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Cosafa Cup: Zambia v Swaziland

Zambia today return to the Cosafa Castle Cup tournament with a quarter final match against Swaziland.

The Chipolopolo who were on by for the preliminary games of the tournament will have to hit the ground running against an opponent that has already played three games at the tournament.

Zambia lost to eventual winners Namibia at the same stage during the 2015 edition of the tournament.

George Lwandamina who led Zesco United to a 3 – 2 win on Saturday has joined the technical bench together with Zesco United star player Clatous Chama and is expected to name Danny Munyao in goal with Benedict Chepeshi and Boyd Mkandawire in full back positions.

Adrian Chama and Buchizya Mfune are expected to complete the back four.

Paul Katema, Salulani Phiri, Spencer Sautu, Steward Chikandiwa will battle for places in midfield while Festus Mbewe and Conlyde Luchanga.

Swaziland who are in great form booked their place in the last 8 after beating Madagascar 1 – 0 to top group A which also had Zimbabwe and Seychelles.

The game will be played at Namibia’s Indepence Stadium kicking off at 1600hrs.

59 Comments to Cosafa Cup: Zambia v Swaziland

  1. I only hope that players like patson daka boyd mkandiwer chepesh mfune will prove me wrong today. as much as I don’t like kamanga leadership I want zambia to win today

  2. STUMPY says:

    useless coach. is this the best local line up you can come up with?

  3. I hope patson daka boyd mkandiwer chepeshi will prove me wrong today as much as I don’t like kamanga but I want zambia to win today.they are reasons why I don’t like him ask me I will tell you

  4. el tageto says:

    do i like the squad?- NO.
    behind the team?- YES
    fancy a win for the boys ?- narrow victory,piping through

  5. Zambia is my country even if we have failures as our administrates I just have to support my country but I don’t entirely blame this kamanga guy i blame those who put him in office the councillors who did not use their head when voting.ask yourself this question how is the record of kamanga as an administration in zambian football is it good or bad?the problem with zambian they forget easily

  6. I wish zambians can reason using they heads not they heart because the heart can deceive you I wish my country well GO zambia GO you can beat swaziland

  7. gb says:

    Swaziland is in great form. I asked my Siwati friend why this is so. He says, there are 4 professional clubs now churning out good players. Watchful Zambia.

  8. Gasper Nsofwa says:

    The Squad is ok but the Coach also????? the Job is to big for him

  9. general says:

    kaaya lelo this is Zambia team c

  10. Fanatic says:

    Not inspiring

  11. Zala uwali pa Algiers says:

    This commentary is a joke

  12. Swaziland is dominating so far they nearly scored but the header went wide its zero zero so far

  13. general says:

    keep on updating I am not watching the game still in Church

  14. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Zambian coaches are failures just like the players they select. Players can’t even trap the ball.

  15. Southern says:

    Pliz we just need updates at da moment and nothing else coz da gam has ored started

  16. 90minutes says:

    that phiri from zanaco is the biggest plank on the field. I don’t know why he is still on the field

  17. Leon says:

    These players mapulanga zoona
    Paul katema is running like marathon
    No codination poor trapping
    We can’t even string three touches
    Kwena elyo tupwile zoona

  18. Swaziland had a goal disallowed for offside but it was a clear goal festus mbewe is having a good game so for but our mildfid lack creativity and the stadium is empty

  19. Leon says:

    This saluleni phiri is a chicken

  20. Leon says:

    This is poor if you are not watching don’t even think that you are missing a game nothing to write about
    There’s creativity it’s chipantepante fye ati Charles zulu, ba luchanga

  21. Leon says:

    It’s HT now kulifye ukukwalakwala kuno

  22. Leon says:

    SWAZI 0:0 ZAM HT

  23. Its half time the score remain zero zero it can go either way let’s wait and see what will happen in the second half

  24. Leon says:

    Second H underway

  25. The second half is underwere the game look 50 50 affair

  26. Festus mbewe is the best player so far for zambia it still zero zero its in the 63rd minute

  27. amk says:

    still nil nil and. boring

  28. amk says:

    elotupwile sure !

