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Edward ‘Tiger’ Chilufya to finally leave for Sweden after FAZ intervention

Zambia U20 striker Edward Chilufya will leave for trials in Sweden after the Football Association of Zambia FAZ intervened to resolve the impasse between Lumwana Radiants and his parent club Mpande Academy.

Chilufya was scheduled to travel to Europe for trials but he opted to go to Lumwana against the wishes of his club who had received an invitation for the player to go to Sweden.

There were claims that he did not have a contract with Northern Province based team and he personally wanted to join Lumwana Radiants where his national team coach is manager.

Mpande complained to FAZ who decided to bring the two parties together and it was resolved that the his club, Mpande Academy,  had the final say on where the player would go.

Times of Zambia extract posted by Lumwana Radiants.


The ZamFoot Crew now understands that the prolific striker who has scored 7 goals in his last international appearance will be heading to Sweden for trials at the top tier team

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17 Comments to Edward ‘Tiger’ Chilufya to finally leave for Sweden after FAZ intervention

  1. Positive thinking says:

    I don’t understand how you send a player on trials to a club he does not want to play for. He clearly has a plan to wait out for a better offer after the World Cup, which is not a bad idea at all.

  2. Logic says:

    Someone wants to profit off of this boy

  3. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Bushe kwena nangu ni nsala kwena it is too much

  4. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    ubututu ba mpande youth academy

  5. Tony mash says:

    Good decision made by mapande to send the player for trials in sweden. That swedish top club will nature the boy. Not that nonsense team. Chambeshi want to bring to an end the career of this young talented player. A lot of players were influenced not to join certain clubs and today some they are still loitering in zambia. Chambeshi wanted to exploit the player. The player belongs to mapande youth academy. Luwana radiants hands off.

  6. Pungwa says:

    Lets be honest, Europe is the best destination for this player. The earlier he goes at this age, the better for adptation. Umwaice mwenso wa pa Europe otherwise he will appreciate this move later on in his career.

  7. discipline says:

    Every time a new kid on the block this sort of scenario comes up why is it that these lads with Academes are not contracted to them

  8. Tony mash says:

    After world cup all these should break into europe. 2019 will form a formidable side with these young stars.

  9. Tony mash says:

    After world cup all these young stars should break into europe. And 2019 i foresee zambia building a formidable side. The future now lies in the hands of these lads.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      There are no guarantees of that happening. Look at what happene after the 2012 Afcon win, everyone had the same prediction of a bunch of players ending up in Europe and it did not happen. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. The boy should take this opportunity.

  10. Well lets wait n see. hope he wont move in the direction of Boyd Mwila n Edwin Phiri. the two ve been in Sweden n they are no near the national teams. is their football in sweeden?.

  11. Tony mash says:

    Stepping stone.

  12. Chris; Busy says:

    Let him go to Europe and adapt in as quick as possible,

  13. soccerguru says:

    Big Steve has spoken sense….2012 taught us ..They are no guarantees in these things. …the last time we were at under 20 world cup we beat a uraguay team with sure and Cavani 1 nil. ….look at how they progressed and look at how our players in that team progressed?….bird in hand beats 2 in the bush

  14. Kasama Boy says:

    If one is not careful failure starts beckoning early. All in all the decision of where to play rests on the boy himself. But may God bless him he is still young and needs guidance. in the end, it is his talent, it is his future, it is his indaba.

  15. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Why the same problems all the time. Something is horribly wrong

  16. Kazman says:

    E.Chilufya plz umwenso teusoma forget lumwana radiant,Zambian league baba pa 30 Na nkana f.c yawama

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