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Cosafa U20: Boyd, Fashion fire Zambia into final

COSAFA U20 – FULLTIME : Zambia 2-1 Congo DR ( Fashion Sakala 36′, Boyd Musonda 77’| Chadrack Lukombe 41′)

The Zambia U20 national team has qualified to the finals of the regional U20 Cosafa tournament after beating Congo DR 2 – 1 in a hard fought contest.

Tournament top scorer Fashion Sakala opened the scores for Zambia in the 36th minute but the Congolese hit back five minutes làter.

Boyd Musonda put the Beston Chambeshi coached side ahead in the 77th minute and they held on to the end to set up a final with either South Africa or Angola who play later.

The final will be played on Friday.

41 Comments to Cosafa U20: Boyd, Fashion fire Zambia into final

  1. sly says:

    This time is for real. The real Champs are back at it again.

  2. congrats junior chipolopolo, lets bring this cup home. Doctor congo was not easy to beat, i believe angola or south africa wil be hit by copper bullet.

  3. Vinkubala says:

    The Mother Zambia I know

  4. yazzy says:

    congratulations guyz and continue the same spirit

  5. chris busy says:

    who else can do it apart frm chipolopolo bullets, this is the bgining of the new chipos for the future

  6. Naked goal says:

    This was a good test for Zambia, I respect Congo. We are likely to meet South Africa in the finals.

  7. chris busy says:

    am totally proud of u young lads dats de spirit we want in our nation, i thank u once again

  8. chris busy says:

    4sure Naked goal congo is not a walk over team they re lik west african strong teams

  9. Tc Soccerman says:

    Hey Kalu cadres, if Kalu was president, is it safe to say you’d be wagging your tails on how great of a president he is at developing the game through u-20? I don’t see you fools talking good things about Kamanga building the team ground up. Wassup with that, you hypocrites. Anyways congrats to the youngmen, hopefully they continue to work hard as a team.

  10. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Young guys are doing it for mother _Zambia. Which channel can. we watch these games?

  11. Egwugwu says:

    Tc fimofimo l have warned you time and again but if you push us too much you regret.Kamanga is yet to achieve something to make fans happy not this cosafa thing but this is a good developmental team.let’s be objective here, No one bootlicks who as you put it, all we are doing is to provide checks and balanced.kamanga has a lot of work to do ,l watched this particular game in a club in lusaka and l can say only 3 percent of the people got glued to watch and you want to call people fools over this result.

  12. Egwugwu says:

    # respect soccer lovers blog stop bringing politics hear.

  13. Egwugwu says:

    # respect soccer lovers blog stop bringing politics here.

  14. SLIM says:

    Egwugwu…….. dont worry abt the 3 per cent of drunkards watching the game man! Its not a statistic worth refering to here!! Why??????! U just want to take the shine off the boys perfomance or what???? u r a damn wet blanket. Oh, maybe u need more interesting news to lift u up, that right; how Kalu fleeced ticket money for years and got away with it!

  15. Egwugwu says:

    Sta….nyoko with your kalu thingy.

  16. Kuku says:

    Congrats boys. Hope you lift the trophy…for Kamanga as well.

  17. the minnows says:

    I love this zambia team very very talented .wow who is thia fashion sinkala guy ,th guy is very good.

  18. SLIM says:

    @Egwugwu……….U need juicy scandals dont u???? How Kalu and Lwandamina ploted Zambias failure to progress to Afcon 2017…..they dropped deserving players Ziyo, Kapumbu, Fwayo, Kola, Chongo, Chaila….and opted for the chepeshis, Katemas, Luchangas of this world. For wat reason????? merely to discredit Kamanga. Go ahead, yeah, 97 per cent of that pub piss cats will push away their drinks amd mill around to listen to you. you will be popular, they will shower u with drinks!

  19. the minnows says:

    This fashion sinkala guy must move to europe

  20. Egwugwu says:

    Like I said l have no relation with kalu and the team, lam just a big chipolopolo fan who wants our game to improve.but if we criticise any wrong and then you refer to Kalus misdeeds am afraid you just have to declare your interest with the current FAZ executive. Kalu is no more just impress the fans with your own balls . Are they that small to make a difference?

  21. Egwugwu says:

    I think you ‘re suffering from AIDS.Let kamanga buy you ARVs to get back to your senses .Even when you fail to qualify to the world cup you still blame kalu and yet uletomba weka amaule.dull

  22. GSK11 says:

    Well done! well done! well done! Congo would have been tough… Keep up the good work guys we are really proud of you.!!!!
    GO FOR GOLD….!!!!

  23. Chibz says:

    My Appeal To Zamfoot Z Pliz Try Block Any Post Of Politics And Insults On Yo Blog Pliz, Its Jst Becoming Too Much Of Insults And Politics Insteady! Its Go Zambia Go.

  24. Naked goal says:

    It’s Zambia vs South Africa in the finals. South Africans sending very strong message to Zambians by hammering Angola mercilessly.

  25. Wow!wow!wow! Let me first congrate the boys for the job well done, but we need that cup.over to you kamanga cadres ever since your master was elected FAZ presdent what has he achieve so far?zambian has won the cosafa under20 so many times infact its not an achievement because we have won it many times

  26. sly says:

    Tc soccerman or whatever you are called……This is not about Kalusha or Kamanga. This tourney would still go on without the involvement of those two.Zambia has always dominated COSAFA U20 games. With such a history in black and white there is no way you can credit one of the two gentlemen while discrediting the other for the development of soccer at the U20 level. In short the focus of the fans here is celebrating the achievement by the Junior Chipolopolo AND NOT TO CRACK HEADS in a fruitless debate.

  27. S.N.M says:

    Bane, this thing of insulting one another in public, it makes wonder as where we r taking ths country. As mature pipo we need to choose wht to say in public. Coz of such kind of attitude, this is th reason why football in Zambia has Failed to develop. Even where we need to correct, we owez want to attack. If we want to see gud things in Zambia where football, politics r concerned lets wrk on our attitude. A bad mouth is there to destroy bt a mouth full of wise words is owez there to build. Check yoselves brothers.

  28. Wesu Nandibo says:

    I meant under 17 in Angola!


  30. PAPA GAME says:

    Congratulations boys but there is need for team coordination .

  31. Zamfoot where are my comments

  32. Ghost says:

    why r we tokn abt kamanga n kalu? Instead of focusing on football on the pitch dd kamanga or kalu score or play in yesterday’s match.. Find another platform called kamanga vs kalu where u cn debate mercilessly instead of wasting our precious time n data ala imwe..

  33. TC and slim these two guys should stop attacking kalu because kalu is no longer at football house they is kamanga there and some of us are here to provide checks and balance

  34. Egwugwu says:

    Exactly @guru no one cares about kalu or kamanga.ukokwine lfyabupuba

  35. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Kikikikikiki lolest, agony is when the junior Chipolopolo qualify to the finals. Only to check on Zamfoot and only to find some soccer lovers have entered into verbal war. Lets keep this team team together and allow it to graduate accordingly than rushing we might crush. Like what other bloggers who watch observed lack of coordination. Go young noble eagles, go chipolopolo in the making. Congrats!

  36. Wesu Nandibo says:

    ZAMFOOT why deleting my posts, when i haven’t even insulted anyone. Are you pro Kamanga. i wont stop saying that i am disappointed with his administration. There is no way you can dress the under 17 with Adidas jersey and Nike socks. That’s nonsense!

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