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Cosafa U20: Zambia wallop Malawi to storm semis

The Zambia U20 national soccer team has walloped Malawi 3 – 0 to qualify to the semi finals of the on going Cosafa U20 Championship.

It’s was the usual suspects on target again for the Beston Chambeshi coached side as Chrispin Sakulanda opened the scores to set Zambia on course in the 25th minute when he scored from inside the box.

Zambia held on to he lead through the break and extended the lead 8n the 74th minute before Fashion Sakala sealed the win with a third in the 86th minute.

The win sees the young Chipolopolo maintain a 100% record as they matched on to the semi-finals with handsome record of 8 goals scored in two games conceding only once.

Malawi came into the game on the backdrop of a 0-0 draw with Zimbabwe where beaten 5 – 1 by Zambia.

Starting line-ups:

Zambia XI: Mangani Banda, Moses Nyondo, Prosper Chiluya, Solomon Sakala, Chrispin Sakulanda, Fashion Sakala, Enock Mwepu (Harrison Chisala), Shemmy Mayembe, Edward Chilufya (Kenneth Kalunga), Boyd Musonda, Patson Daka.

Malawi XI: Christopher Mikuwa, Mphatso Magaleta, Kennedy Kachimanga, Mike Mkwate, Chimwemwe Idana, Francisco Madinga, Nickson Nyasulu, Precious Sambani, Abel Mwakalima, Hadji Wali, Kondwani Mwaila.

46 Comments to Cosafa U20: Zambia wallop Malawi to storm semis

  1. chris busy says:

    this is the spirit we want evn at senior national team, congrats to Beston chambeshi’s side. its all over chipolopolo bullets

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK watched the game LIVE Via the KWESE app on Android…… Chrispin Sakulanda is really Marvell to watch and should be mentored to join Senior Team…..He style of play is similar to that of Rainford Kalaba and Charles Musonda JR..

  3. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    I don’t mean to be negative. How old is Seth Salamanca?

  4. STUMPY says:

    whatever has happened to that guy we used to call Deco. they fizzle out fast.

  5. general says:

    Its better to find out from him. What most of us know he is under 20.

  6. 90minutes says:

    those with serious problem with age can approach his mother or can start by searching for his under five card the clinic he went to and may be the year his parents got married. otherwise give us break everytime it’s age age age? if they say under 20, what do they mean? go to the hospital were he was born and good luck as begin your investigations Tata.

  7. This under20 team look good they are our future chipolopolo. but do we have good leaders who can help these boys to be good footballers? the answer is no because we have a failure who is leading FAZ he has no vision for youth football, ok if I may ask what program has he put in place for our youth football?zero football start from the grassroot but some people can’t see this thay are just supporting blindly.

  8. quicksilver says:

    goals are glowing! well done boys! 2 more wins and the trophy is will be headed to Lusaka.

  9. chris busy says:

    am just wishing the U20 to showcase their skills during AFCON so that they can present the country to the U20 world cup & may b some remain in european big clubs. wat is important is to start with cosafa bcoz we’ve the team that can make us proud, Sakulanda chrispine is a very dangerous striker & saveral others, there’s nothing else but to use the available players to surprise the world at large.

  10. chris busy says:

    GURU u’re very rite bt let us just relux may b they are working on somtning else wich is not known to the general public bcoz u & i we dont knw dspit not knowing hw close & infor u avabout this.

  11. Next year zambia is hosting the under20 AFcon yet they is nothing that is happening on the ground in terms of preparations in fact here in zambia a lot of people don’t even know that we are hosting this tournament because they is no advertsement on TV, newspaper,radio and not even on FAZ facebook page.but all we are seeing are wrangles every day.if this tounament become a flop a lot of people across Africa will be laughing at us and caf will not allow us to host the senior AFcon.mr kamanga is this the good leadership that you promise us the zambian people

  12. chris busy says:

    I lik the way Guru u’re aticulating issues, now my question is, does faz go thru this coments or may b until sendng at their facbuk? any 1 wth an idea pliz try to update me

  13. Chris busy I’m glad that you are seeing sense in what I’m saying unlikely some bloggers who are supporting blindly.kalu is no longer at FAZ but they is kamanga so if we don’t tell him him the truth then our football will not go any were so its high time that some people are begining to see that things are not ok at football house the earlier we realise this the better for our football.otherwise kamanga promise us a lot of things that he has so far failed to fulfill

  14. Egwugwu says:

    I told you about these aki na popo guys at football house .Failures

  15. Egwugwu says:

    you should post all these issues to FAZ facebook page so that ponga can see na kamanga .

