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Cosafa Cup: Chipolopolo end poor outing with loss to Namibia

The Zambia national team has been beaten 1 – 0 by Namibia in the Cosafa Cup Plate final.

The Chipolopolo who have continued with their poor run of form succumbed to the hosts who netted from the spot in the 20th minute through Ketjijere and they failed to recover from then on.

Zambia exit the tournament with very little to write home about after they only managed one win against Lesotho losing to Swaziland at the quarter final stage before today’s game.

This is the second successive year that the Chipolopolo have lost the Cosafa Plate tournament final after they were beaten by Malawi at the same stage in 2015.

22 Comments to Cosafa Cup: Chipolopolo end poor outing with loss to Namibia

  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    Useless pathetic Kamanga will finish off Zambia than see before. Who voted for this Clown kanshi? Maybe Corrupt Kalu was the better after all, save for his corruptions and dubious dealings and I hate to say that, but this clown is pulling us to the worse failures than ever see before.

    • Watch Over says:

      I pretend it’s not you whose sad that!lol

    • Amos Mumba says:

      I will also pretend its not you who said that. Kamanga was elected on the wave of false hood against Kalu. Kalu’s integrity has never been doubted by any well meaning body or persons around the world.Otherwise,such bodies like the UNITED NATIONS would not have found him useful because of their high integrity policies.They talked of corruption which has never been proved,in fact his administration was known to be on top of things when reports were filed at the Ministry and the Sports Council.They said he interfered with selections and yet the trend of the same players has continued,now where is the Kalu factor in selections here?In fact his views on football matters including technically is way above any experts on football in Zambia,no wonder he sits on the technical committee of FIFA that analyses major football tournaments around the world. What people dont understand is that his presence with the team was inspirational to the players,no wonder they formed a formidable technical brain with Herve Renard.HR used him greatly for advise.Now bring in Kamanga and you have a complete turnaround of what constitute a good football management team.Kalu was a transformational leader who never feared to make decision however unpopular as long as he believed he was doing the right thing.THe decision to bring in Renard was unpopular with the so called opposition like Kamanga and yet had a major effect on our lifting of the AFCON 2012.Kamanga did not have any plan for this office!6 months is long enough to establish some sort of sanity and yet things have gone from bad to worse.

      Despite all this bad start,we will still give him a benefit of doubt otherwise the daggers are readily drawn by Councillors for an impeachment. Remember Mr Kalunga!

  2. Anita says:

    Don’t blame Kamanga iwe cikala! Which coach and team is Kamanga responsible for!

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Don’t engage me with insults, atleast have the courtesy and respect to bring substance in debates or comments with some intelligence not stupidity in insults. This is the last warning I am going to give you.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      You are pathetic,ignorant and useless. How long has been FAZ president? There is no qualified coach with a contract yet and that is why there is no coach that he is responsible for, so shut your trap and let the adults discuss soccer with intelligence and not all this drive by soccer knowledge you are acquiring on google. A lot of us are not ignorant cadres like you, we want results now. Weather it would have been Kalu or Kamanga or anybody else, if there are not performing their duties as FAZ president, they would still hear it from sensible people like me, but idiots like that choose a person and start licking his butt, would do anything to ignore facts and that includes not seeing that Kamanga is not being effective to turn the fortunes of Zambia.

  3. Tc Soccerman says:

    Take a look at that player in picture. Lack of grassroot soccer foundations to teach players the basics is why you are seeing kungfu kicks. Wonder why we lose games when we can’t even control the balls? This is embarrassing, can someone fix this insanity? We losing to pathetic minnows. Nobody respects us anymore. Every team in our group has 6 points in the bag. Useless.

    • Zagwa says:

      And Kamanga should have done that in 2 months!!!!!!Get over it, Kalusha will not come back. if Kamanga fails, someone else will come. And what falsehood are you talking about???

  4. Luapula Fish says:

    Wow TC Soccerman is finally on our side . He has been an ardent supporter of Kamanga and he has also been a keen follower of chipololo. Life now seems really threatening to our soccer .

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      @Luapula Fish, you guys misunderstand me often, I don’t like/hate a person. I just like what they bring to the table and nothing wrong with that. So if Kamanga/Kalu were producing results that were moving Zambia forward, then I would be onboard. Its how progressive people operate and I usually see myself as one.

  5. Kamata says:

    Kamanga must resign before its too late! Useless.

  6. Leon says:

    Long overdue @ TC soccerman kamanga kuwayawaya fye
    We really needed not this pathetic players pathetic admin
    Even just trapping the ball abaiche nichipantepante fye
    I watched this game kuti walila the they were playing

  7. Seen from afar says:

    We are now truely Namibia’s customer.

    I hope Zambian football can be given direction again.

  8. paradox says:

    bakandile. always showing up wen zambia does badly, dats the only thing they can use to attack kamanga, bakandile Zwaaaaa

    • Leon says:

      Ba paradox naimwe
      Is six months in office not long enough to establish some positive actions kwena? Nangu kusapota kamanga awe boss
      We are not saying kalu was a saint but by now kamanga should have won many hearts or at least fire chicken but what has he done nothing
      In fact he’s been sleeping for six months so iwe paradox you are his cadre go wake him up otherwise we know kuwayawaya fye kabwe warriors and power dynamos speaks volumes

  9. PIKU says:

    The best way is to get a Muzungu coach.I don’t know why Salulani was introduced in that game. The chap likula.

  10. Don says:

    Namibia is now our Sugar daddy….awe mwe!

  11. SLIM says:

    When Soccerman and Simon Mumba fail to work out the number of months from mid March to mid June 2016, then its time not to respond to these two clowns. Our soccer has been on downward spiral from 2013! Last year against Guinea at Levi Stadium, where Patson Daka was featured as topman to get the required number of caps so that Kalu can flog the player to European clubs! Of course the boy flopped in that game and we lost valuable points, and went on and failed trials! Kalu did not give a damn!

  12. Bolapazed says:

    Kamanga promised a lot and has delivered nothing. Things are getting worse with the WC qualifiers. Mr Loud mouth and his analyst of GS have no solution but to divert attention to made up scandals.

    Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho can now talk of competing at the same level with Zambia? Back to the dark decade of 1998 to 2008.

    These guys failed at Power and Warriors. They were chased. Anyway, you got what you asked for so don’t complain. Swallow it.

  13. MWEBANTU BESU says:

    Mwebantu besu its not only you who is not happy with the results, President Kamanga and Co just walk in the office you already expect miracles, you must also remember when Kalu started it was the same and busy throwing insults like you are doing now.

    After winning Afcon then you forgot about Kulu’s mistakes and now you forget that it took a long time for Great Kalu to come up with a solid team we had.

    Don’t forget that at the moment we are using Kalu’s players and age is not with them, am also not happy with the results but i know and understand football.

    I do believe Kamanga and Co will deliver, give them two years and then you can start your insults. These guys have not done anything at the moment reason being that if you get to that seat you need to make sure you plan how you going to run football and clean the house then you can implement.

    We have so many changers in our football at the moment and that will tell you that the house is not in order and so many things were not right.

    Please be straight and stop beating around the bushes, let FAZ do there job and make us happy, at the end of the day its you same people who will be saying Kamanga is the man. But if you don’t just like the guy then you don’t no matter how good he can be.

    Its our football please stop destroying, come up with something sense that can build our football and post not just on Kamanga’s neck.


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