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Cosafa Cup: Swaziland set-up quarter final date with Chipolopolo

Zambia will play Swaziland in the quarter finals of the 2016 Cosafa Castle Cup on Sunday.

Swaziland booked their place in the last eight with a 1 – 0 victory over Madagascar.

Felix Badenhorst scored the all important goal of the match for Swaziland edge Zimbabwe who needed to beat Seychelles 5 – 0 and have the result between Swaziland and Madagascar go against Swaziland.

But despite overwhelming Seychelles 5 – 0, the scoreline they needed, they still dropped out.

Group B will be decided on Thursday with South Africa waiting in the quarter-finals.

Lesotho and Malawi face a straight winner-takes all scenario, though a draw would be enough to see Lesotho advance on goal-difference.

The other game has Lesotho and Malawi, both do not have a chance to qualify.

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15 Comments to Cosafa Cup: Swaziland set-up quarter final date with Chipolopolo

  1. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    A tournament for losers….Euro 2016 efintu. Rather watch professionals than strain my eyes on amatures.

  2. Naked facts says:

    We will be beaten by Swaziland come Sunday

  3. Prince says:

    Hope we get our house in order before the game..

  4. sly says:

    Well, the game Sunday game can go either way.However, it would not auger well for Zambia should they lose it.This is so because the technical bench would have not done enough to pick a strong enough developmental side despite having had the opportunity to study the opponents in their three game of the group stage. I personally appreciate and respect the selection exercise of players to the national team by the coaches but I am equally confused by the fact that many young and promising players have been left out.

  5. general says:

    we stand no chance against Swaziland. they have assembled a very strong side not wat we did our selves. it will be double loss

  6. NAZO says:

    I was one of the people who respected Lwandamina very much but now i have considered him as ichisoso because of poor team selection.Honestly, he should have given room for Katema,M’kandawire and chepeshi for improvement and how do you leave out Fwayo Tembo,Welter Bwalya, Fashion Sakala, Seith Sakala, Fackson Kapumbu, Julius Situmbeko,Lawrence Chungu, Rodrick Kabwe and many guy who are fine in the league.Lwandamina should’t think that he he is doing fine at Zesco,no one can fail to coach Zesco even simonda kaunda can manage.

  7. black mo says:

    We are already out of cosafa too
    Come sunday.

  8. abram says:

    it wil be a win for swaziland.

  9. abram says:

    swaziland hav improv & they hv a strong team. you cant compare to our weak team, even on 2017 Afcon qualifiers they just need 3 points to qualify

  10. chocho says:


  11. DONALD TRUMP says:

    Walter is Zambian though his English is too congolese. I am just watching euro not Patson who doesn’t play at power. Where is muntali, who hasn’t watched Marcel kalonda from warriors,but you go with a back line of mfune and Chama. Festus liplanga and you expect goals in cosafa.

  12. Pungwa says:

    Kalu Showers Kamanga With Insults, “It Tragic; Our Relationship Is Bad”

    | 4

    KamangaFormer FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya allegedly called his successor Andrew Kamanga on Sunday to shower him with insults.

    Kamanga revealed on Wednesday night the duo’s relationship had soured. The revelation was made at the Newsmakers Forum organised by The Post Newspaper in conjuction with Joy FM held at Lusaka’s Southern Sun Hotel.

    Kamanga was accompanied to the event by committee members Lee Kawanu, Dr Jospeh Mulenga, Blackwell Siwale and general secretary Ponga Liwewe.

    The Lusaka businessman, who defeated Kalusha at the March 19, 2016 election to take over the FAZ reins, said he received a phone from his predecessor loaded with invectives.

    During the question and answer session, Kamanga was asked about his relationship with Kalusha which he said was currently “very bad” following a phone call he received from the former.

    Kamanga says he had a phone conversation with a social media agent suspected to be sponsored by the old order and has been set on him with personal attacks churned through social media.

    He says shortly after a conversation with the said agent, he was a recipient of a phone call from Kalusha which was loaded with unpleasantries. Kamanga did not delve into details saying he passed on the matter to his legal team who are currently studying events.

    “If you asked me I would say the relationship is very bad,” he said. “It’s tragic. The first time I spoke to him after the FAZ election was on Sunday. He was full of insults.”

    Meanwhile, Kamanga says Zambia will have an expatriate coach before the World Cup qualifiers commence in.

    “We hope by the time we get to World Cup qualifiers that issue will be out of the way,” he said.

    Kamanga also explained that the choice facing FAZ members on the FIFA directive to reduce voting members to about 100 was between suspension and complying.

    He said the final deadline of up to September would result into a ban if not met by FAZ.

    Kamanga expressed shock that despite the FIFA directive having been on the table for a long time there were people from the old order who were going round with a petition saying if FAZ implements the FIFA executive they will be impeached.

    “There is a petition going round where they are saying the previous executive tried very hard to stop the FIFA directive from being implemented. That’s not true. It does not matter who was going to be at FAZ today, the FIFA directive has to be implemented. It is either we comply or face suspension,” he said.

    “We had a FIFA representative who has been here three or four times and has told us that how do you even have a meeting with that number of 350 plus,” he said. “For current FAZ members they will not lose anything. They will still be entitled to the FIFA fund.”

    Meanwhile, FAZ committee member Dr Mulenga was put on the spot over his promise to resign if Andrew Kamanga won the FAZ elections during the race for the top job at Football House.

    A member of the audience Gideon Kaumba caused a bit of a shakeup at the high table where Kamanga was joined by committee members Kawanu, Siwale, Dr Mulenga and Liwewe when he asked why Dr Mulenga had not honoured his pledge to resign if Kamanga won.

    Dr Mulenga admitted that he made the statement in the heat of an election but pledged to support Kamanga wholeheartedly

  13. RICHMONDS says:

    Cosafa is useless that’s. Why zambia. Is not doing well

  14. portia says:

    Hooray Swaziland, u have made us proud. Come RSA u shall c we are waiting.

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