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Chipolopolo date Tanzania as Mayuka bounces back

The Football Association of Zambia  (FAZ) has secured an international friendly match which will see the Chipolopolo play Tanzania this weekend.

In announcing the match, FAZ also released a 20 man squad for the game that has seen 2012 Africa Cup of Nations golden boot winner Emmanuel Mayuka who plays for Zamalek in Egypt return to the national team for the first time since the 2015 Africa Cup tournament.

The squad picked is mainly composed of local players with Kennedy Mweene the only other foreign based player named.

There is also a call up for little known Mukubanga Siambombe of Zamcoal Diggers.

“Most of the players are locals, the only professionals that we have added to the list are Kennedy Mweene and Mayuka,” Chipolopolo coach Wesson Nyirenda told fazfootball.

“It has been a long time he has been with us (Mayuka), he is playing well he has been doing well for Zamalek. We want to see how he can play and fit in with our philosophy.”

On Mweene Nyirenda said, “With Mweene I need to see him because he has not been playing most games there. He played last weekend and did very well all we need is see that is keeping shape. ”

The national team is preparing for an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Mozambique in June and a CHAN qualifier against Swaziland in July.

Zambia will play their first game in Dar es Salaam on Friday 24th March while the second game will be played on Sunday 27th March.



Jacob Banda (Zesco United) Racha Kola (Zanaco) Allan Chibwe (Power Dynamos) Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns)


Taonga Bwembya (Zanaco), Donashano Malama (Nkana), Fackson Kapumbu (Zesco United), Mweene Mumbi (Green Buffaloes), Ziyo Tembo (Green Buffaloes), Isaac Shamujompa (Napsa (Stars), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes), Billy Mutale (Power Dynamos), George Chilufya (Zanaco)


Mischeck Chaila, John Ching’andu, Kondwani Mtonga (all Zesco United), Clatous Chama (Lusaka Dyanmos), Kelvin Mubanga , Fwayo Tembo (both Power Dynamos), Justin Banda (Napsa Stars), Mwila Phiri (Choma Eagles), Augustine Mulenga (Zanaco), Mukubanga Siambombe (Zamcoal Diggers)


Jackson Mwanza (Zesco United), Justin Shonga (Nkhwazi), Chitiya Mususu (Napsa Stars), Ronald Kampamba (Nkana) and Emmanuel Mayuka (Zamalek)


42 Comments to Chipolopolo date Tanzania as Mayuka bounces back

  1. fivestargeneral says:

    Manuka is playing well where he can’t get in the team

    • Nostra says:

      Bruce Musakanya need recall.
      Ziyo Tembo is Zanaco. Not sure if its wise to call goalkeeper, all 4 defenders and midfielder from Zanaco.
      zamcoal sounds good. Check if they have a good goalkeeper too.

  2. PAPA GAME says:

    Am happy for mayuka i still see football in this guy but unfortunately the team used for friendly is not the same team that will play the qualifiers so i don’t see the idea here .All the best boys

  3. sly says:

    The idea is to scrutinize the fringe player so that those who do well could be carried along to the main team for a sterner competition.

  4. Positive thinking says:

    This is exactly what I was talking about. Zambia needs friendlies, and we are now using our neighbors to do this which is important.

    Some people will come here and poop on this atti we should playing West African or North African…a bird in the hand gentlemen is more important. Anytime we can get the national team dressed and ready for duty is important, noti playing against ama clubs though. The fact that we are playing away is an even better bonus to gauge the players.

    Though, I don’t know where this news of Mayuka doing well is coming from pantu he has been quiet for the last 6 to 7 months.

  5. GRAND says:

    I thought Mayuka is clubless,
    Probably only Mwene and tembo can feature in the mai team for a serious game

  6. Samaita says:

    Where is christopher muthali and katebe

  7. GRAND says:

    @ F A Z,

    When are you going to help Walters Bwalya to regularise his nationality documents ? We have been waiting for too long, this is your job I we Kamanga

  8. Samaita says:

    Chilufiya, ziyo tembo and chama they are too old to play in this delopmental side. We need to build a future team. The coach should learn to work with young stars. Dublication of error . Chicken worked with a rotten center back of chama and mufune. This time it will be kondwani and ziyo who are 31 and 33. Next afcon these players wont be around. The coach should groom a player who can succede sunzu.

  9. Don says:

    Welcome back Mayuka,hope you make the cut Another Emmanuel who needs to be reacessed is Mbola.Both are speedy players .

  10. Samaita says:

    Walter expressed his willingness to play for zambia. This coach does not like him. This is just a friendly match. Heshould have picked him and zambia wont be penalised for using him. We have to blame the coach .

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Learn the rules before making such unsubstantiated comments. How do you blame the coach, on what grounds, is he the minister of home affairs? The player does not qualify to play for Zambia at the moment, lets accept this fact and rather push for the ministry and FAZ to try and work something out.

  11. Mr kamanga is this the quality friendlies that you promise us during your campagns?we need quality friendlies that will improve our team on the fifa ranking. because this game will have a bearing on our FiFA ranking.its like here in zambia we have the administrates who are useless and visionless we need quality friendlies and why are you only calling 2 foreigner based players when teams like nigeria, cameroon,south Africa are calling all of they foreigner based players it high time that kamanga get to be serious with the way he run faz

  12. Teams like kenya have secured two friendly matches against uganda and DRC congo but here in zambia we have only secured only one game infact many teams have secured two friendly matches to make matters worst is against a lower ranked team so it won’t help us in any way.what a useless administrateds that we have in zambia

  13. STUMPY says:

    kamanga is useless. fullstop. we shud be playing high profile frendlies not this rubbish. pay the under 20 and stop making excuses

  14. discipline says:

    Ati faz has secured a friendly game with Tanzania, my neck the taifa stars stand to gain not us all the teams have called their main teams but us is using mtonga,mfune,kola is not going to take us any where.