  16. Ghost says:

    Zambia under 20 scheduled for Tunisia come January its a one month program, there’s some action u were looking for.. Try to thro in ideas rather than just criticize negatively, kamanga z working double shift trying to solve monetary issues with bena Kazala n co. Them niggaz dat surround kamanga r nt helping hm in n way u r busy throwing tantrum in hm…

  17. Ghost says:

    sorry meant to say Spain nt Tunisia

  18. chris busy says:

    Ghost if that is tru then it is a plus for mother zambia bcoz i personally is so much interestd in folowing the local football

  19. Ghost, no one is throwing tantrum on him these are issues that kamanga need to solve instead of concertrating fighting with his committee members.he need to put in place the organising commitee that will spearhead the hosting of the under20 Afcon by so doing things will be much easier for him.its good that our under20 will camp in spain but the main issues here is hosting of the under20 Afcon,there is nothing on the ground so far

  20. Egwugwu my comments are every were FAZ facebook page,zambian reports but its just that people are calling me kalu cadre while others are saying that I defend corrupt people the problem is that zambians does not want to hear the truth

  21. CRESPO says:


  22. Ghost says:

    so guys wuz de star man apart from sakulanda? Hw z de midfield looking like for me dats my area of concern n dat boy Kenneth Kalunga from Europe plays which position?

  23. Tc Soccerman says:

    I did not get to watch the game, but just out of curiosity, how many goals did Malaza, Ucar in making score? You witches were busy junxing the youngman and now he could not even score against mediocre Malawi team. Look, before you start mentioning Malaza or Ucar in the same sentance with Patson Daka, let me see consistency in Patson scoring 2-3 goals in a game at his level. Until then, get back to your senses and realize that the kid might not even reach the level of even Mbesuma. I wish him good luck though, just not buying into the senseless hype by all you experts on here.

  24. Ghost says:

    ba tc daka scored against malawi so far he’s got two in two check b4 u yap

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Iwe chipuku, where do I check that he scored. This article does not state that and if you read my first part of my comment, I said I did not watch the game. So I am not just yapping as you claim.

      • kuku says:

        They avoided the hype…just said the usual suspects and check this coding by zamfoot: “Chrispin Sakulanda opened the scores to set Zambia on course in the 25th minute when he scored from inside the box. Zambia held on to he lead through the break and extended the lead 8n the 74th minute before Fashion Sakala sealed the win with a third in the 86th minute. Tabomfwa! PD is in the blank. Cheers!

  25. Egwugwu says:

    Check out the other article and see the jerseys under 17 used .it green addidas with nike socks.surely this kamanga is tole.

  26. SLIM says:

    Kamanga has achieved alot in the past 8 momths. Guru u r farting some more u son of a #&+$%@!:?so and so. I dont want to sound as boring as u by harpinpg like a demented parrot no! But his two major achievements hv been the removal of Lwandamina, the idiot that cost us Afcon qualification in collusion with Kalu. Secondly and most important, the dismantking of the Mafia gang in FAZ that has fleeced money which cud have gone torwards youth football developments! Money which kept Kalu in luxury.

  27. Ghost says:

    tc don’t b a demented fool there r so many sites u cn check iwe nkusa

  28. SLIM says:

    Egwugwu tole is Kalu who together with Simwanza scuppered a wonderful deal with Nike! By the way, u and yo gang,( Soccerman, Guru and Stumpy,) seem to know of a blue print for youth football authored by Kalu!! The fact is Kalu killed youth soccer and just doesnt hv the brains anyway. Kamanga is trying to remedy the situation.

