On Sunday, November 18th Zambia’s road to Cameroon came to an end following a one nil defeat by Mozambique who completed a double over the 2012 AFCON champions, Losing both under Wedson Nyirenda and Sven Vandenbroek.

The Copper bullets missed the 2017 edition and will now miss out on the trip to Cameroon they miss back to back tournaments for the first time since they first qualified to the biggest football event on the continent in 1974.

Zambia did not enter the race for qualification between 1956 and 1968 and only started prior to the 1970 edition which they failed to qualify to. They also missed out on the 1972 edition, Which is the only other time they missed two consecutive tournaments since they first entered the race for qualification.

This time around the team have only managed four points from five games. The race to Cameroon was started by now Baroka coach Wedson Nyirenda who oversaw the opening game. Zambia lost by a lone goal to Mozambique.

Nyirenda resigned to join PSL out-fit Baroka later on. In came Belgian trainer Sven Vandenbroek.

The former Cameroon assistant coach was given a task to qualify the team to Cameroon and the Football Association of Zambia President Andrew Kamanga emphasized that fact during Sven’s unveiling at the Golden Peacock hotel back in July.

The first target is for him to deal with the five games that is all, we achieve that we come back and re-look at the tournament itself. Remember we are talking about just qualifying to the tournament, once we qualify, we can talk about the tournament. The assignment is short term, to qualify us to the Africa Cup

With that statement one would not be blamed to conclude that after the calamity in Mozambique the Belgian would either be fired or resign on his own.

This seems not to be the case because the ZamFoot crew understands that FAZ is looking at keeping Vandenbroek long term for stability.

If the Belgian has to continue as the Chipolopo boss he needs to be tamed. He needs to learn that he is an employee of FAZ and the Zambian people.

After the loss in Mozambique the Belgian born gaffer went on tell Zambian people to avoid stupid talk instead of him apologizing to the nation for his failure.

He was given one job, Which was to qualify Zambia to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and he failed. One would think he would be a little more apologetic.

“I think at this moment we don’t need to speak too much. It’s too soon to start making conclusions.I think we need a few days to recover from the loss. Recover from not qualifying to the finals,” he said in a post match press conference after the Mozambique game.

“We need to sit all together and make a good conclusion. We need to cool down first instead of saying stupid things when we are still frustrated,” Vandenbroeck added.

He has become too powerful for a coach. The Zambian people he is telling not to have ‘stupid talk’ are tax payers responsible for his salary and as such they deserve a little bit of respect.

He has to be brought back to earth. He needs to come to terms with the fact that Football is like a second religion to many Zambians and Chipolopo is their doctrine.

As such he needs to get used to being criticized when things are not going well if he intends on staying any longer. Zambian fans are very passionate about their football and especially the senior national team.

The Association has strived to make his working environment very conducive for him but maybe too conducive which has seen him begin to demand things and make decisions that naturally fall out of his jurisdiction.

For example during the back to back games against Guinea Bissau he revealed involvement in the firing or re-assignment of the team manager Hastings Ndovi as he put it.

” Yes we have made some changes. The world is changing in the modern technology so some people had problems with the modern technologies that’s why we rescheduled the task of the team manager. We did not drop him to be clear but he will be reassigned in his tasks around the team,” he said

ZamFoot crew sources at Football house have revealed that the Belgian more often than not gets his way on many matters.


The media is a very important part of th puzzle. The same media can make or destroy one’s career depending on how the two interact.

In Zambia (and most parts in the World) the media have for long played a pivotal role in who stays and who goes in such positions as national team head coach.

Sven seems to think or believe he can do without them maybe but he should be very careful. His relationship with the men and women who inform the nation is not the best of relationships.

The media has influence on the public and as such may easily drive an agenda (not advisable) in favour or against a certain individual. For Sven he needs to start on a new good note with the media if he plans to stay long should the Association decide to renew his contract.


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  1. Seen from Afar says:

    Yes well said article.

    Sven has far too much arrogance. Be respectful of some of the things people ask you because they may know than you. Don’t try prove you know everything better. Listen to the fans.

