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Chipolopolo Gun Down The Foxes – What We Learnt

Zambia on Tuesday night kept alive her hopes of qualifying for the world cup in Russia after completing a ‘double’ over much fancied Algeria. Here, ZamFoot pundit, Coach Franklyn Malambo, takes a look at five notable pointers from the Chipolopolo triumph over Algeria.


Among the drivers to success in any field, positive response to pressure cannot be ignored. As the stakes rise, so does the pressure to meet targets.

There was pressure on the team which had not won any match in the final qualifying series but the lads put up a splendid performance by embracing the pressure and using it as a fuel. They showed hunger and desire for the results and duly earned them. Mental strength and desire were unquestionable.


There is always strength that lies in the collective but even much more is the strength that lies in belief of one’s own capability and how much it can flourish complimented by others. It said numbers don’t lie and coming into the Match Algeria were ranked 48 globally and 8th on the continent whilst Zambia had a lowly 96th and 25th in the world and Africa respectively.

The rankings represent the ends on which both sides were coming into the game but the Zambian Lads tore the script and chose to write their own numbers. The team Unit displayed was exceptional and the lads made a clear statement, ‘WE’ can take on anyone.


As a continuation from the recent good runs of local clubs on the continent, the contribution of the clubs in form of man power to the National team is excellent. On both Match days the average contribution to the 14 that played is 7 which represents 50℅ and even increases when one looks at the full squad that was selected for the encounter.

The players that play in the local league were not fazed by the big stage and were good ambassadors not only for their clubs but the league as a whole.


It may be one of the biggest on terms of numbers but that counts for less when results start coming. In the early days of Wada at the helm, much was said about his inconsistencies and large selection but thus far it has proved he was casting the net wide and giving everyone deserving of a chance.

The new injections in the team show that the transition from the ‘heroes’ is certainly on and new guns are coming to the party. The Technical bench is playing to our strengths.

In years gone by, we would mostly focus on opposition strengths and nullifying them and forgot we had our own strengths. This bench seems to have not forgotten what we possess and hinging their approach on skill, speed and strength which we possess in abundance will only make us a force.

Given enough time and space to work, we are heading the right way.


Fans have in the recent past demonized the senior Chipolopolo following the exploits of the Under 20 lads and later on the Under 17. Losing to Mozambique only added fuel to the fire.

The win and subsequent qualification for CHAN did not really help matters. By the time Brian Mwila had scored his brace, it was Chipolopolo on everyone’s lips and when Mwepu added the finishing touch, everyone had forgotten their calls for certain players that most thought were even entitled to positions.

The message is clear from the fans, it doesn’t matter who plays as long as the team wins. Beating Algeria is no mean feat considering it had not been done before in FIFA qualifiers and even doing it in their own backyard where they had not lost in 10 years is testament of the achievement the lads have posted. Only 10 days ago, Zambia’s hopes looked all but dashed buy in the space of 180 Minutes the dream is very much alive.

10 Comments to Chipolopolo Gun Down The Foxes – What We Learnt

  1. Amandla says:

    The coach must put aside one hour in every training session to teach the player above (#17) and Ng’onga how to kick the ball in the goal at the eighteen and goal box (six yard box!) The players don’t know how to kick the ball on the top of the foot and control it as Mwepu did in the third goal and at this level it is not only unforgivable but disgusting! They also don’t know when to tap the ball or chip it like a curve like Chamanga did in 2012 against Sudan! Ng’onga failed twice with a golden opportunity when all he needed was to chip and curl the ball past the goalkeeper! If the coach can’t teach his players the difference and they exhibit a low “IQ” on the pitch it is unforgivable! This will bite us in the end when math become the deciding factor!

  2. Amandla says:

    At Nkana, Jeff Burtler trained his lads tactics of winning as a team but he also put aside an hour or so in shooting! These guys showed us that the coach does not do this! In the two games we have seen the same players miss golden opportunities in the small box or in the eighteen! Even a Division II or a player from the Copperbelt Amateur League where I played before in my younger years cannot miss those golden opportunities right at the mouth of the goal! What a shame and disgrace!

  3. Fanatic says:

    true, at this stage, you can’t afford to be wasteful. Augustine Mulenga needs to be more Clinical while Ng’onga should be allowed to master clinical finishing away from the national team since he is a striker proper. my opinion

  4. Amandla says:

    It has been a long time since we had big or tall bodies such as “Big” Mike Chabala, Jericho “Russian Tanker” Shinde, Mordon and Kenneth Malitoli, Fighton Simukonda, etc. It is great that we have well-built guys in the team. Unfortunately, when you are strong, you must not be clumsy! Defenders who are strong (Africans) receive a lot of punitive calls at the World Cup level! Committing those errors in the penalty area or just outside when your opponets have smart free kick takers can be disastrous. We were fortunate the guys did not score from the penalty and the freekick on the right back in the first half.
    Remember we conceded a peanalty in the same way against Ivory Coast! We got away with it again! I think you should also practice free kicks outside the box – the Kalusha way! Shonga did great against Tanzania!

  5. Logic says:

    Mweene should force a transfer from his club or get loaned out to another club. There is no excuse for a goalie of his caliber to be warming the bench in a mediocre league like the PSL

  6. Discipline says:

    I thought one has to be polished already to play for the national team for ngonga is just not national team material as in for a Augustin just improve on the releasing of the ball fast as well as shooting

  7. Soccerguru says:

    We also learnt that Ngoga is not national team material

  8. GSK11 says:

    Nice analysis Mr franklyn.. Algeria was in 10th position …where will we rank now. ????

  9. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    One player who can shoot is Lubambo Musonda. I just watched his long range shooting on youtube. The coach must call him in his provide provisional team.

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