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Cosafa Cup: Zambia to play Namibia in Plate final

The Zambia national has booked a spot in the final of the 2016 Cosafa Cup Plate competition after beating Lesotho 3 – 2 to set up a meeting with hosts Namibia.

Zambia booked their place in the Plate Final with a thrilling come-from-behind 3-2 victory over Lesotho.

The Zambians were ahead on 14 minutes as Paul Ketema headed home a corner, but Lesotho equalised on the stroke of halftime through a magnificent free-kick from Phafa Tsosane.

And it looked as though Lesotho had turned the game in their favour when captain Basia Makepe put them 2-1 in front with a header on 54 minutes.

But Zambia continued to pour forward in waves and the pressure finally took its toll.

First Spencer Sautu blasted the ball into the back of the net from just outside the penalty area for another stunning goal, before Charles Zulu had Chipolopolo in front with a wonderful finish after he collected a long ball from Ketema and provided a neat finish.

Namibia brushed aside 10-man Mozambique 3-0 in their semifinal, after Zambia had edged Lesotho 3-2 in one of the games of the tournament so far.

They will now clash in Friday’s final for the Plate trophy, which would provide some consolation for unexpected quarterfinal exits in the Cup competition.

Mozambique captain Apson Manjate, otherwise known as Sonito, was sent off after just two minutes and seven seconds of the game after he pushed at the neck of Denzil Haoseb having been unhappy at a challenge from the Namibian defender.

Referee Simanga Nhleko of Swaziland consulted with his assistants and decided to issue the red card.

What followed was a virtual siege of the Mozambique goal by the hosts in the first half as they pushed for an opener, but a mix of rushed final balls and poor finishing meant the teams went into the break with the score at 0-0.

The breakthrough for Namibia did come five minutes into the second period as Deon Hotto found space on the left-hand side of the box and his low cross was turned home by Itamunua Keimuine.

Namibia continued to pour forward and it was 2-0 when Hotto got behind the Mozambique defenders and used his pace to steam forward and crash the ball past Nelson Logomale in the Mozambique goal.

The Mambas were run ragged by now and it was no surprise when substitute Hendrick Somaeb provided a third for Namibia as he ghosted between two defenders and slotted the ball in the back of the net.

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23 Comments to Cosafa Cup: Zambia to play Namibia in Plate final

  1. Soccer Lover@ Z says:

    Following the commentaries,it appears Lesotho fielded an under 20 squad against a senior chipolopolo team. Commentators were full of praise for the young Lesotho team inspite losing to mighty chipolopolo. Is there anything we could have learnt from the strategy of exposing young players to such levels of competition? its not too late as we still have one more match against Namibia. Potentially the best result we can get is 5th position..that still is below our standard thats why the objective now should change since we were eliminated in the real competition. We should feature under 20 or even under 17 players so that our relatively younger lads get that chance of exposure. Players such as Munyau,Katema,Sautu,Mbewe,Chama,Mfune,Zulu, Salulani should not be featured ( They have been exposed at a higher level before)During the last Cosafa edition, a guest team-Ghana did the same by fielding a team with young players.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      That was not the U20 side, it was their senior side though I agree with you we should look at fielding more youngsters ourselves.

  2. TC soccerman says:

    Useless toilet final played by Zambia grandparents team. We should have maybe send the under 17 team just to expose them.

  3. sly says:

    @ Soccer Lover @Z, Commentator s can be misleading. Lesotho did not field an U20 side. Their coach was once the mentor of their U20 team. Some of the players in his Cosafa contingent were developed by him and that does not imply that they are U20.

  4. sly says:

    Soccer Lover@Z, can you google search ‘Lesotho squad for cosafa 2016’ to get first hand info on the Likwena team.

  5. Soccer Lover@ Z says:

    Thanks brother Sly for the guidance.I could have been misled by commentaries.However what do you think about the suggestion of exposing our relatively younger players at such level of competition given that there is nothing more for us to prove ( The best result of the remaining fixture is a 5th position) can we take advantage of such a stage to continue improving our upcoming players who are domiciled at under 20 or even under 17. I await your kind view on this.

