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CHAN 2018: Zambia face Sudan in Quarter Final after being held by Namibia

The Zambia national soccer team will play Sudan in the quarter finals of the 2018 CHAN tournament after topping group B following a 1 – 1 draw with the Warriors of Namibia.

It was a hard earned point against an organised and determined Namibia side who scored first through Limpundo with Zambia replying through Lazarous Kambole.

Wedson Nyirenda made only one change to the team that beat Ivory Coast starting with Mike Katiba ahead of Friday Samu.

Namibia controlled most portions of the game but it was Zambia who threatened first when ‘master of assists’ Ernest Mbewe beat his marker for pace to cut into the box at the by-line and his cross found the head of Kondwani Mtonga who headed over the bar from inside the six yard box in the 8th minute.

The Warriors went ahead four minutes later when a long free kick was whipped from the right into a congested area. With Toaster Nsabata not sure whether to go for the ball or not, he was beaten with the slightest of touches.

Namibia retreated and where defending in numbers and it had to take the brilliance of Mbewe who got on a through ball to dash to the by-line and cut the ball back for an alert Kambole who finished well with his first touch in the 24th minute.

Zambia then controlled the game from there on till the break with Kambole coming close a couple of times but failing to bury the game.

After the interval, Namibia took the game to the Chipolopolo and were unlucky not to go ahead after a break on the left side which saw the striker go one on one with Nsabata in the 50th minute but the Zanaco shot stopper was equal to the task.

There were chances on both ends with Kambole missing a free header, Mbewe shooting wide from close range but it was Namibia who ended strong with Zambia happy to soak the pressure as the draw suited Chipolopolo boys.

Both teams proceed to the quarter finals with Namibia staying in Casablanca where they will play hosts Morocco while Zambia will head back to Marakech where they will play Sudan on Saturday.

Zambia XI v Namibia

Toaster Nsabata – Simon Silwimba, Ziyo Tembo, Adrian Chama, Fackson Kapumbu – Donshano Malama, Mtonga Kondwani (Jack Chirwa- Augustine Mulenga, Lazarous Kambole (Larry Bwalya) Ernest Mbewe – Mike Katiba (Friday Samu)


29 Comments to CHAN 2018: Zambia face Sudan in Quarter Final after being held by Namibia

  1. serenje says:

    very poor performance

  2. Chiko says:

    Waste performance. No creativity chipantepante football. You leave intelligent players on the bench such as Larry & Martin. I am beginning to doubt the coaches abilities. First team selection was poor. Coaches want to it safe and play old madalas instead of selecting young talented players. Pathetic! Disturbed my night!

  3. Brian Silungwe says:

    Hw Come Poor?? Zambia Came From Bhind To Draw Against Namibia. Awe Kwena Bane Learn To Appreciate!!! Lets Give Credits Where Its Due, Abantu Bambi Kuwaya Waya Fye. GO ZAMBIA!!! GOOOOO…….!!!

    • Dynamite says:

      @Brian whereas we appreciate the fact that Zambia came from behind the performance left much to be desired. Namibia made us work they really exposed us in the midfield and in all honesty they were the better team in terms of overall play even though we created the better chances to win the match. Personally i think Namibia are the only team that has tested us & somehow exposed our weaknesses…I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion

      • shoots from there!! says:

        @dynamite…i agree. They played a 4-4-2 and matched us on the wings while beating us in midfield. I dont know why our fullbacks don’t play passes into midfield instead opt to hit it down the line always. At times you could even see that malama was free in midfield but silwamba still opted to hit it down the channels……..and once the channels were sealed off by Namibia, we ran out of ideas.

    • Leo says:

      Did you watch the game? Or you were watching thru zamfoot? The performance was pathetic
      Kicking and clearing the ball to who it may concern
      Wada has only one system running with wing play which Namibia mastered well and neutralized Mulenga n Mbewe
      Am happy ka silwimba will not play in the quarter finals but he is better than ka kapumbu
      This chap I don’t know what Wada sees in him all attacking were coming thru that channel
      Malama had to help the left back
      This team performed ama labishi

  4. Mwebantu says:

    We have let Namibia “Ukudelela!”

  5. km says:

    There are no underdogs These days

  6. Soccerguru says:

    U Zambian fans are dreamers. You honestly think Zambia is that good that u expect to outplay Nambia??? Jokers

  7. 90minutes says:

    Congratulations to the chipolopolo, they did what they could, Namibians are strong and faster than us, Friday Samu is far from national team team, I don’t expect to see him in the national team soon. Otherwise well done to our boys

  8. Moze says:

    Don’t forget that there is betting …getting thru to the semi finals depends on the syndicate … With the way the game was played yesterday ….I doubt very much if they want to go any further …. Its either we get the money or play to win …..complete the sentence….

