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City of Lusaka clear air on ownership


City of Lusaka major shareholder Diego Casilli has warned his players that if they fail to avoid relegation, their financial difficulties will continue.
This was at a press briefing held yesterday.

The Italian born Zambian also revealed that the stadium’s name will be known as the Vodafone Woodlands Stadium following a ninety thousand kwacha monthly agreement signed with the mobile service providing

[Diamond tv]

4 Comments to City of Lusaka clear air on ownership

  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    This site was not working for the past few weeks but good thing it is back. What happened Zamfoot?

  2. The support n renovation of city fc n woodland stadium is very welcome.

  3. soccerguru says:

    There is a lot of foolishness in Zambia….someone does such a wonderful thing to invest in your rubbish rundown infrastructure and u want to hold on to ownership u have done nothing with for the last 50 years……useless Monkeys

  4. Sibs says:

    Zamfoot welcome back. We missed you.
    We need people who can pump in money into our game. People like these need every support.

    I see my old friend Hector Chilombo in the pic. Is he the Coach at City Yamoto?

    @Soccerguru. That is strong language you using my bro tone down.

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