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Cosafa U20: Zambia 5 – 1 Zimbabwe (As it happened)

Zambia U20 XI:

1 Mangani Banda 2 Moses Nyondo 3 Prosper Chiluya 5 Solomon Sakala (Capt) 7 Chrispine Sakulanda 10 Fashion Sakala 11 Enock Mwepu 13 Shemmy Mayembe 14 Edward Chilufya 15 Boyd Musonda 20 Patson Daka

4 Benson Chali 6 Linos Makwaza Jr 8 Harrison Chisala 9 Joseph Phiri 12 Sydney Phiri 16 Dominic Nzala (GK) 17 Kenneth Kalunga 18 Samson Banda (GK)

Zimbabwe U20 XI:
16 Chadya Nelson (GK) 3 Angel Dexter Mawere 4 Bukosi Ncube 6 Kapuya Last 7 Leanmore Muyambo 8 Blessing Sibanda 10 Bukhosi Sibanda 11 Amos Ncube 13 Dube Prince 14 King Nasama 15 Phiri Derwin

1 Kelvin Shangiwa (GK) 2 Simbarashe Chimanikire 5 Fredrick Dzeka 9 Bright Majamanda 17 Thomas Kadyaridzire 18 Nqobile Ndlovu 19 Jerry Chipangura 20 Clive Rupiya




11′ Zimbabwe enjoying the larger share of the possession in these opening exchanges.

Still Zimbabwe 0 – 0 Zambia

17′ It is still an evenly matched affair. Referee turns down calls for a penalty for challenge inside the box on Edward Chilufya.

Zimbabwe 0-0 Zambia

19′ Good moment of pressure from Zambia who have won two successive corners

Zimbabwe 0 -0 Zambia

20′ Fashion Sakala forces a save out of Nelson Chadya after a good solo run on the left wing.

Zimbabwe 0-0 Zambia

40′ GOAL FOR ZAMBIA. Patson Daka is the scorer.

Zimbabwe 0-1 Zambia

43′ GOAL FOR ZAMBIA. Edward Chilufya is the scorer.
Zimbabwe 0-2 Zambia

HALF TIME : Zimbabwe 0-2 Zambia (Patson Daka 40′, Edward Chilufya 43′)

30 Comments to Cosafa U20: Zambia 5 – 1 Zimbabwe (As it happened)

  1. ZamFoot says:

    COSAFA U20 – 40′ GOAL FOR ZAMBIA. Patson Daka is the scorer.
    Zimbabwe 0-1 Zambia

  2. ZamFoot says:

    43′ GOAL FOR ZAMBIA. Edward Chilufya is the scorer.
    Zimbabwe 0-2 Zambia

  3. ZamFoot says:

    Zimbabwe 0 – 2 Zambia (Patson Daka 40′, Edward Chilufya 43′)

  4. Egwugwu says:

    Good for daka though ba Tc soccerman insulted the boy in the previous article.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      What insult I lashed out on the boy? Name one. You clowns never cease to amaze me, only if you could ready through the whole comment then you would understand what I was saying. Where you not the same fools that were saying Mukuka Mulenga is Deco in making? A lot of kids have been misguided by a lot of lunatics like the ones I see on this site before. Think of Emmanuel Zulu, “He is going to be better that great Kalu” Blah blah blah, I have heard enough of that nonsense, so save it to yourselves. Let me rephrase that comment in the other thread,I still do not think Patson will be at the level of Ucar, let alone Malaza, instead of worshiping the kid, help him archive greater heights by instilling disciplines that would lead him to aim higher. Until then let me also criticize when I feel its appropriate. Have an issue with it? too bad. Deal with it.

  5. Egwugwu says:

    Zamfoot are these games live on any channel.

  6. chris busy says:

    this young lads they need to be developed very well so as zambia can regain its best

  7. Enock Simukonde says:

    Whats the status now? Second half underway?

