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Cosafa Cup: Zambia, Namibia lock horns in Plate final


The Zambia national team today play hosts Namibia in the finals of the Cosafa Castle Cup Plate tournament after both teams were eliminated from the main tournament at the semi final stage.

Zambia who have had a dip in form were sent out of the tournament by Swaziland after losing 4 – 2 on penalties while Namibia were eliminated by Botswana on penalties as well.

Zambia however recovered on Tuesday when they beat Lesotho 3 – 2 with goals from Paul Katema, Spencer Sautu and Charles Zulu and they will be hoping to build on that victory to salvage some pride after falling below expectation.

Namibia on the other hand beat Mozambique 3 – 0 on Tuesday and will not want to disappoint the home fans who had expected the reigning champions to retain the trophy at home.

The two teams met in the same competition last year and the Namibians emerged victors to eliminate Zambia at the quarter final stage.

The Chipolopolo went on to lose in the finals of the Plate competition when they were beaten by Malawi.

This will be the fourth time the two teams are meeting since the beginning of 2015 with Namibia having two of the previous games despite one coming via a penalty shootout in the Cosafa quarter final of 2015.

The Namibians will fancy their chances against the Chipolopolo who are at an almost all time low having only won one game against Lesotho in 9 outings in all competitions.

The game kicks off at 1800hrs and will be played at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.


19 Comments to Cosafa Cup: Zambia, Namibia lock horns in Plate final

  1. Bolapazed says:

    Ati both teams lost at the semifinal stage – Lol. Even trying to smoothen the bump ba Zamfoot. You have forgotten already that both were eliminated at the quarterfinal stage. Namibia eliminated by Botswana who went on to lose to DRC.
    Anyway, we are now fit for plate finals and still get hammered.Next folks and spoons kikikikikiki.

  2. Bolapazed says:

    I don’t know when Mulongoti became a spokesperson for Kamanga and also a football analyst. Fact is this administration is still struggling to impose themselves because they acted holier than thou and made the gullible believe it’s very easy. Easy does it didn’t work at Power and Warriors and it will not work at FAZ.

    Produce results that is what is needed. Today you and your supporters want to hide behind Lwandamina. Kalu’s FAZ had Lwandamina play 2 games and collected 4 points. Afterwards we have 3 games 2 points. If they didn’t want Lwandamina they had two months to change to another coach. Don’t insult him after he has worked for you. Zesco were right, with him around they upset Al Ali. With Lwandamina absent at COSAFA, were are playing in the plates, spoons, knives finals.

    • Amos Mumba says:

      You are right.How do you chuck out a person with so much insight in world football and strong leadership credentials for a proven failed football administrator and you expect positive results. Counselors are now regretting and are busy getting signatures for an impeachment!

  3. Positive Thinking says:


  4. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    So Zambia is in the plate final….no news here.#gonnaLeaveItRiteHereQuick.

  5. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Useless team

  6. Adebayo says:

    may be ba nchanga mwati ni ba zambia

  7. Adebayo says:

    at ba trainer may be ba mulongoti can win us trouphies

  8. general says:

    wat time is the game plz?

  9. Ma plates,spoons and knives mpaka pa last tukalala insala.am nt even expecting us to win the plate mayb a spoon.

  10. Chu says:

    Group E

    Group D
    Burkina Faso
    South Africa
    Cape Verde

    Group C
    Cote d’Ivoire

    Group B

    Group A
    DR Congo

  11. jay says:

    naibipa Zambia draws Nigeria,Cameroun and Algeria

  12. Samaita says:


  13. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Zambia has lost to Namibia again

  14. Issaka Ali says:

    Zambia can still make it out of the group of death if they focused well

  15. sly says:

    Again …..Why? Postmortem of the Zambian game is needed. Call all the pundits to that meeting. Don’t forget Kalusha. He is so important to Zambian soccer.Moba can host this.

  16. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Good draw its either we get a serious coach and assemble a proper team or we finish the process of disgrace which is no afcon,no cosafa and no world cup. #ThanxFifa

  17. chocho says:

    Zambia has lost even the plate. Can we try the spoon?

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