  29. Patson daka has been introduced for conlyde lunchanga its second substitute the first one was chikandiwe for spence saute. Its zero zero zambia is under pressure its in the 72 minute

  30. They is no creativity on the zambian midfild our striking force is not doing its job properly its still zero zero in 82 minute played so far

  31. 3 minutes added still zero zero our defence look is solid our midfild and striking force is useless

  32. amk says:

    full time nil nil

  33. Its has ended zero zero the game is headed for penalties

  34. Leon says:

    Useless players
    Coaches clueless
    Into penalties now

  35. Leon says:

    Chipolopolo are out of this cosafa

  36. amk says:

    Zambia out beaten on penalties

  37. Leon says:

    Losing to the swazi 4:2 on penalties

  38. Zambia has lost on penalties to swaziland 4goals to 2 to bad

  39. Leon says:

    Kwena ehhhhh

  40. Naked facts says:

    It was a known fact

  41. No wise men from chipata says:

    Disband the team hire a coach on a long term plan and start to rebuild

  42. Chipolopolo winless streak under kamanga has continue.the problem is poor team selection we left our best players in the league and decided to go with useless prayers

  43. Concerned Citizen says:

    What do those Renard & Kalusha detractors have to say now?

  44. stevo says:

    Good so we wake up from dreaming with lwandanina world cup qualifiers on the corner.the game zesco won its only player commitment coz of euro not tactics by Geroge

  45. Juanmwitwa says:

    How did we become this hopeless?? Kwena ekupwa uku

  46. muchofe says:

    its true that our football died when the economy died. Kalu struggled with his appointees in the post- Renard era but Kamanga inherited a problem in addition to a suspension that ‘some’ officials working against him.

  47. stevo says:

    Patrick phiri is the man for the job

  48. gb says:

    Lwandamina is hopeless. He should have remained behind to concentrate on Zesco’ s next assignment. And he could have saved his face by failing to qualify Zambia to Afcon and semis of the cosafa.Am sure those players are imposed on him. Any coach would face the same problem if they are not given the freedom to choose players. Players also should die a little in their national jersey. Going forward the FAZ technical team should sit down with the coach, fire the entire team and select deserving players. Chisamba Lungu has been vindicated.

  49. muchofe says:

    its true that our football died when the economy died. Kalu struggled with his appointees in the post- Renard era but Kamanga inherited a problem in addition to a suspension that ‘some’ officials working against him…

  50. Leon says:

    Yes kalu was a bad administrator but we were winning this kamanga has brought nothing but stress he can’t inspire even players to play for him…anyway this was expected the whole faz is on honeymoon

  51. stevo says:

    We shud protest on lwandamina still being at helm despite loses

  52. sly says:

    Does the FAZ president care about what Zambia is amassing in sub regional , regional ,continental and world football. Zambians are clouded by removing Kalusha from their football circles and they forgot the formula for getting results in football. Where was Kananga when Zambia trotted onto the football park? Is that the support your players need. Cast your vote wisely. Players could have advised you wisely on who to vote. Even if they would not voted for Kananga’s predecessor I guess they would have advised you not to bring him (Kamanga) near them. Shame on you. You will reap what you sow.

  53. Evans Phiri says:

    Y Traveling Without Katongo,chansa,jo Musonda C Munthali H Himoonde,Luka Lungu Broson Chama,kondwani Mtonga.These Players Have Xperience And Are Having Good Game Time At Thier Clubs.Do The Coach Pick Player On Faces/merit.The Admin Should Go Back To The Drawing Board And Start Are Fresh

  54. juma says:

    Problem kamanga didn’t prepare himself with his team what to do in an invent they won the election.its now when he’s trying to find the winning formular.that shows how dull he is.let him not talk about kalu.the ball is in his hands.afcon out and now its cosafa.wow.failure at kabwe warriors,failure at power, now at FAZ.concillors u are also to blame,ama experiments,maybe muunadyamo.

  55. general says:

    its poor player selection and bad technical bench. that team they chose was Zambia c. lwandamina must go at all cost.

  56. Don says:

    Kapolopolo at it again…I pity the drawing board!

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