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Chipolopolo to play Lesotho in Plate Semi Final of Cosafa Cup

Zambia will play Lesotho in the Plate semi-finals of the 2016 Cosafa Castle Cup competition after they lost to Swaziland 4-2 on post-match penalties following a goalless draw in regulation time of the third quarter final played at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Sunday.

Guest nation DR Congo beat Mozambique 1 – 0 to join Swaziland, South Africa and Botswana in the semi finals which will be played at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Wednesday.

George Lwandamina’s men will play Lesotho in the Plate semi-finals at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Tuesday June 21.

The plate tournament is designed to give participating nations who have lost at the quarter final stage more game time.

Last year Zambia were beaten by Namibia at the quarter final stage of the Cosafa tournament.

The Chipolopolo only managed to beat Ghana at the semi-final stage before losing to Malawi in the finals of the plate tournament.


36 Comments to Chipolopolo to play Lesotho in Plate Semi Final of Cosafa Cup

  1. Our football standard has dropped. Ba FAZ, whats happening?We failed to qualify to AFCON 2017,extremely poor performance in COSAFA. What else do u need to prove that our local coaches aint ready to drill Chipolopolo? Use your degrees to transform football in Zambia. When Kalu was in charge, you claimed it required degrees to be administrators and not being ex-fooballers to run football in the country.Prove your point.Bene Kalu brought AFCON, bring AFCON kaili and move a milestone by taking us to Russia to drink pure Vodka in 2018 as we rally behind chipolopolo.

  2. Josh says:

    Let us give him some time. Kalu was there for several years. Won Afcon & then the downward spiral. Kalu is partially responsible for our downtrend. AFcon is not won in 4 months.

    • Luapula Fish says:

      under Kalu we never failed to qualify to afcon and that animal called Kamanga has no plan for zed footballl

  3. we says:

    CRY OUR BELOVED CHIPOLOPOLO. The powers that be should correct the problems We are facing as a team.We need to go back to our roots.The major problem is the selection of players to the national teams.The best way We can solve this issue is by organizing games like in the past where all the players selected by the coach plays again est the players not selected termed as the rest picked by popular demand by fans. Then the final team is picked on merit from the game.The same method can be applied to foreign based players selected and made to play those not selected for the final team to be picked.

  4. chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    They’re useless they should just come back home

  5. Steve says:

    Useless just westing our monies,fools! I even wish government can ban football in zambia. Nothing is good at all.

  6. Matero boy says:

    Agony is painting a bad picture of faz executive and its president while failing to win a match after taking over from the same executive.

  7. Die hard, I agree with you kamanga is not the right person to lead faz.where are people like simataa smataa ba muzo who were accusing kalu of destroying football in zambia let them say something

  8. sly says:

    This is the right time to bury the hatchet and smoke the peace pipe. All pundits need to be called back to look into this matter. And I stress that Kali must be one of them. Zambian football is not about Kamanga nor is it about Kalusha.However, the two and many others are very valuable in contributing to the growth of it. Kalusha, I must not hastate to say he probably knows more about how this situation can be arrested. Remember he saw it all than everyone involved in Zambian soccer. Make no mistake by letting him go just like that.

  9. NAZO says:

    I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Zambian coaches are not ready to coach the National team had Kalusha put it some time back and it was wrong for delegates to vote for Kamanga as an FA President because the chap seems bunk about soccer.It doesn’t mean if you have a Degree in Business Administration then you can run soccer effectively.

  10. Its pity that people who crime to know football on this blogger are failing to see that kamanga is not taking us any were first it was Afcon now its casafa next its will be the under 17,After the under 17 it will be the under 20 After the under 20 will fail to qualify for the world cup I’m not a prophet of doom

  11. sly says:

    I plead with the powers that be to call soccer pundits to a postmortem of the Zambian game before it is too late. Where are the following people ?; Fred Mwila,Albert Bwalya Mordon/Kenneth Malitoli, Jostone Bwalya, Patrick Phiri,Phillimon Chisala,Lungson Phiri, Mwape Miti,Beston Chambeshi, Andrew Tembo,Peter Kaumba, Zim based Zambian coach/ , S.A based Zambian coach/at black aces, Ackim Musenge etc …….Well,maybe some are no more but all the same those who are still alive could help in bringing the glory days back to Zambia. Light the Football peace pipe….let the Zambian soccer legends and pundits smoke it for the benefit of Zambian game.

  12. Bolapazed says:

    And we should be proud to line up against Lesotho? We will be embarrassed by the Sothos and especially with the inexperienced “small” boys.

  13. As for me the team perfomed quite ok despite th loss, zambia could hav done better if we’ve hav playd some/a match lyk our opponets(swaziland)they say practise makes perfect, am nw tired of toking about lwandamina kamanga faz etc pantu kutiwatukana i can only wish my lovely zambia a quick recovery ni one bullet one chipolopolo in happiness and sadiness.

