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Dissapointing Chipolopolo out of Cosafa Cup

The Zambia national team has suffered yet another setback after they were booted out of the ongoing Cosafa Castle Cup after losing to Swaziland on penalties.

The two teams played to a goalless draw after regulation time and went to penalties.

Paul Katema and Spencer Sautu failed to convert their spot kicks as Zambia failed to progress past the quarter final stage for a second year running.

More to follow…..

Zambia XI v Swaziland

Danny Munyao, Emmanuel Museka (Lusaka Tigers makes debut), Donashano Malama, Adrian Chama, Buchizya Buchiboy Mfune (captain: impressive reading of Fair play message), Stewart Chikandiwa, Paul Katema, Salulani Phiri, Charles Zulu, Conlyde Luchanga and Festus Mbewe.

54 Comments to Dissapointing Chipolopolo out of Cosafa Cup

  1. PAPA GAME says:

    Very good swaziland because zambian coaches don’t listen.Am a full time zambian and i love soccer very much but the selection of players is pathetic in zambia.Ba faz please bring expatriate coach.Nga Geoge yena he should not be anywhere near the national team because he made us miss Afcon 2017.

    • Nostra says:

      When I read all comments from time Zambia started losing under new admin, people are so frustrated.
      Can it also contribute to so many accidents on Zambian roads, because mostly people discuss soccer and politics. Which are both in a sad shape in Zambia.

  2. Sade says:

    Surely now Mr Kamana it’s now time to act.we agree you are the experts but the selection of national team is questionable

  3. 90minutes says:

    south African way is refusing to go in the stadium. leaving them play in an empty stadium till they start winning

  4. silk says:

    Disband the national team period. then rebuild it starting from the coach to the substitute bench. otherwise it’s pathetic. very pathetic national team football

  5. gb says:

    Meanwhile, all home teams in the Caf champions league lost their home matches except Zesco. Zamalek is leading Enyimba 1 nil in Nigeria, Sundowns won, 2 nil at Etief, Wydad won 1 nil at Asec Mimosa.

  6. Fanatic says:

    Not suprising.Did u expect players misfiring or warming the bench at their clubs to miraculously start scoring at a higher level?

  7. Okolo says:

    Fake Zambian coach,poor selection of players

  8. Leon says:

    This game was boring
    Ba chiyangi nabo awe sure
    I can’t pick any player that was playing
    Katema I don’t what they see in this boy
    Charles zulu couldn’t cross
    Saluleni couldn’t even trap the ball
    We couldn’t string 3 passes
    Long balls chipantepante and could hear ba coach saying “very good”
    Umwaiche katema ninshi nabundula
    The technical bench pathetic
    Am not being negative I am just saying how the game was
    If the bazamfoot come up with stats and give any player more than 3 then zamfoot was watching euro Portugal vs Austria

  9. wanya wanya! says:

    The Zambian Coaches or whoever is in charge of selecting players is pathetic and useless! Those plangaz ati Sautu and Patson Daka etc are not scorers at their respective clubs. How dare u expect them to start scoring at COSAFA? Even picking up the whole Forest rangers team or Zanaco to represent us would do than those poorly selected team.

  10. This is a wake up to zambian football okey its now time to search for the new coach

  11. very disappointing indeed,honestly who ever picked that team (if he was in his right frame of mind)was he/she expecting them to win? 75% of theZambian players were not national team material besides that performance from the Swazis was not near most ZPL clubs.awe what an embarrassment!!!! however hard luck boys.who am I to criticise you maybe that’s the result you wanted to achieve.

  12. Zacheus says:

    This is not good selection one player is found everywhere africa cup is there world cup is there COSAFA is there only what he does is disappointing why not calling fwayo tembo u dont pick him bruce musakanya sate sate empo aila u dont even mention his name is he dead or what dont make us develop Bp because of your corruption CHICKEN please step down and watch from afar You have failed Just admit in the clubs there nice sharp legs You can chose to play. Thats why you call interntionl player and put him pa bench. You are good at Club Level not internation very dull Coach.

  13. Adebayo says:

    we all new that we er loosing its not even disapointing bz of players selected bz zanaco,nkana and zesco is better than that team

  14. FOOTBALL says:

    Plis kamanga help us b4 u kill us with bp.Lwadamina ad his group should not come near the national team again.Look at the players he selected.pliss b serious.

  15. Kamata says:

    Kamanga has achieved one more! What a great president we have in him!