  29. SLIM says:

    Bloggers Kamanga has discovred a gem in that Kalunga boy from Denmark! the few minutes he was on the pitch the front line changed. He provided the assist for Dakas goal. The commentators were singing kudos! Obviously this doesnt sit well with Guru and Soccerman………constipation

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Iwe Chi Slim choyonda, what weed are you on? Is it the one that was watered with urine? Get your facts right. I am not a Kulu boot linker or cadre, so don’t put me in that basket you moron. Kalu and Kamanga are all useless, but Kamanga is a better of a useful fool as at least he is not stealing money just yet,at least to my knowledge. The only thing Kamanga screwed up on so far was when he went to run his mouth that we will be getting a foreign coach. When I asked about first securing funds before running his mouth and interviewing coaches from everywhere, fools here like yourself came in numbers attacking me saying everything will be ok since corrupt, croocked Edger Lungu was campaigning at the time and now that the stolen election was over, the tourist, corrupt, Museveni puppet Lungu would allocate funds to pay the foreign coach. Yeah right, how did that all end up since Corrupt dictator Lungu needed more money allocated to his worthless international travels every week outside the country? You need to shut your filthy mouth if you did my position. Kamanga is better than useless, crooked Kalu that lead by remote. Point to an article where I am praising any of those corrupt idiots like Kalu, Kazala or Simwanza. Don’t go drink Kachasu and come here and start to attack everyone without knowing on what we criticize on or whom we criticize. I have never been on the side of Kalu’s leadership skills, never. I have always thought Kalu was great at playing the game, but not as a faz leader, period. Get your facts right.

  30. Kamanga says:

    Yes kalu is not a saint but you must be living on Mars not to see that kamanga is a failure

  31. Ghost says:

    slim wat position does kalunga play?

  32. kuku says:

    Kalu killed us the Nike deal, MTN and Super sport deal. When the TV just started boys were running like Ducks and Ducklings, now they are more appealing to the eye. Aliya ululumbi ulya umwaiche, thats why Liwewe Snr(MHSRIP) used to say this character is Kalu kalu kalu…Bwalya Bwalya Bwalya Bwalya…Tell me about the other characters which Liwewe identified Johnestone Bwalya, “the one man Commando”. Do you hear about him. That’s just who he was on and off the pitch…he would take things in his own hands and fire in a bullet and he knew that he was loved for doing that. Charles Musonda, “turns 360 degrees, twist this way and that way” ukumeka abakamba you cant get him…

  33. kuku says:

    Congrats to Under – 20. Finders crossed, i hope they go all the way.

  34. SLIM says:

    @ Ghost Kalunga is a winger. In the Malawi game he operated on the right and created the Daka goal. Later in that he drfted to the left of attack and was equally effective. His ball control is marvelous. Most likely he will be a starter in the next game. Very partriotic young man. he told his mum he prefered to play for Zambia than Denmark!

  35. SLIM says:

    @ tc soccerman………my my we r vicious this morning! Apologies if i wrongly banded u with Guru, Egwugwu, Stumpy: The lot that believes that following procedure is more beneficial to Faz than catching a thief Kazala! With Kalu the scandal wud have landed in his pocket, as a form of payout for his lackeys. Remember the Kalu comment when queried abt Faz coffers, ” Am not answerable to anybody”. Under Kalu, state house paid for soccer fans to some games; Did all monies reach Faz!? i doubt!!

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Apologies accepted, I was like Wow, I could not stand Kalu’s corruption, the guy was untouchable and that is exactly what Kazala is thinking. Kalu is the most corrupt arrogant non politician Zambia has ever seen. The guy just had it all wrong. I hear he was also thinking Corrupt crooked Lungu would give him a ministerial post so he could finish off what he had started at FAZ. I am glad Kalu is far from FAZ now and it is sad because this is the guy we all looked up to and trusted that he would fix a long of wrongs at FAZ, but boy was we wrong. Anyways Kamanga is not perfect, but he is trying to be transparent even though thug Kazala and his crooks are trying to fight him to the nail. I hope Kazala gets whats coming to him soon.

  36. Egwugwu says:

    Iwe wekaonda ka slim ,if kalu messed up up with nike deal does it mean it is the end of the world and players should start wearing nappies? It is not kamanga who secured the nike deal, so let him use his dem balls to find a sponsor from under 17 up to the senior team . You are the ones who beg when you dont have food ati boma utiyaganepo.Sucker

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      “if kalu messed up up with nike deal does it mean it is the end of the world” What kind of reasoning is that? This is what is wrong with Zambia..that kind of thinking. If someone screwed up, they need to be held accountable. That is what slim is saying. After the screw up Kalu and Simwanza did, it is going to be hard to build trusted relationships with good and credible big sponsors, thats how these white people work, they work based on trust. Once they believe you are not a trusted entity as corrupt Kalu, Kazala and Simwanza made FAZ to be through their gong’a jerseys,That destroys the brand..in this case Nike. One has to start build the trust again as Kamanga is doing, but of course you wouldn’t know that, would you?

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