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Chisamba shows Sakala what Russian Fashion is all about

Russian based midfielder Chisamba Lungu visited Zambia Under 20 striker Fashion Sakala who is training with Spartak Moscow B side.

Chisamba and his club Ural as well as Spartak are having their pre season tour in Cyprus for warm weather as the Russian league is on a mid season winter break.

Though they are in different cities in Cyprus, the former Zanaco star made an effort to check on the budding star who is impressing on trial.

Fashion is set to light up this month’s Total CAF Under-20 African Cup of Nations which will be staged  by Zambia with the host cities being Lusaka and Ndola.

Alongside Israel based Conlyde Luchanga and Austrian based Patson Daka, the three starlets are expected to lead the Junior Chipolopolo attack at Lusaka’s Heroes Stadium.

Zambia is in Group A alongside Guinea, Egypt and Mali while Senegal, South Africa, Sudan and Cameroon are in Group B.

The group B group stagr games will be played on the Copperbelt at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

11 Comments to Chisamba shows Sakala what Russian Fashion is all about

  1. Bsimms says:

    This is great. Zambian talent sneaking into the Russian league.

    Damn! Who knows what would happen if we made it to the World cup in Russia?

    Anyway we have a chance of going to cause havoc in Korea late this year. Com’on Chipolopolo

  2. Enock says:

    That what has being lxcking on the Zambian football scene, a big brother mentality. Its good chisamba is showing how is should be done and influence, some how the crinching of the due by the young lad.

  3. Truth is says:

    This should be our culture as Zambians.

  4. Brotherly hood is very important. thanks to Cbisamba Lungu for such gesture, goes a long wah in inspiring the young lad. Maybe he can be sneaked in the Ural team at the last minute. who knows.

  5. SLIM says:

    @Enock, u r spot on brother! If the Big Brother mentality had earlier been shown by Charlir and Kalu its anybody’s guess how many of our boys would hv sneaked to Belgium. But alas these two chaps only paved the way for their young brothers; whose talents were average by Zambian stds! at the time we had better players! Selfish burggers.

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Well said more especially on Kalu who even up to this day has not learned anything about big brotherly mentality. Just how he sidelined Kalaba shows just how self centered he still is. A leopard can never change it spots I guess.

  6. Chinyonge says:

    ifyo fine aye apwe pantu ama striker yamu zambia ngabayashitisha ninshi yapwa chapwa so u shud work hard fashion sakala we need to rebuild a national team for 2019 afcon

  7. Tc Soccerman says:

    I agree with you Slim. Its always been like that, unfortunately that goes beyound Charlie and Kalu. Average Zambians are envious, they do not want to look out for other people that are not their family members. Same goes with our useless politicians, managers that hire their relatives. Its a cancer to Zambia’s development.

  8. Kuku says:

    Have you seem the indomitable lions chisa. They are coming to Zambia. The fashion boy has to fight his way through. IRS sweeter when you owe it to yourself.

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