    They told you Play Mwepu and look what happened. They also asked for Brian Mwila if his form did not convince you, you didn’t pick him for this match and look what happened. We asked for him not because he can score ten goals, but because if you pick him not only do you have an option now you didn’t have but also it sends a message to the other players about competition and also belief that are new options on the pitch.

    Sven also gave far to much respect to Mozambique and he telegraphed that he would do that. That also kills the confidence of our players because Zambia is not affraid of Mozambique enough to be so defence.

    Sven does not understand Zambia. Zambia is Zambia unique in Africa! We are not physical like the west africans. We are smart and skillful. Showing more aggression as Sven asked does not work and Zambia will generally not want to play tactical sitting game- that leads to trouble. Different from west africa or north. Naturally we want the play and attacking keeping the other team well occupied. Sven has got that wrong.

    We need a technical coach in Zambia to bring a high degree of know how to our teams. But the technical should not over power what wants to come out of players.

    Sven has performed not at all well. If there is a campaign to keep him i would say the players a bench need to be asked what their impression of him is. If they say he is good and things went wrong then maybe their is a case.

    Otherwise lets all move on.

    • paul says:

      This mwabi,sven, is a chancer… macende akwe

    • Stephen says:

      This is a very well written piece of useful information which could benefit anyone who desires to successfully coach in Zambia. It is not that it will change anything, but I just want to point out another occasion where Sven arrogantly brushed off a journalist’s question about how the fullback defender struggled in the Zambia vs Guinea- Bissau game in Zambia. Considering that the coach was still very knew and he still have a lot to learn about the Zambian soccer, I will think he would have been a listener and trying to gather as much information as he can. I think that could be very wise, instead of being insecure and trying to be rude to people. Anyways we started this tournament on a wrong foot, losing a game at home was a huge mistake and very few teams come out stronger. You need a good coach who can read games fast and make right changes. Players have to come to the party as well, not with bench warmers or average players to turn around things. I guess we are too poor to hire a quality coach and this is the price we are paying for it. The former South African coach seems lo have some knowledge about the Zambian soccer, especially when he talks about Mulenga and Shonga. Hope Kamanga’s football acumen is better than what he has exhibited so far,otherwise it is indeed so shocking!!!!

  2. STUMPY says:

    this stupid coach should just go. as @ seenfromafar has rightly put it, he gave mozambique respect.

  3. GSK11 says:

    In my humble opinion… a good coach is able to get the most out of his available players. A defensive coach seems to have no confidence in the abilities of his players and relies on mistakes from the opposition. FAZ, its time to look and think innovatively.
    Try a local coach… or better still ask Kalushya B for some inputs on foreign coaches.

  4. Generalismo says:

    Sven should go period. He failed to deliver his mandate. Out of a total of 12 points getting 4 points is by any stretch of a positive imagination not good enough.

    This is outright mediocrity and the Zambia nation deserves better. Endani bwino a Sven we hope we will never meet again

  5. Julio says:

    His time is up. No need to debate. There are many quality coaches out there. Perhaps the issue is the salary.

    • True Zambian patriot says:

      Here we go again. The main issue here is not trying a local coach or having a foreigner. The question having a competent, qualified and experienced Coach.
      Sven is obviously not qualified and experienced enough. He is a character who is not intelligent and cannot read the proceedings of the games.
      In the Latest Mozambique encounter, the Zambians were obviously initially outplayed in the midfielder. The defence was in disarray and yet the coaching staff just sat on their bums.Even when Mozambique scored, the reaction to it was very slow. It looked the guy no back plan.
      Kampamba Chintu, has never been a good player and an extremely dull person with no football intelligence. How did he found himself as our national team assistant coach? Please Zambian people, when you are given a position do it to the people of Zambia and not your Personal,selfish motives. These are the results. When did Zambia started playing defensive football to tasks like Mozambique-who used to be our customers?
      It is obvious my fellow Zambians the current staff are extremely incompetent and needs nothing but instant dismissal.

      Remember, not anything white is superior.How have we allowed this young little Boer man to dictate to us?
      What a shame, this slavery mentality attitude of the Zambians should come to an end.

  6. Parick says:

    The coach is on practice taking Zambia to be his training ground. He cant coach even a club any where in the world. Please be real Zambians. We need a mature coach with what it takes. On his future! The contract was performance based. So you fail you go!!!.

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