  6. I think Charles Zulu, Paul katema, luchanga n Patson daka are considered as under 20s.

  7. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Playing youngsters seems the way to go for exposure but I’m not sure if COSAFA provides the perfect stage for this. Angola sent a very young squad fielding the youngest player of the tournament a 17 year old. The result was that they played one game and went home. I don’t think one game gives the necessary exposure required for young players. If at least there was a group stage that allows for a team to come back and play additional games it would help in development of youngsters and they go home after just one game what’s the point! its a catch 22 when it comes to fielding a team of only youngsters at COSAFA.

  8. I believe COSAFA has programmes for the regioal under 17, 20 n senior teams. later in December there is the u20 competitions. however a strategy should be developed by our FA to priotise during the senior challenge where we mix the u18 n u 20 with the seniors tbay really need exposure. n am sure thats exactly what happened the inclusion of the katemas n C Zulu, P Daka n Luchanga is testimon to that fact. the back line was mostlu comprised of posible replacements to tbe aging senior team though.. its a pity youngsters like Luchanga n P Daka are noy improving. a well structured league should ve a B side team wherw their out of form players are shaping up. Now look at our league the much hated P Daka will only train n sit on bench week in week out. We are not pushing tge lad to improve no He was much better at Rangers tgan at power. the earlier hes help to find a team at which he will ve game time than sitting at bench lowering his moral . let him try Blackpool in Mufulila. their managers should think fast…

  9. sorry maningi zambians kuwayawaya fye too much imiti

  10. soccer fan says:

    Go Namibia Go. Tafyumfwa fi Zambia Kubupuba. Wallop them. I feel sad for Lesotho. Congrats Swaziland. Twalinaka uku. Apo lumba ifimakula. Apo twatampila ukupela ama advise twanaka

  11. paradox says:

    kalusha bwalya’s bakandile have really made things big on zamfoot, they r forgetting that zambia started doin badly under kalusha. bakandile ie bootlickers kalu worshipers, good for nothing soccer fans. am back on zamfoot i will deal with u bakandile jst like i dealt with the wailing wailers.

    • Bolapazed says:

      Takuli naiwe paradox. Kuwawafye ba Kamanga benu. Africa cup qualifiers Kalu’s played two games and collected 4 points, in comes Mr Loud mouth, 3 games two points. When you criticize your opponent and you are given the space to prove them wrong, do just that. Don’t start finding excuses. They said things would be better and is this better? Unless you are blind.

  12. These guyz needed to play sam friendlies b4 going into the tournament tht is why even the host did nt do well, failing to prepare is preparing to fail,hope ths is the turning point of our game.

  13. Zambian Buffalo says:

    @ Paradox welcome back.

  14. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Even if they won they r still a useless team. They matched their opponents in description….MINNOWS.

  15. Leon says:

    So iwe paradox you think it’s us or kamanga who has a problem?
    Welcome bwana call us wailers or mailoni brothers fact is we wanted change but not kamanga
    If kamanga inherited problems from kalu why is he not solving them?
    Yes kalu brought inkoko but AK should have dealt with chicken
    The moment he took over
    But hey we all know AKs profile of kabwe warriors and power dynamos speaks volumes awaiting for AK to prove me wrong so far kuwayawaya fye

  16. sly says:

    @ Soccer LoverZ. The idea of exposing young players at this tourney is noble.Zambia has not taken full advantage of that opportunity. Instead of doing it as another option following elimination Zambia could have gone for an all young side considering the massive talent your country has at junior teams. What your players lack they can acquire it through game time. Currently many of your player have lesser experience because of little exposure….but make no mistake by thinking there is lesser talent in Zambia.

  17. sly says:

    Hey Team Chipolopolo.. Are you watching us( The Zebras)? They can call us the ‘whipping boys’ or anything but guess what one day we will overcome.

  18. chocho says:


    SWAZILAND 0(4) ZAMBIA 0(2)


  19. general says:

    what time will be the game

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