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Enock Mwepu arrives in Austria for trials

Zambia Under twenty national team midfielder Enock Mwepu has arrived in Austria where he will attend trials at second tier log leaders Liefering.

He was met on arrival by team mate at the U20 national team Patson Daka.

The ZamFoot Crew can confirm that Mwepu will be at the Red Bull Salzburg reserve side for five days after which he is expected to sign a pre-contract that will see him make his move in June.

“Mwepu has arrived in Austria. He will be here for five days and Red Bull want to assess him.

“It seems like a done deal. They just want to assess him for a few days,” The ZamFoot source said.

The ZamFoot Crew also understands that there was resistance from his local side Napsa Stars to let the prized midfielder go.

Mwepu has been one of the stand out performers for the World Cup bound U20 Zambian squad.

The versatile lad has been deployed in the holding midfield role, the the attacking midfield role and at times pops up as the second striker in Bestone Chambeshi’s U20 squad.

Should he sign,  he will be joining Patson Daka who sealed a four year permanent move to the Austrian club last month.

22 Comments to Enock Mwepu arrives in Austria for trials

  1. Goodwells Ngámbi says:

    Good news for our game.

  2. TC 'Our Beautiful Game' says:

    I see him becoming the next big thing as far as pulling strings in the midfield is concerned. In fact my worry right now is our team without Mwepu. God bless my boy

  3. Nostra says:

    He better be firm to play holding midfielder, it’s more flexible to play regularly, or even center back. All good Zambian players play up… Chisamba, Kalaba, Fwayo, Lubambo, Mbesuma, Patson, the new Banda.
    Mwepu need be smart so he can only compete with Kondwani, Nathan and Sunzu, he has body and talent.

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    Ba NAPSA ati shani? resisting umwaiche’s move to Europe?
    Let the lad go and experience football at that level.
    I am praying all our U20 go to sample football overseas and not abroad, Zim, SA, Congo DR, TZ. Yena aya awe.
    Hope and pray for the best to him and all conquering U20. The light at the end of the tunnel is very bright and clear for the rest to follow.
    Kwashala the two Musonda’s and that Nyondo defender.
    Kafikenipo baiche.

  5. PINK FROG says:

    Good news indeed for Mother Zambia

  6. soccerguru says:

    Trials futi. …..abash they should just sign the boy….no Yaya Toure in the making

  7. Sibs says:

    Some of these boys should wait for the U20 W.C and hope to clinch a deal in France, Portugal or Holland.

    It’s a gamble though either you sign now or wait and get nothing or get a better deal.

    Whats your take guys?

    • Anonymous says:

      They need better handlers…stepping stone contract maybe, the league in Austria is week but largely checked by the Germans..

  8. Ngake says:

    Let the boy sign with this team, the less pressure the better. Zambian players seem slow to adapt to Europe conditions, therefore this is a good move for him to find his feet in Europe. In a year he can move on depending on his progress.

  9. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    emalyashi aya tulecita expect ukulaumfwa

  10. soccerguru says:

    What about Emmanuel Banda. ….He deserves to move from the 4th division Portuguese club

  11. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Small but steady gains for Zambia football lately. This U20 will herald a reset for Zambia. We need to work on the U23 & Tokyo Olympics team as well. Qualifying for World Cups with 9 spots on the plate should be a formality. That is the ideal situation. The work starts now. A massive injection of investment in youth football from around 10 years of age if not earlier. A novel way to groom talent encompassing early education and P.E. classes..lets find a Zambia way for sports talent as well academic excellence. ..and give youth and Zambia many options to generate wealth.

  12. Egwugwu says:

    Elyashi ili not kamanga and kalu debates as if they even kick a ball

  13. MuZedian says:

    It’s dissapointing that Zambian players it seems at all levels need trials. Trials are a thing of the past especially in this era. Why not just sign a player. Ok medical and agreeing terms are the new trials not this nonsense. Did Martial,attend trials at united? Did Bailey attend trials at United. Did Neymar attend trials at Barca etc. it’s nonsense.

  14. Positive thinking says:

    Nice move I think. It’s going to be interesting playing together at club level and national team

  15. soccerguru says:

    Muzedian clearly u are a joker….how do u compare those players to Mwepu. ….stop smoking and change

  16. MuZedian says:


  17. Bsimms says:

    OK so what do you do when the only team that calls you into Europe demand trials irrespective of being an African champion?

    You have no choice but to go & try!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Its a great move but ebilima kubanakashi ama girl friends basungu

  19. Its a good move this is how players from westen africa start from they start with a small team were there is less pressure ended up at a big club example is liverpool sadio mane he started at this club but now where is he?

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