  16. bsimms says:

    Ati even this is Kalu’s fault lol

    We just lost! Period √

    Am a serious Chipolopolo fan & the status core isn’t impressive.

    FAZ wake up & cure the mischief….

    King Kalu did his job. He had his failures en victories. fortunately his reign is gone let’s see what you are made of….

  17. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Thts wht u get wen u pick defensive strikers who don’t score and leave out proven goal scorers. Didn’t even bother 2 watch.

  18. Boksburg says:

    Zambian football has become pathetic,we need an expatriate coach.pliz faz do something,we are doomed.

  19. egwugwu says:

    Kamanga useless and an idiot together with chiyangi for allowing same shit of of players to continue embarrassing our nation.Ba zamfoot how many times have l posted on this blog that katema is far from being a national team material .you once said katema is workaholic what the f..ck.lwandamina ,Kamanga ,chiyangi are all idiots who cannot see beyond zambias dream.

  20. Positive thinking says:

    My goodness. Is this how finished Zambia has become mwebantu. Even Janza is a better choice. I can’t blame these coaches. FAZ needs to bring in a full time coach. Doesn’t matter if he is expatriate or not, just pick someone already. A full time national team coach. Let’s just start from there. These local coaches are being set up to fail every time. Is it that hard honestly????

  21. jj says:

    under kamanga with we win anything i will donate $2000 to zamfoot

  22. DONALD TRUMP says:

    @ jj careful with what you say. We might just win a tournament. Easy, let’s get to the final of a competition then let our opponents field an ineligible player, board room decision and we are done. Otherwise fare and square we cant.

  23. gb says:

    Everything should be disbanded from cabinet FazX executive, coaches and players. On a serious note players are lazy. The team does not have a leader and players should die a little in their national jersey. When they come back home, send them to the barracks! Lol.

  24. We ar tired and sick of watchng lwandamina destroyng our name enough is enough pliz ba a.kamanga look 4 a coch who can spend tym wth th team coz our game is going frm worse to waste.

  25. general says:

    George Lwandamina has failed. Kamanga plz get another coach and remove the whole technical bench if you want zambia to start wining. some coaches behave like satanists who don’t want to see others progress in life.

  26. CRESPO says:

    Ba Kamanga mwayamba ukutu pwishamo,Lwandamina selected those useless boys knowing that he will not even go there to be part of that stupidity we saw just to make sure that he imbalances your admin.did you expect to win with such players, the answer is NO!please ba Kamanga open your eyes these coaches you are still working with are someone’s poop positioned to make you fail.how can somebody divorce a wife after some time he marries another one but decides to dress the new wife with old clothes belonging to the former wife?fire those idiots and start your new program before things get worse

  27. Kamata says:

    Kamanga is an achiever, he archieves everywhere he goes! Ask warriors!

    • Wasp says:

      What did he achieve at Warriors? Nothing! He then went to Power Dynamos with Ponga and they were chucked out….Losers all the way.

  28. I wonder if at all this Kamanga muntu watched Zambian premier league because honestly i would ague a bit with the technical bench. u call a playdr from P.dyanamos (pdaka) n leave Martin Phiri who has five goals yet the daka had non. u chose katema n leave out Rodrick kabwe a mid with 4 goals really. u take Festus n leave out Fashion a striker with goals…. i think Kamanga n Ponga should tell us something here. Do they want win games or lose so that they say this was Kalus last team or what. He can still resign n leave FAZ before tatula sebana.

  29. Matero boy says:

    Somebody took Kabwe Warriors to division one and you expect him to win you trophies, its a far fetched dream ba pipo.

    • KAS says:

      Am tired with this plz Kamanga bring people who love our great nation Zambia and they will work with a die hard spirit of wining.

  30. Cooma coma says:

    Solution for Zambia soccer is, ” Kamanga should fire Lwandamina, then fire the whole technical bench, then fire himself,” period problem solved.

  31. Cooma coma says:

    On a serious note, for sure, all the comments say one thing Lwandamina should go, but how come, the Kamanga compound guy is quiet on Lwandamina.

    And by the way, what a whole lot of comments for 08:00hrs.

  32. ian says:

    Come on guys,how do u xpect a failure @ club level to achieve @ national level surely

  33. Ex Zit says:

    Since Kamanga took over the reigns, how many wins?? Wondering, i stopped watching ba Zambia…

  34. Morton says:

    I cant watch ba Zambia wit chi chicken betr i watch division 1,2,3,en super league othr than westing time 2 watch useless chicken who only knwz hw 2 kip hiz teeth’z out.