  8. ZamFoot says:

    Zimbabwe 0 – 3 Zambia
    Chrispin Sakulanda scores on 60 minutes


    Zimbabwe 0 – Zambia 4, Goal Scorer Fashion Sakala

  10. 90minutes says:

    live on Botswana free to air TV

  11. ZamFoot says:

    Zimbabwe 1 – 4 Zambia
    Fashion Sakala scores the fourth but Zim score a face saver from the spot

  12. ZamFoot says:

    FULLTIME: Zimbabwe 1-5 Zambia (Bukhosi Sibanda 87′ pen | Daka 40′, Chilufya 43, Sakulanda 60′, F. Sakala 82′, Moses Nyondo 90′)

  13. Egwugwu says:

    Tc soccerman ,am one of those people who critised lwandamina’s decision to include daka in the national team ,as I saw no football in him.even today if I was a coach for Zambia the boy could not make a cut .But am concerned about your rantings on the boy ,that was too much ulimukulu sana iwe.let me warn you if you are not happy with Danny kabwes opinion know how to deal eith it rather calling all of us names. Twalakutuka insele isha chomba.

  14. Well done boys that’s the spirit congratulation

  15. Egwukwu I gree with you Danny kabwa was just expressing his opinion on the boy infact its one way of encouraging the boy to work hard. if will begin to bring them down im afraid our boys will lose interest in playing football like I said, patson daka continue working hard don’t mind these arm chair critics who like insulting other people

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      You guys are quick to accuse me of insulting the youngman, I asked Egwegwe and you now. What insult did I throw on Patson? Name just One. You can’t come up with any. Saying a kid would grow a big heard if someone is singing tunes of comparing him to Ucar or Malaza is no means an insults in my books, apparently it is an insult to you softies. Criticizing(constructively like I always do) can lead these young players to work even harder than settle for less, but I won’t even try to convince you otherwise as you have a different mindset of looking at things. More power to you and your likes.

  16. From today I have decread myself the voice for the voiceless I will be attacking whoever insults patson daka,kalusha bwalya Richard kazala and chris katongo so people like TC soccerman and the company I will be watching you

  17. Anonymous says:

    The undefeated Guru Lol,, Gazala anaba kikikikik. How has been your 2016 blogers . Zamfoot start preparing for some highlights before the year end. The sons outside Zambia now that we have dual citizenship . Good night.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Yay! “The sons outside Zambia now that we have dual citizenship” best thing ever done since slice bread. As for Kazala and Kalu, Niba kawalala abo chabe.

  18. Naked goal says:

    @ Soccerman, I couldn’t agree with you more than that. In Zambia we are too quick to praise even when there is nothing to praise. The likes of Bornwell mwape, Mukuka mulenga, Sate Sate and others were praised too much. But these guys have failed terribly.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      That’s right @Naked, I for one believe in tough love. If I were Danny Kabwe I would be advising these young players to be networking with players that have reached greater heights. Its no shame to network with the likes of Eto, Drogba, even the young West African players like Kelechi, Iwobi. The tools are out there(social media) Let these young lads like Patson etc connect with these established players from the West and it could be something as easy as asking them what it takes to archive those heights they have have reached themselves or just looking for connections out there, not this nonsense of comparing the likes of Ucar or Malaza thereby making these young men settle when they have not done a thing just yet. Make no mistake, we all want these young men to be good players, in Patson’s case, I want him to be deadly in front of the goal, I want him to terrorize the defense at will and that will come at a cost of being criticized when we don’t see that in him. We demand that he not listen to these lame praises as he is not yet there.

  19. 1king jazzi says:

    Congratulations guys.go!go!go!

  20. Praise when
    Never. Played.soccer. b4

  21. Metro says:

    Kwese sports and BTV live coverage though BTV depends with which match and what time the game is playing

  22. critics shall never end for as long as someone or a team is not living up to it’s expectations and praises will always be there if there is good results.
    daka patson is not yet national material.
    congratulations to the boys.

  23. kuku says:

    Pati and all the young boys should try not to drink or smoke but to take care of themselves like they say about the South Americans. Football is such a well paying career when you go to play at the top. Its good King Kalu gave him the first advice and i trust he will try to live with that. We can add and they will appreciate…

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