  15. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    akusabaileni ine ndeloleshafye

  16. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    akusabaileni ine ndeloleshafye but ba zamfoot ziyo yamu zanaco not Ku gbfc

  17. Kuku says:

    Way to go to rebuild national team confidence. The likes of Donashano Malama can be shaped into the mold of Easton Mulenga or even Modon Malitoli. Cold and steely, very powerful and commanding of presence. He knows how to kick you out of the game but lacks a bit of gentle-manliness. Tuck your shirt in, you must run a little bit like a machine. Not hands this side and that side, no eye contact blah blah blah, We are talking about a pool of players and a league that may experience an exodus of players or rev reviews on pay TV.

  18. soccerguru says:

    Thank you Wada for calling back Mayuka. …This is what a coach who thinks does….try out players in fixtures that don’t matter….I can assure Beston will stick to his best 11 in the upcoming friendlies ….useless coach

  19. paradox says:

    wailers. always trying to find a chance to attack kamanga, what abt under kalu, didnt zambia play against a south african academy team when prepering for a worldcup qualifier agaisnt lesotho?
    the defeated guru and grandpa stumpy, give us something new.

  20. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    If you need a good job than the one you are holding, you will need to improve on your qualifications

    If Zambia is dreaming of playing quality friendly games, they should first of all need to prove they are almost as good as the teams they would like to play. A friendly game is for the benefit of both teams. No strong team would want to play a weak side just for the sake of helping the other side improve. I have never heard of that

    A good performance of our team will automatically invite quality friendly games. No 2 ways about this

    Just look at the Under20 Champions, already things are in place because of their performance

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      unfortunately a lot of ignorants don’t get it. They think Kamanga should fly into Brazil, England, or France and walk into their FA’s just say, “Hey we are playing you next in a friendly game, get ready”. Lol.
      Hey Kalu cadres, our senior could not even beat Guinea Bissau and you think quality teams would want to play us? You are sick in your heard Kalu cadres!

    • Billy says:

      Well said Justice.

  21. What about kenya who are playing aganst DRC and uganda when did they last qualify to Afcon? How is they performance?not good enough but they have secured quality friendlies FAZ can do better than this

  22. Cafemol or sorry panado I don’t blame you I blame your mother who was busy opening her legs to a mad man you call your Father and later gave birth to an imbecile by the name of panyadox

  23. Kalu is no longer at FAZ we have kamanga so it better we criticse the one who is running our football so it will be folly if we start critising the prevail administration for kamanga failures so mr cafemol or panado whatever they call you!your mates are in chainama just go there you will find them not here

  24. Kasama Boy says:

    Who is playing Who? africanfootball.com/news reports the attached.
    Botswana head coach Peter Bulter has announced his squad ahead of the international friendly game against Tanzania.
    The Zebras of Botswana will take on Tanzania’s Taifa Stars in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, 25 March.
    British gaffer Butler included two South Africa-based players, Lebogang Ditsele and Mogakolodi Ngele in his 26-man squad.
    The squad will be trimmed down to 21 players before the team travels to Tanzania’s capital city next week.

  25. hahaha some bloggers on this site are making ma day, guys guys please lets not provoke one another, if one has a point to raise, better you present it without denouncing other bloggers opinion, everyones entitled to his or her own opinion, big up to lukanga kafusha justice well said man.

  26. Chiko says:

    Nice to see that the .net is being cast wide. I’m sure there are good lessons leant from the under 20 selection. One observation is that there should no.place for Donashano in this team. Power football without using the head! Please separate classroom intelligence from football.

    • Kuku says:

      But he has caps at junior and senior level. He cant be that bad. Your Japp Stam kind of players, needs to be more solid with his well built body, maybe he can then try as you suggest to do a white collar job on the pitch.

  27. Positive thinking says:

    Some of you people are not serious!!!

    Last time Zambia had a friendly with Uganda, people complained atti Uganda was not good enough. I have come to the conclusion that people will never be satisfied no matter what the case.

    Is Tanzania great opposition? No, but they are a team determined to beat us and that’s a plus. People forget that before AFCON 2012 Zambia was playing friendlies against teams like India as well as good teams.

  28. Those friendlies that zambia played against india where not on the FIFA calender those were just the preparations for the 2012 Afcon mr positive thinking check the records.in order for zambia to improve on the FIFA ranking we need to play with quality oppositions not just every team.they say in order for you to be rated among the best you need to compete with the best.its high time that we call a spade a spade

  29. The football association of zambia should communicate with the tanzanian FA whether this game will played or not because according to the information that I have tanzania has already secured two friendly matches against Burundi and botswana that will be played on the 25 and 28 march so FAZ should clear the air on this one

  30. TC soccerman you want to pick a fight with me? ooh I see but I have no time to waste with low level people like you. I will just give you a friendly advise stop smoking weed because you are getting mad as a matter of fact I don’t want to argue with a mad person like you take this as a friendly advise because if you continue with this senseless behavior of yours I will not give peace on this blorg like I did last time and this time I will do more than that

  31. Tony mash says:

    Chipolopolo to play zimbamwe on sunday. Not tanzania. Circus at faz

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. One Muntu says:

    guyz our team is not a national team but a local team,why basendafye abamabange beka_beka.

  34. artmar crew says:

    guys lets thanx kamanga he work mwandi …only players are not good atall where is kalaba he dnt play last game why?

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