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Exclusive Interview: Expect more goals, says Nchanga Rangers’ red hot hitman Zikuru

When good goal scorers are at a premium, Nchanga Rangers have found a great goal scorer in Ghanaian forward Zikiru Adams.

Can he grab 7 more goals in the last four games to take his tally to 17?

He also talked about the comparison between Lusaka Dynamos’ Chris Mugalu and him as well as his pre-match rituals.

Below’s ZamFoot Crew‘s Bernard Chama talks to 25 year old striker who has taken the local league with storm.

ZamFoot: Welcome to this interview.

Adams: Thank you. I’m ready.

ZamFoot: Tell us about your self.

Adams: (Laughs) My name is Zikiru Adams. I’m a 25years old Ghanian international footballer.I have played in the Ghanian and Ivory Cost leagues before and I’m currently playing for Nchanga Rangers as a striker.

ZamFoot: How are you finding the Zambian premier league?

Adams: The Zambian league is good. It is well organised but the Zambian referees don’t give you opportunities to complain even when he has seen the infringement.

ZamFoot: You scored your first goal with your left and second goal with your right. Which is the strongest leg.

Adams: I use both my left and right but this one. My right is very powerful. I can shoot with it even outside the box.

ZamFoot: You seem to he enjoying good form. Whats behind that?

Adams: I’ve finally settled. Remember I started playing in the second half of the league and when I started I was fasting so I wasn’t that physical but now I’m tearing every defence apart.

ZamFoot: 10 goals in 12 games.How does that feel?

Adams: You see, when you are a foreigner you are supposed to market your self and become a valuable asset to the team money or no money. I will still continue scoring hoping to get 17 goals.

ZamFoot: Which defence has been the hardest for you to crack?

Adams: No defence can stop me. Laughs!
But the Kabwe warriors defender that was tasked to mark me did a good job.I didn’t manage to score and was disappointed.

FAZ/MTN Super League – ZamFoot


ZamFoot: How do you manage to maintain a high morale as an individual?

Adams: I love listening to Nigerian and Ghanian music. I listen to a bit of Zambian music because I don’t understand the language but I can speak a few Bemba words like Mulishani – Bwino!

ZamFoot: What do you love to eat before a game. Any special meals?

Adams: To be honest I just have normal breakfast. My coach will tell you I don’t eat before a game.My apettite goes.

ZamFoot: Nchanga Rangers has four Ghanaians. Did you influence them to come?

Adams: No boss. The management here talked to them but they are my friends.

ZamFoot: You have played under two coaches. Bruce Mwape and Evans Sakala. Any difference in tactical approaches.

Adams: I never played under Bruce Mwape.

Zamfoot: You playing for a youthful Nchanga Rangers. How does that work?

Adams: It’s good because we motivate ourselves. All of us have almost the same pace and that is good for the game. We know each other very well.


Mugalu has been in sensation form this season

ZamFoot: How are you finding the facilities here compared to Ghana.

Adams: The facilities here are good.We have a nice gym at Rangers but my favourite pitch is the one in Ndola, Levy Mwanawasa stadium.

ZamFoot: People are comparing you to Chris Mugalu. Does that affect you in any ways? (Mugalu has scored 20 goals)

Adams: Boss the comparison is unfair because I only started playing in the second round of the league but Mugalu started before I started but it’s good when people compare you to a player like Mugalu.

ZamFoot: You are fighting relegation! How are you ensuring you stay out of the danger zone?

Adams: We are working hard and ensuring we pick maximum points. We want to win all the remaining games. We will be safe.

ZamFoot: Rumour has it you have refused to renew your contract?

Adams: Our focus for now is fighting relegation. The league is still on and if anything comes up you will be the first to know. (Laughs)

ZamFoot: Thank you for your time.We wish you all the very best

Adams: Thank you boss

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