  9. amk says:

    It wasnt an excitung game tho we drew and that kind of play with yet another organised team sudan will go no where

  10. Anita says:

    That was a very poor performance by Zambia. We were just kicking the ball up front. No system at all. We don’t have ball players in midfield that’s why we can only score through counters. We should not lie to ourselves that our team is very strong, far from it.

  11. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    useless performance

  12. Tony mash says:

    The rebuilding process will collapse anytime soon if the technical team doesnot take a bold decision. Ziyo tembo , adrian chama and kondwani they are too old . Yesterday they were badly exposed. They lacked pace and sence of agency. The technical bench owe us an explanation about what they are expecting from these players and why they not giving chance to performing players. The policy of none performing and indiscipline should apply with immediate effect. Show fuckson kapumbu , kondwani, chama exit door and brink back mbola, munthali, katebe, sinkala , kabaso and billy mutale. Apart from the abovementioned you can also add value with the under 20 boys.

  13. HardBullZ says:

    Sudan will be very hard to beat , unless they themselves lose confidence in themselves . Our midfield of only defensive midfielders plus wingers had no creativity . I though this is a game the coach should have used to expose other players he carried so that they shine and compete for a starting line-up. Anyway , he has his own philosophy , he is not the first local gaffer who has feared making changes , I remember the late Bamfuchile also failing to make a sub at the AFCON claiming he didn’t want to disturb the rhythm of the game. The way Sudan play is similar to Namibia’s and they play long balls with strategic target men , they also shoot accurately from a distance – in short they are a good team which is hard to beat.

  14. km says:

    Why sate sate was dropped I can’t understand. Because Friday Samu is not a good striker. Personally, Friday samu is not a material for national team.Hes the material for buffalos. Our coach should try Chanda mushili.

  15. kensplash says:

    That was chipantepante football at it’s highest level, and not even a secondary school team can display such a disjointed performance. I kept wondering as what was going on in the team for them to play the way they did. We lacked composure and every other ingredient that makes up a good performance. What we need mostly in that team is a ball distributor. We can’t have a whole midfield comprising of defenders, then who is going to create for the strikers? Hence, chipantepante at work. We cannot afford to rely only on our wingers to create goals for us, we need diversity play in the team. The coaches must wake up before we play Sudan who are equally no pushovers. That performance yena awe twakaaana!!

  16. you people you dont know zambia we are getting the cup

  17. kamwa says:

    Remember that this same team made us qualify for CHAN only Mwila and Shonga are absent, we miss these 2. Remember also that the same defense was our backbone during World Cup Qualifications in most recent matches with Algeria and Nigeria only for the absence of Mweene and Sunzu. The match with Namibia will help the bench to plan well for the upcoming CAF Qualifiers…

  18. STUMPY says:

    we were pathetic and predictable yesterday. we made namibia look like our classmates.

  19. Bsimms says:

    Chipolopolo must up!their game against Sudan. Otherwise back home on sunday

  20. Brian Silungwe says:

    The Only Thing We Lack (Us Fans) Is “ADVISE”. Lets Avoid Heaping Blames On Individuals, We Ar All Human Beings Who Ar Entitled To Make Mistakes. Therefore, Players Can Make Mistakes Even The Coach And The Entire Tecncal Bench. One Philosopher Said ” The Only Person Who Does Not Make Mistakes, Is The One Who Does Nothing”. Fingerpointing, Namecalling And Insults Won’t Take us Anywhere. Lets Give Them Full Support By; (1) Advising Them Where We Feel They Have Gone Wrong. (2) Appreciating Them For The Good Performance Not Only Good But Also For The Poor Performance. Lets Not Just Expect Positives But Negatives Also. Surely, It Was Not Easy To Penetrate The Namibian Defense But Our Copper Bullets Managed. Infact, Lucky Favoured Namibia. I Dedicate This Song To All Soccer Fans ” If U Cant Say Something Good About Somebody Ooohh Shut Up”

  21. JOHN LUNGU says:

    go! zambia!! go!!! zambia!!! to win morrocco 2 .0

  22. LBJ says:

    & preparation for any tournament is very important!Where did Zambia prepare from before going for a tournament?& Kapumbu only knows to attack & through INs not defending iyooo

  23. LBJ says:

    hop to do better next game!We need a very good technical bench to advise our players & the coach!

  24. zimbakelvin@gmail.com says:

    is treu titenga cup

  25. salt says:

    Walasa! u r rit bro we need to give credit were its due our chipolopolo did so well despite poor performance during namibia game. “GO ZAMBIA GO”

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