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Deal done!! Fashion to Spartak Moscow

By Nicholas Chola

Zambia U20 national tream striker Fashion Sakala has completed his move to Russian giants Spartak Moscow on a three year deal.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that the Russian league leaders scooped the Zanaco and former Nchanga Rangers striker at a fee of K840,000.00

Sakala confirmed to the ZamFoot Crew that he passed his medicals and he will only be heading to Moscow after the U20 Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

The 19 year old who turns 20 next month impressed Spartak during a two week long trial in Europe but returned home to help his club Zanaco in the CAF champions league over the weekend in a game the Zambian champions drew 0 – 0 with APR of Rwanda.

He was Zanaco’s joint top scorer for the 2016 season with 10 goals and also impressed at the Cosafa championship where he banged in four goals.

He is expected to be Zambia’s talisman during the Zambia 2017 Africa Cup of Nations tournament which kicks off on 26th February.

He will join the U20 camp on Wednesday.



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  1. Kuku says:

    Now, Spartak is stylish…Fashion!!! All the best my man. Get some sleep now, its safe.

  2. Will says:

    I’m starting to think Zambian football is going into the right direction. We have fashion, luchanga, Daka, kalunga and E. Banda already in Europe. All these are part of the under twenty and I might have missed out one or two. This has not happened in a while. This under twenty seem to have a lot of talent. Morover we haven’t even started playing the afcon u 20. If we qualify for the world cup things will just get better. I have also seen the introduction of very physical players . This has given the team balance unlike the class of 2007 which was dubbed as one of the smallest teams in terms of physical presence. That ended up showing when we were knocked out by Nigeria. I urge all the player’s to stay put and not rush to SA or Congo.

  3. chris busy says:

    Will u are very correct & I agree on that one

  4. SLIM says:

    @ Undefeated Guru…Sure former footballers shud b given chance to run the game. The so called legend did very well at it, and, the Afcon 2012 is clear testimony! However, what followed was’nt encouraging. Development came to a stndstill! Mr & Mrs Kalu bcame the b all and end all! Unbridled thefts from coffers crippled Faz. Guru yo type and Kazala thot this wud continue under Kamanga. No no! Its quite clear u hate him for stopping the rot; we hate Kalu 4 being a thief & betrayal of trust!

  5. SLIM says:

    Undefeated Guru…. ‘Hate’ destroys the perpetrator more than the victim . A friendly warning to u; You expend a lot of energy using unpatable language aimed at current Faz President, but wat u forget is an involuntary FARTwill follow the effort! Just b carefull it doesnt come out wet next timr, ok?

  6. Truth is says:

    Wow!!!!!! You’re kidding me. Spartak what? This is the best news today.

  7. Kasama Boy says:

    Congratulations to Sakala, please go and Fashion out a name for yourself. like Chisamba.
    But why do these Russians seem to have a liking for Easterners? bakesa pwisha to koswe tonse mu ma Prairies.
    Congratulations once again.


      @Kasama Boy Cell Phone kabili bakopele from Easterners (When holding ka mbeba akamucila sticking out overlapping over the head ) and now Spartak have finally joined the Fashion world in Soccer, kudos Fashion wemwana wesu ala Bakasama Boy will send you off with a dinner ya Ka Kolwe! kikikikiki.

    • tobias ngambi says:

      Kikiki Bemba man what have we done.

  8. SLIM or sim what ever they call you, kamanga will remain the useless FAZ president we ever have in the history of zambian football.let me educate your ingronace here in zambia we have the zambian police,the anti corruption commission and the court so if great KALu is the thief or corrupt tell your hegoat kamanga to report him to the police or the anti corruption commission fool stop.SIN or SLN what ever they call you tell me what has your master kamanga achieved in his life as an administrate?he was at kabwa warriors power dynamoes and zambezi portland tell me I’m waiting

    • Billy says:

      Great Galu has been the worst FAZ president iwe. Your hatred for Kamanga is unwarranted.


      Imwe you calling each other names Kalusha na Kamanga baleifwena mumingololo baletolana ne nda(Lice) mumitwe, elyo balanwina no twasuswa kwibotolo limo…… stop it imwe and concentrate on the development of soccer by contributing effectively on this site… ala imwe!

    • Prince says:

      All those institutions you have mentioned in Zambia are dead…only a fool thinks there is justice in Zambia for the rich…and am sorry but you fit the shoe! We won the Africa cup, played Japan and Brazil within 18months; FAZ received 4million US and were broke six months later?!! Kamanga should audit the last three years…why do you think Kalu is so quiet?!

  9. RICHPOPO says:

    undefeated guru alebomfya ubukopo,appreciate the efforts of kamanga,has kalulu chenjela(kalu)ever campd u20 in eaurope

  10. Fashion sakala move to Russia it has nothing to do with kamanga because the boy is talented and he is a super league player he was not discovered by kamanga but by zanaco infact he was destine to go to europe just like you are destine to die

  11. Gentlemen,lets put our heads together as it seems our soccer is moving in the right direction.the in fighting wont take us anywhere regardless of tournament outcomes we are surely building team.ha

  12. In zambia its only the court of law that pronounce a person guilty not a lunatic like you ka TC soccer dog.kalu is an achiever in his life its only pigs like you who are damaging his name by the way who gave you power to pronouce people guilty are you the lawyer or the judge?ok let’s talk football development here what measure has kamanga put in place to develop football e.g the youth football?how many sporses has he bought on body to sporse our football I mean the cup games in our league are few its. Only the Barclays cup we need atleast three cup games in our league not just one.the team selection to the national team is poor we need players like walter bwalwya in the national team.the selection of our team should be widen we should also consider players with some zambian roots.but alas none of these things are happening and yet some morons like soccer. Dog and that ka brother of his slm or sin are saying no I hate kamangs

  13. Chief says:

    This is great news indeed. Ali Chipa zoona , $85000…

  14. General says:

    Plz stop name calling here. Its time to congratulate the young man here that insulting each other.

  15. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Good move but reservations made owing to the past history whereby some players that got a chance blew this up. Hope this could be the start of new things to come.

    Go work hard

  16. jbs simubernard says:

    wishing you a good luck and work extra hard coz next season ni champions league mukateya

  17. Kasama Boy says:

    That is also what worries me. A player with such a promising talent, goes into a European team, and fails to tick. I remember when the young talent of Perry Mutapa went to Portugal, nothing came out of it.
    I hope Fashion my young Mbuya will excel. Congratulations once again. I also read Enock Mwepu’s Profile with excitement. Is this the resurgence we have been waiting for.
    Pantu already apa we have quite a contingent in Europe and the Mid East now, and they are all young. with about 10 more years to play there.

  18. Adebayo says:

    We have sent better ones b4 than this boy I just hope he succeed this team is big for him they have players hope he ii not be packed

  19. Pungwa says:

    The only problem yabena Kalu is that he would have wanted a cut even in this deal. That’s how we were messing up some of the transfer deals like Mbola’s. That boy would have been in England if the things were done transparently. He has never been the same player after the collapse of that deal.

  20. tatu saad says:

    Just a question,will he be playing in. The senior team,or. It will be like sinkala’s case signed by bayern munich,later loaned to smaller teams in the league,if so then we might watch him in the campions league

  21. tobias ngambi says:

    Kalu was the best in terms of our football profilling and branding on the international level.
    Its just that every person has streangth and weaknesses. If He came back he would do things differently after learning lessons. ….

    Remember he didnt have a proper vice president.

    Lets Learn to forgive and forget by giving people a second chance like God does to us.
    God bless zambia!

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