  14. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    So now we r playin 4 a plate since we can’t manage a cup. #Pathetic

  15. general says:

    its fine since are small local boys so that they learn.

  16. quicksilver says:

    No its not fineat all!Everything just seems wrong. These are teams we would bash by atleast 3 goals. Seems when all the other nations are improving our game on the other hand is getting worse. Proper analysis should be conducted.it’s uninspiring to watch the national team these days.

  17. Kamata says:

    If he is really a good administrator as he claims to be, he should have started with a bang!

  18. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Guys really now!!!!!! how can you in all honesty find sense in blaming Kamanga after just four months in office? He is a football administrator not a miracle maker for petes sake. The same Kalu you are busy worshipping could not replace the local coach in how long again???? and yet you want Kamanga to perform some sort of miracle and replace him even before the ink on his FAZ win is dry. We also had a bad Cosafa run under Kalu did we not?

    • Luapula Fish says:

      You well know soccer is not like other professions, time is not really a factor when you talk about performance because leaders are elected so that they win tournaments or perform well in tournaments . Afcon and cosafa we are out while world cup we are likely not to qualify . The first four months have been very crucial for him but he hasnt shown why is in football house . FACT remains that Kalu worked under sophisticated soccer structures at PSV ,Club America and Cruz AZUL -such organization styles cannot be acquired through managing energy companies

      • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

        We got booted out of Cosafa at the same stage under Kalu’s watch. We got booted out of the Afcon in Southafrica in just the first round under Kalu’s watch, we were the laughing stock of the world playing students in our national team in London under Kalu’s watch, I could go on……now how did Kalu who “worked under sophisticated soccer structures at PSV ,Club America and Cruz AZUL” as you say, blundered in such big ways??? Kamanga is not a saint but lets compare apples with apples. The guy has just taken over the reigns. Kalu who some seem to look at as a demi god had lots of time to achieve the same things you want to compare him to Kamanga about. What did Kalu achieve in his first four months that was of note?? I’m not even a Kamanga supporter but the shade thrown at him carries no water truth be told.

        • Tc Soccerman says:

          @Big Steve, good luck fixing stupidity in Kalu’s cadres. Common sense isn’t there if you have not caught that yet. They will do everything to anoint there messiah and ignoring all facts. They will deny the epic corruption from Kalu.

  19. STUMPY says:

    pathtic useless tournament. wat is a plate. this torn has no benefit. cosafa teams still remain minows

  20. Mlusengo says:

    u do not need a degree to run football…..its comes from the heart..Kamanga should be a politician not a sports admin…GET A (WHITE)FOREIGN COACH..ZAMBIANS ARE ABOUT NICHEKELEKO..U CALL A PRO ONLY TO BE ON THE BENCH,HOW?I AGREE WITH CHISAMBA ON HIS DECISION.



  21. moo says:

    You cannot quicken the process of having a child by impregnating two women. it still takes nine months. Honestly, how can you blame kamanga for the mess the national team is in. He has just being at the top for few months and you expect him to show results. which results are you talking about? Kamanga will be judged on the world cup qualifiers not Africa cup qualifiers. We lost qualification to the Africa cup in the first game against ginuae bissau at Levy mwanawasa stadium when patson daka was the top man.

  22. Some people are falling to reason here zambia was on 4 points togther with congo when kamanga took over meaning they had enough games to qualify ever since kamanga took they is no improvement from the team and you expect people to keep quiet, kamanga worshipper zambia is no going any were with man mark my words soon it will be the under 20 and the under 17

  23. even the game against lesotho zambia is going to lose. when kamanga took over we expected an improvement from the team but alas things have change from bad to worse and you want us to believe you that all is well no my friend things are bad

  24. stivo says:

    Lawandamina is the biggest huddle that we need to remove as soon as possible . The chap is useless, we’v plenty of good local players in zambia who are scoring goals. Personally have never wished to miss watching zambia playing but for the plate no no no no no no I can’t dare to watch it. Its pathetic guyz its time we hired a foreign coach we are sick and tired of watching Lwandamina poorly selected team

  25. Tc Soccerman says:

    Pathetic Kamanga should get a foreign coach. Too bad Keshi is dead now(MHSRIP), I do think we should get a Serbian coach. Kamanga should kiss butt to these European FA’s and ask for help in financing a coach’s salary, but a lot of these Europeans know too well how corrupt Zambians are and as such it is long short. Besides, we have a buck teeth President that is busy campaigning and wasting tax payers on the campaign trail, but refuses to allocate money for the foreign coach. Lungu as well as HH are all pathetic and because of that Zambia is screwed. HH made his millions corrupt privatization schemes that was meant to benefit all Zambians, Lungu is also corrupt and has no idea on how to move the country forward…more of a Kamanga in my books, so brace yourselves and get used to getting beat by minnows like Swaziland. We have no leadership, only corrupt modafockers.

