kits” jerseys etc! They rec’d a “no thank u” for their troubles. Do u think Nike walked away minus hitting back one way or the other?!! Dont b naive Guru.. they hv messed our name so much no reputable supplier is keen to deal with Zambia, such a small team, that let corrupt officials go scot free!!

  19. Pungwa says:

    I think Ponga should be more open about this whole arrangement. What does he mean by “the del is still under negotiation ” for how long ? the last time any comment was made was that we were close to signing. now we hear of the likelihood of other kit sponsors coming on board – the emphasis is now more on others. Exactly where are we at with this kit business.

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