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De Jongh reveals Swaziland squad for Zambia, CHAN qualifier

The Shilangu senior team head coach, Pieter de Jongh has picked his 27-man squad, set to play Zambia in the Kenya 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifiers.

Team Swaziland is dominated by players from Mbabane Swallows, who recently crushed out in the ongoing CAF Confederation Cup.

A reliable source in Swaziland has told Zamfoot Crew that the team held their training camp at Technical Center in Lobamba, proximity to Somhololo National Stadium–the billed venue for the clash with Zambia.

“They are training at the Technical Centre and they went into camp yesterday.  In Lobamba town, just next to Somhlolo National Stadium,” said the source.

This tie will be played on a home and away basis with the 1st leg set to be held in Swaziland on 16th July, while the 2nd leg in Zambia–on 22nd July.


GOALKEEPERS: Sidumo Vilakati (Mbabane Highlanders), Phephisani Msibi (Royal Leopard), Sandile Ginindza (Mbabane Swallows).

DEFENDERS: Machawe Dlamini, Phumlani Dlamini, Sifiso Nkambule, Siboniso Malambe (all Royal Leopard), Thabiso Gumbi (Green Mamba), Siboniso Ndzabandzaba (Tambuti), Sabelo Gamedze (Matsapha United), Sifiso Mabila, Sanele Mkhweli, Mandla Palma (all Mbabane Swallows).

MIDFIELDERS: Menzi Mamba (Matsapha United), Menzi Sithole, Xolani Sibandze (both Mbabane Highlanders), Mcolisi Lukhele (Royal Leopard), Mphile Tsabedze, Sifiso Mazibuko (both Young Buffaloes), Tony Tsabedze, Njabulo Ndlovu, Banele Sikhondze, Wonder Nhleko (all Mbabane Swallows)

FOWARDS: Simanga Shongwe (Midas City), Phindrix Dlamini (Green Mamba), Sifiso Matse (Manzini Wanderers), Manyovu Dlamini (Royal Leopard), Sabelo Ndzinisa (Mbabane Swallows).


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  1. Some people on this blog where busy defending kamanga in the poor selection of player to the nation team.what you people don’t understand is that kamanga is the overlo boss hence forth he is suppose to advise wada wada on so many issues that include the selection of players to the nation team.As an association presdent he is suppose to give wada wada a target but there is no target and yet some people are blaming presdent lungu for poor performance the team learn to analyse issues before you defend kamanga

  2. Those of you who defending kamanga on the poor performance of the team I have a questions for you more especially you big steve from SA.(1)what target did kamanga give wada wada?(2)why is kamanga silent of the issue of poor selection of players to the nationa team(3)why is he failing to give direction to wada wada because everyone here complaining I need answers mr big steve

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Wow!!!! That’s a pretty direct shot at me. For starters I’m not a Kamanga supporter nor did I support any poor results from our national team in any form. I say that so we are clear that I’m taking an objective angle to the argument and not some blind supporter emotional one.
      Firstly, assumption is the mother of all mess-ups Mr. The undefeated Guru. The fact that football house did not publish or you have not read anything in the press that speaks to performance measurements for Wada does not mean they do not exist. Don’t assume things and then take your assumption as fact, there is a lot discussed outside of the press between Wada and his employers targets inclusive.
      Secondly I don’t know if you are familiar with the term micro-management. Not all managers find it necessary to do this by selecting players for the coach and research has long shown that it is one of the least effective ways to manage. So don’t assume all FA presidents delve into this, the most effective ones don’t. It is clearly the mandate of the coach and his technical team to select players.
      The other issue you raise is silence on poor player selection. Again you are making another assumption with no facts attached. Just because this FA administration does not grandstand and make public announcements anyhow does not mean these issues don’t concern them. They also want to succeed.
      It is a well-documented fact that the president of Zambia said there was no need for a foreign coach. Not the vice president or the minister of sport or Kamanga or his SG but the president of Zambia. So now there is a fact not an assumption.

  3. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Just like Billy said in the other thread, had Kamanaga and his executive forged ahead with getting a coach of their choice it was going to sour relations with GRZ and we all know the negative effects every time GRZ and FAZ have a sour relationship. He bowed to the pressure and this will result in two things:

    1. It will be become very abundantly clear we need a more technically experienced coach
    2. It will be a sounding board for the next time he has to motivate why we need a more experienced coach.