  35. Mark c says:

    Zambia national team is finished please fire the coach and the team

  36. Samaita says:

    Zambian football now in dust bin.. Kamanga is too small to run zambian football.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      But we also lost at the same stage under Kalu….. So are you saying Kalu is or was also too small fro Zambian football?

      • Amos Mumba says:

        Surely you cant see that there definitely something wrong here.The buck stops at the leader’s table.What we are seeing is exactly what we had avoided before the 2012 AFCON.Kamanga was busy on Sunday interview condeming Kalu for having failed to go past the knockout stage in 2013 and today,you his supporters think he is immune to criticism!

  37. Kuku says:

    Raw ambition from Andrew kamanga has put us down.

  38. Sibs says:

    I watched the game. This was the most pathetic performance i have seen from a Zambian team. No cohesion. Chipatepate, could not string more than 3 passes. In my 30 years of following Zambian soccer this was one of the worst i have seen people wearing Zambian jersey play.

    Swaziland deserved to win and they had a legitimate goal disallowed in 90 minutes minutes of play. The commentators were rightly saying Zambia is no longer a force in Regional and African soccer.

    Our game needs serious diagnosis.

  39. soccer fan says:

    Go Swaziland go. This is the only way not to DIE of BP. The kamanga led executive has brought amashamo. Wwe should overhaul the who FAZ starting from kamanga, the stupid and scandalous technical bench and the stupid new blood players. We need kalu back and all the experienced players

  40. kensplash says:

    There are only two things that a coach can do to a team,either he improves the team or he finishes it. Lwandamina has never brought any improvement to this team ever since he became coach.instead the team has been going down and down.And one thing is that this Lwandamina’s stubbornness is amazing,he can’t just listen to advice for once.Let him not get any closer to the national team or else we shall organise a national and angry demonstration.The team he picked was a copy and paste.He didn’t care whether Zambia WON OR LOST.PLEASE BA FAZ FIRE LWANDAMINA FOR THE SAKE OF ZAMBIAN FOOTBALL.We can’t continue on this path of destruction.Bring in someone who will select players on merit and not what we are witnessing today.

  41. stivo says:

    Lwandamina should go period

  42. stivo says:

    A Very pathetic coach

  43. Am sure lwandamina is enjoying life running two teams at once balesala nama player bt bola baleitambila pa tv, faz why ar u failing to fire hm,we suppoted the reign of kamanga as faz presidnt and thought he would fix thngs, sam tyms i wonder mayb thoz who voted 4 a.k 47 made a mistake bcz he is a business nt a soccer icon. Ba zamfoot plz remove that thing or whatever showing guinea bissau zambia game or make it the thng of th past kalatukwelela temper.

  44. Tc Soccerman says:

    Pathetic Kamanga, continue to ignore us on our calls for a foreign coach, just continue to be arrogant and see what will happen to you.

  45. Soccer Lover@ Z says:

    I dont think its fare to heap all the blame on Kamanga for the falling fortunes in our soccer standards. There are so many factors at play. What we need is levelheadedness and call for “Isambwe lya mfwa” because for sure we are dead for now.Lets analyse and chat a way forward as a nation.We need everyone including great Kalu.Mr kamanga you are in the driving seat now-its incumbent upon you to extend an olive branch to Mr Kalu and embrace everyone. Dont listen to those urging you on to “sort out the so called Kalu clique” rather seek the face of God.Don”t be vindictive for example we have read that you have fired Kalu’s younger brother at under 17! If he is not performing yes you can do that but that technical bench qualified our under 17 national team to the Junior afcon last year. So whats the reason behind sacking the entire bench? You are setting a dangerous precedence as such decisions may define what character you are. Leadership is above patronage.”U are now leader for all” Zambian soccer family.

  46. Bolapazed says:

    This administration is not serious. We have said that they don’t have the soccer acumen and are lost in the maze. If you thought missing out of the Afcon 2017 is a fluke, think again. They are taking us back to the dark days of losing to Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi and the likes. Tomorrow we will be embarrassed by Seychelles et al.

    They are on to petty issues instead of concentrating on real development plans for our ailing football.

  47. Samaita says:

    Am now waiting for the return of the great kalu..

  48. kojak says:

    Correct me if am wrong, but I thought Chicken George was withdrawn from national team duties by his club and was not part of the loss on Sunday…Strange that while Chipolopolo lost ground in afcon qualifiers ba Lwandamina famously beat Al Ahly at Levy!

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