  26. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Just to play devils advocate, this same Lwandamina is the first local coach to take a Zambia national team to any level worth talking about when he took the lads to the World Youth Cup in Canada where Zambia reached the round of 16. Did he not prove anything of his coaching capabilities when he did that?

    Now many years later look at what he is doing with Zesco united. He has just beaten arguably one of the best three clubs on the continent has he not?

    Yes he has had a bad run with the senior national team and his player selections have been questionable but to insult him is tantamount to insulting everything to do with our local coaching. He is after all back to back coach of the year is he not?

    I agree we do need a foreign coach but I wont be so shallow and simple minded as to say a white one. Any experienced foreign coach with pedigree is what we need. Local coaches yes have not yet reached the tactical capacity for tournaments like Afcon and the world cup but this is not a justification for them to be insulted. They have achieved a lot in their own capacity.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      “I agree we do need a foreign coach but I wont be so shallow and simple minded as to say a white one.” With all due respect, show me one black coach, just one who could coach Zambia to greater heights, NONE. I don’t care about the skin color, one could could be green or yellow or whatever, I could careless as all I care about is substance and non of the Zambian coaches can produce that. I was the one calling for Keshi to be hired as Zambian coach because the man could flat out coach and by the way, he ain’t white, so good try on the race baiting.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      @Big Steve, I take back my comment. I see your above response was not directed at me after reading @Mlusengo’s comment that specifically mentioned the color of the our needed coach. Please accept my apologies.

  27. Chintu Umwene says:

    Looking at the recent happenings on the national soccer team, squablles between ex- FAZ and current FAZ don, ZamFoot bloggers comments, am moved to start believing in the saying- ‘ba mukolwe ngabafula ubushiku tabucha bwangu’. I feel like asking many questions but I will ask only one; Why do we as a people and later on soccer fans want to continue hanging over that which is already past e.g. that Kamanga is the FAZ don and Kalu is ex. Lets be real. It is pointless to comapare the two based on their pedigree. Yes Great Kalu is great was the greatest in Africa in 1988 (what a wonder he was). Kamanga has his history with Business development. The only thing the two have in common now is that they are FAZ presidents. The former ex and the latter reigining. But one thing for sure is that we can`t rob the two their desire to support football development in Zambia.
    Yes as a country, we`re in a crisis but I will mention only two things; 1) Lack of investment in the sport we claim is second to religion- ‘You can`t reap where you did not sow’
    2) Lack of strategic planning- ‘without vision people perish’ or ‘If you don`t know where you are going you can`t get lost

    Leadership should be shared overtime coz even time itself will fail. Lets also not make changes out of frustration,but lets make good changes. This is true at FAZ, national team selection and now the coaching staff. This comedy is likely to continue until luck catches up with us and that might not be in our life time. As long as we continue to joke like this. While we are busy drilling our players for the plate, our friends are horning for the AFCON and the WORLD CUP. We only have a chance in the late and should we miss it then we would missed it all. Lets move with the world and not always creating short cuts that never take us to our desired destination. If it is true that ‘in the game of soccer, you win some and lose then what are we playing if we miss AFCON, miss COSAFA and then the WORLD CUP?

  28. Well said one Chintu Umwene. pointing fingers at at this n that has never yeildered better results bevore n will never. tbe kamangas should just sit done n impliment amongst things they campagned for. Youth development n that we as soccer fans should realise those are not immediate results. We still ve a bunch of players thst could ve doning national team colors its only proper n fair selection of playwrs tgat will answer our cries. i remember one foreign ciach who answered kalu ati its not a coach to score goals . yes hs will train them then they implement. our players too should be confident enough thats their job. look at Tripple C at Zesco he rose to tge occasion n won 3 points for them against much more exposed Al haly.. lets go Chipolopolo.

    • Chintu Umwene says:

      Thanks Mambwe and I also agree with you on the issue of grass-root level soccer. Those days we had sports for all and I remember in Kaunda square (Lusaka) I even discovered that I was multi- talented as a result of the SPORTS for All program. It was the same in Chawama. Am not sure with other compounds and I know it was the same in Kalingalinga and Mtendere. Those days we were busy moving from one ground site to the other in search of an interesting game. A number of players who played under 17 and 20 in the late 90s came from this same program. We know what works and how it works. What is missing is a deliberate action. We have experienced players like Elijah Litana and others dotted across this country who may be willing to act as district coordinators or regional coordinators- it can be anything. The same should happen for all sports disciplines. The we can wait and see what happens in the next 5 to 10- Remember it takes time to make good wine and why do we pay more for Jameson 18 etc. just trying to end on a laughing note- Kuti wapena Bola!

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