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Enock Mwepu to join Liefering of Austria

Zambia Under twenty national team midfielder Enock Mwepu is set to join Austrian second tier side Liefering.

Zambianfootball.co.zm understands that despite the many offers the budding lad is likely to join team mate Patson Daka in Austria.

More to follow…..

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9 Comments to Enock Mwepu to join Liefering of Austria

  1. Kasama Boy says:

    Anything in Europe is okay for the lad, he is still young. But can’t he wait until after the world Cup? there may be more and maybe better offers.
    I am sure he wants to enter a club where he has someone to associate with.
    Wish him all the very best, for he surely is one of our best for the future

    • Nostra says:

      Not good, better another team in Austria.
      I remember a bunch of Zambians at former Zeddy Saileti team in Finland, no one succeeded.
      Kola, Luchanga, Young Sunzu, Mbola seems now going on there except cooking nsima.
      Ka Mukuka Mulenga got lost…
      So Mwepu ask to be loaned to another team within Austra.

      • mbita says:

        What I know is patson has just been loaned for 6 month. I guess pending a big move after world cup.so if been in Austria would make him more marketable ….I support the move

  2. Big Su says:

    For now it’s a good move unlike the easy League in Israel

  3. Jay says:

    Our boys should not rush to sign any contracts as better offers will most likely come after the world cup. Then again may be the boy believes a bird in the hand is worth two in the forest….Whatever he decides, we can only wish him good luck.

  4. Will says:

    Any big team can buy him from Liefering if he has a good world cup. Mind you most big clubs don’t like buying straight from Africa. It’s very good move. Believe they are a lot of clubs keeping an eye on him they will be monitoring his progress.

  5. Kasama Boy says:

    2 more in Europe playing in and out and we will have a strong base there.
    Kafikenipo baiche.


    wow i like yiur new spirit of our beloved may God brng success in whatever thngs may come we love you….

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