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Experts’ View: Wada Wada’s struggles from a different view

Gordon Igesund was well on his way to coach chipolopolo until the highest office in the land called for FAZ to stick with a local coached especially that there were no resources to higher an expatriate..
Up stepped Wesson Nyirenda who was viewed as a much affordable option going by the shallow coffers of the powers that be.

Since his appointment Chipolopolo have lost 2 home qualifiers,got a good draw away from home and managed to reach the regional COSAFA final which Zambia had not done since 2013.

Fast forward, the thoughts among most Zambians fans and prominent ‘experts’ is that a foreign coach would be the solution to the current struggles.. Well is it?? Here are a few factors worth considering that may help understand what may be going on more than what meets the eye:-

It is not about being an expatriate or a local coach but about being competent and certainly Wada has been the most successful Local coach in the last decade.. 5 Super League titles(2 as assistant), Barclay’s Cup, Cup in Mozambique and Liga Mocambola in Mozambique. This in itself shows that the man is competent enough as only men lie,numbers don’t. It must be added that he was chief advisor to Beston Chambeshi as the U-20 triumphed at both the COSAFA and AFCON tournaments.. That is two more trophies apart from those won as Head coach.

Further, his selection has been questioned by many. Well most people may not know but the team that played at COSAFA all things considered is third string and not second. By Picking players that are unknown Wada is trying to broaden very narrow selection pool by giving much needed international experience to players that haven’t had enough time or chance at senior level so as to aid his own selections going forward in much demanding and pressing fixtures. Simply put, some players in senior national almost own positions and it is time 2 note challengers are brought up to challenge in every position.

What good will it be to take Fwayo Tembo to COSAFA?? Sate Sate to COSAFA?? These are already known players and what they offer is known,better to see what else others can to know the depth of our resources. The clubs are not producing much nowander the big clubs have gone beyond borders to look for already farmed talent. We must acknowledge our pool is lacking and needs restocking.

If we keep on relying on already known and proven players risk going into an oblivion for some time like the likes of Egypt And until recently Cameroon. Despite winning the Afcon,Hugo Broos still maintains that Cameroon have a long way to get back and is still trying to give caps to a lot of different players to aid his ‘building’ process. Yes, building is an ongoing process in football. Joarchim Loew will say the same thing about his team that recently won the Confederations Cup.

Additionally, wada is among the very few Local coaches that from the moment of being appointed shared his philosophy and the direction he intends to go. In most cases, F.As especially in Africa will be quick to provide anything an expatriate coughs up to aid his work but not so much and intact very little is done to aid their own native coaches..

We all know Wada gets very little for his pay as compared to what a light skinned man would get despite not coming in with no past proven track record. Wada must be supported in his dream for the country.

Implementing a playing philosophy takes time and can not only be done with a select few in a squad but across the whole selection pool and people must not wonder why some unknown quantities are called up,it is simply to get a gist of what playing for the national team will call for. Its was not easy for Rinus Michel to implement ‘Total Football’ or Johan Cruyff to refine it further into ‘Tika taka’.. Everything pleasing to the eye comes with great behind the scenes work. Briefly patches of carpet football can be see but we are way off the desired level but like one native saying goes ‘tafimbwa Lubilo’

The beauty with having a native coach is they look beyong one tournament or 2 years. The love they have for their countries makes them sacrifice short lived success for insults and bad tags but later on smile with sustained success. Wada’s efforts and commitment in my view are unquestionable and despite not winning games and people’s hearts it is evident that he is demanding from his players and expects the very best.

Serious football powers no this no wander a Chinese can not be coach of Dutch National side, a Saudi in charge or Brazil or a Ghanian in charge of Italy. Capacity is built in their own and faith kept in the same.

On the other side, the criticism is a way of feedback and the best Wada can do is taking it in and perform under the pressure. If anything, the criticism is sign of many that believed in a man but he doesn’t seem to reaffirm their belief.
Yes results have not been impressive but what Wada is doing is laying a firm foundation so that 4 years from now we don’t rely only on a veteran striker to start demanding games but to have a good 5-6 young and hungry strikers gunning for a position and similarly in all other departments.

It is painful to lose and no one Feels it more than a man mandated to select soldiers for war and his strategy fails.
Patience is a virtue and must be exercised,it is less than a year since confirmed appointment into full time head coach and maybe calls for the ‘proverbial’ axe are too quick.

I believe the machine is being oiled, the Home loss against Mozambique will be reversed, we will sail through to CHAN and better days lay ahead. Its hardest before it breaks..inspiration can be drawn from the famous ‘Chinese bamboo’ tree and past events.. Remember the struggles of Chris Katongo and co in their COSAFA days to the excitement years later In Gabon as AfCON champions.

In the midst of such troubles very few would see the light in this but its just a different view on Wada’s present struggles and yet to come success.

10 Comments to Experts’ View: Wada Wada’s struggles from a different view


    Excuse me! don’t compare WADA to Jaokim Low and Hugo Broos! One can understand Hugo Broos because he’s building the team whilst mixing with new and experience talented players and he managed to win the Prestige AFCON trophy. If you watched the final it was INKURU who scored the equalizing goal for Cameron & is the oldest players. This WADA should respect our views and we don’t want to see any lose? Let’s not ignore the facts; FWAYO is very much needed in Zambia Football games as it stands!

  2. Colli says:

    “What good will it be to take Fwayo Tembo to COSAFA?? Sate Sate to COSAFA?? These are already known players and what they offer is known,better to see what else others can…”
    I thought the point of competing is to win the damn thing with our best players! U want to experiment with players, your results become experimental and the fans’ faith in you the same.

    • Pungwa says:

      Precisely Colli – The idea is to win it whilst infusing new players ! the combination however should be a winning one , not wholly experimental or building. How do you have a whole team of rookies. we want to win please.

  3. Positive thinking says:

    Iyi article iyi. Nothing against Mr. Malambo, and I appreciate the different perspective provided, but clearly the examples used are somewhat far fetched.

    1. Lets take all your comparisons; Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michel…these are people who redefined the game as a whole. Not talking about just national teams, you’re talking about history makers. Not even Mourinho can claim to have had any such impact on the world game as Rinus Michel.

    2. I have not seen a philosophy from Wedson Nyirenda, I don’t recall reading or hearing about one, and I can definitely say I have not seen it on the field of play. So far Zambia’s game under Wedson Nyirenda has been different from game to game, the only consistency has been our inability to win.

    3. I agree the pool of players needs to increase, but I also think that the next qualifiers should incorporate the U20 team

  4. Egwugwu says:

    what was donashamo doing at cosafa tourney?

  5. sly says:

    Kudos to the writer of the article. You sound like you were in my head.

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Sorry, but I’m not convinced; results don’t lie. I’m looking forward to the next expat coach for Zambia. Until then, brace yourselves for an early AFCON and World Cup qualifiers exit.

  7. First of all whoever wrote this article must be related to weddson nyirenda,secondly the purpose of cosafa is to create the cohesiveness in the team not just exposing the players thirdly you can’t build the team with finish players like Adrian chama,danoshano malama and webstar mulenga a lastly in zambia we don’t have a good local coaches that can take us to the world cup stop deserving yourself

  8. Weber says:

    Wada can do better in managing the transformation we desperate need . It’s important to involve that FAZ fully supports him for example, the technical bench needs changes because Chiyenge was fired by Nkana due to poor performance, what is he doing on our technical bench? Wada needs help because his project be a failed one before it even take off.

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