    If Kamanaga selects players he will open a door for the coach to say the string of poor results were not his fault but of those selecting players. Its good to be smart in these things.

    • Positive thinking says:

      Well said Big Steve and Billy. Plot one having called the shots has left Kamanga with an out on bad results attributed to the Presidents choice of coach. GRZ has to take as much responsibility for the bad results if not more than FAZ. Kamanga on the other hand also needs to step up his game and put forward an agenda and deliberate plan for improvement. When he and his executive gave Wadda a contract, they also owned that decision. They may not like the horse they got, but they are going to find a way to make it work.

      • Billy says:

        True that.

      • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

        I hear you Positive thinking and totally agree. Even if they can assign blame to the fact that they were not afforded a coach of their liking, the failure of this coach also reflects on them as the current executive at football house.

  4. Positive thinking says:

    If Zambia lose to Swaziland ninshi katwishi mwe. I was a believer that Wedson Nyirenda could do this job when he was winning trophies with Zanaco and was it Zesco, but after watching Zambia vs Nigeria I knew this was going to be tougher for him than he thought.

    Wedson just wasn’t ready for this level of competition. I think he can be a great coach if given time and sent on some attachments and more learning. Like I have mentioned before. In the past, Zambia used to send coaches to Europe for training…why has this stopped. WHy have we not thought to ourselves, maybe we need a training pipeline for National Team coaches. It is cheaper to send and train a coach in Europe than it is to hire a foreign coach.

    We need to start identifying the next Zambian coach now. Send him on some courses and attachments so he can start to fully grasp the game. Make him an assistant national team coach or junior national team coach and mold him.

  5. Mr big steve I’m not saying that kamanga should select players on behalf of wada wads all I’m saying is that as an association president it is his mandate to give direction or advise the coach where it is necessary example is in the area of player selection when he selected the players for cosafa wada wada left out a lot of good players example is fwayo tembo,clatous chama,chris munthali,Ronald sate sate kapamba as an association president kamanga was suppose to question wada wada why those players were left out but instend kamanga was quiet again here is the team for chan wada wada has left out fwaya tembo again kamanga is quiet what conclusion can you get from these two guys

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      eish my man you are again speaking on assumption. What makes you believe so whole heartedly that Kamanga has not spoken to the coach about this? Just because you have not read about it in the press you whole heartedly believe it didn’t happen!!
      Kamanga and his team at football house are seasoned managers, they have a lot of experience in dealing with staff members whose performance slips. Let’s please stop making these ridiculous assumptions just because we have not read about them in the daily mail, Times of Zambia or on Zamfoot. And you further go and contradict yourself. You start by saying “I’m not saying that Kamanga should select players on behalf of wada” then you say a whole list of player names that again you expect Kamanga to recommend and question wada about. If Kamanga did that he would be interfering with the coach’s mandate to select players. Let’s try to stick to one lane and work on fact and not assumption.

  6. Big steve go back to my comments ready and understand there is no contradiction in what I’m saying whether you like it or not kamanga is the association presdent it is his mandate to advise the coach on certain issue.why is it that wada wada keep on making the same misteke over and over again?so are you telling me that kamanga is also in support of droping inform players like fwayo, sate sate let kamanga should show leadership on this one moreover this is not the wada wada nation team or kamanga nation team but its zambia nation team both the football associaton of zambia and the coach should work togther for the betterment of the nation you can’t allow the coach to be selecting average players like adrian chama no my brother season mangers don’t work like that

  7. What assumptions those are not assumptions but are facts I was there when the football association of zambia give wada wada a contract in that contract there was no target like qualifying the team to Afcon qualifying the team to the world cup or even winning cosafa cup there was no such things when wada wada was announce as coach of the national team check your facts right.

  8. As for me I blame both the football association of zambia and the coach for the poor perfomance of the team the reasons are as follows(1)lack of good leadership by kamanga(2)the man is toothless how can he allow the coach to be selecting useless players(3)the failures to fulfill his promises during the campagn(4)poor selection of players by the coach otherwise I rest my case

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