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Cosafa Cup: Zambia v Lesotho

Zambia play Lesotho in the Plate semi-final of the Cosafa Castle Cup competition after being eliminated from the tournament by Swaziland.

The Chipolopolo have made two changes to the starting XI wich has seen Zanaco goalie Racha Kola start ahead of Danny Munyao while Nkana’s Jacob Ngulube comes in for Steward Chikandiwa.

The game kicksoff at 1800hrs.

Racha Kola – Donashano Malama, The gameEmmanuel Museka, Adrian Chama, Buchizya Mfune – Paul Katema, Spencer Sautu, Charles Zulu, Jacob Ngulube, Patson Daka, Festus Mbewe

33 Comments to Cosafa Cup: Zambia v Lesotho

  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    Lesotho better kick this pathetic team out. Team with no strikers, no coach. Useless players that are not supposed to be playing Zambia. Simply useless.

    • Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

      You are right mwee this team has become so useless no need of even following it. How can FAZ allow chicken to even go near this pathetic team

  2. Scotch says:

    Paul Katema is a useless player

  3. sly says:

    I think these guys priority was to give Zambian players practise match as opposed to winning games.I am now resorting to folding my pretty arms and watching.

  4. general says:

    updating basa we

  5. j boy says:

    we ar tired wth Zambia.vry disptin mwandi.i lyk fotobal nw naleka dz chicken z baggd.ok we hav prayrz wh cn pray futbal lyl walter b,mutali c.j musonda.i chansa and taonga b.nt dz fulish.

  6. abram says:

    all the best to lesotho

  7. sly says:

    Zam 1 – 0 Led, Paul Katema.

  8. sly says:

    Sorry, meant to say Les not Led

  9. general says:

    any update guys

  10. general says:

    Zambia 1 Lesotho 0

  11. Zambia 1-0 lesotho paul katema

  12. abram says:

    i wish this pathetic team to loose all games. Useless Kamanga he came to destroy our football.

  13. stivo says:

    Sly you are right am ready to join you in folding my precious hands and see what will come out of Lwandamina and his players patson daka and festus are not strikers pathetic indeed. The team is useless

  14. sly says:

    Guys PK is not useless. In fact he is the most promising player. This boy is pretty young. In three or four years time he will be imposing in midfield. Consider his height, speed and level of his game.

  15. sly says:

    Zambia’s serious weakness over the years has beennthe man between the sticks.

  16. general says:

    useless goal keeping by Racha Kola.

  17. stivo says:

    Update us guys is it still 1-1

  18. general says:

    Zam 3 Leso 2 full time

  19. stivo says:

    Dying for a plate now and not a cup.

  20. pakalitente says:

    Were z zanaco`s rodrick kabwe fackson kapumbu ziyo tembo na jah man wa ba kabwe warrios

  21. chocho says:

    Zambia 3 Lesotho 2
    Katema, Sautu and C. Zulu Full time

  22. TC soccerman says:

    Useless Zambia 3-2 win against a minnow Lesotho. Allowing useless Lesotho to score 2 goals is as good as a loss. This team is pathetic.

  23. Rodrick is a complete player he doesnt need to be assesd by playing COSAFA.

  24. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Who scored for the disgracing team? Disband this good for nothing team

  25. gb says:

    I have been watching the match between Zambia and Lesotho. Commentators spoke highly of Fetus Mbewe’s technique. Charles Zulu was full of running and scored the third goal after Katema and sautu’s goals. I think coach chiyangi has done well considering that it was not his selection and inadequate time spent with the team. With time, full-time coach,and with good selection of players , Lesotho could not have toyed with us in the manner they did. To all those giving up in Zambia, I can tell you, not to lose hope there is something to come up in Zambian football.

  26. sly says:

    My plea to Zambia is that you must calm down in this difficult time. I guess that time again. It that time when what you achieve does not matters the most, instead ,the most important thing is to overcome.

  27. sly says:

    @ gb.It is real my brother. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I was doing my analysis and my conclusion is that Zambia did not come here for instant results. In fact getting such would have been a bonus. The background on which this team was selected is purely the results Zambia had just gotten in the AFCON qualifiers plus players who were responsible for it.

    A closer look at the Chipolopolo that played the AFCON qualifiers suggests that the Zambian team is aging.Katongo,Mbesuma etc are definitely in the afternoon of their careers. Replacement and building a pool of such personnel has become the primary focus hence the Zambia COSAFA team’s midfield was so youthful.
    Chiyangi is not short of intelligence. How he has placed the youngsters in the team makes them to fit well: 1. The midfield was made of all youngsters, naturally if they find themselves on their own one or two will definitely assign themselves to take up the import roles played by midfielders ( playmaker,doing the donkey and dirty work etc).That is development and it is a positive to the main team and Zambia as they will add to the Roderick’s and what have you.
    2. The youngsters in midfield were made to play with a striker whose prowess is in involving the midfieders more often especially by creating chances for them go for broke(shooting). Shooting and long range shooting by midfielders has been Zambia’s problem over the years. Their goals seldom come from midfilders in that fashion. However, in today’s game two of the three goal were orchestrated from and by a heavily involved midfield. Thanks to the deliberate plan by the coaches. This is the positive side of the game that was played by Zambia today.

  28. Raphaeljames Mutibo says:

    Iam RaphaelJames Mutibo frm kenya,better chipolopolo than harambe stars of kenya

    • CRESPO says:

      Mutibo we are all the same my brother,chipolopolo is now one of the weakest team in southern Africa.if coaches continue selecting non performing boys leaving good players we’ll be crying every time.a neutral coach is needed,one who will be able to pick players according to their performance not that Chicken we have.

  29. Zacheus says:

    The only comment I can give is that Players have no self confidnet you are trusted by your Coach and you disappoint him by your fake performance so pull up your socks that one day you will be pushed out work Hard for your own success

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