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Edward Tembo out to prove a point

Edward Tembo and City of Lusaka ready to fight for their survival

Prior to the week 21 fixtures City of Lusaka’s hopes of survival seemed even by enthusiasts but having watched their mouthwatering display against Mighty Mufurila wanderers I was left with second thoughts.

They faced a fellow relegation threatened team, Mufurila wanderers who also needed the three points desperately. City of Lusaka played a fantastic game something not synomous with a team that has only collected 12 points from 21 games.

The improvement can be seen on all angles and it’s clear the 1974 league champions want to survive relegation. What has brought the new determination?, is it the realisation that relegation is their seemingly destination, The monies they have been promised, the new players or is it the new coaches or maybe it’s a bit of everything.

Whatever the case it’s clear ‘City ya Moto’ will not go down without a fight. At the centre of this new look city is Captain Edward Tembo. The under 20 national team prodigy seems to be fighting for something big.

Edward Tembo in action for City of Lusaka on Saturday at Woodlands Stadium

During the game against Mighty Mufurila wanderers he showed his exceptional qualities and made football look easy. He top up his exceptional perfomance with a scorcher of a goals in the 47th minute .

City of Lusaka are clearly serious about staying in the league and the youngest captain in the league seems ready to guide his troops to the promised land.

3 Comments to Edward Tembo and City of Lusaka ready to fight for their survival

  1. Ngake says:

    Good report you can feel the passion of the author for the game. Zamfoot lets have more of these types of match reports in future.

  2. He scored a very good goal. tgat was beautiful.

  3. gabriel says:

    maite played better football.. they fought back tireless. their captain. rahim osumani is in good form.

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