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Chambeshi: We want to redeem ourselves

Nkana football club will be hoping to re-write history when they welcome San Pedro of Ivory Coast in the confederations cup 1st leg at Nkana Stadium tomorrow.

When asked about his overview so far coach beston said “we had a short Run in the champions league but we hope to redeem ourselves because the team is intact, the team has worked on endurance and energy.

We played simba Sports Club and have worked on our mistakes, chambeshi also touched on the importance of the supporters.

We have have the 12th player who are the supporters one would say we have an upper hand but we need to put in the work on the field of play.

“so far so good with the preparations we have taken the level of training higher it’s the same competition just at a different stages he said”

The last time the wusakile boys took on an Ivorian side was in 2014 were they drew 1-1 against Sewe sports in the same competition.


12th January 2019

Nkana Vs San Pedro

13th January 2019

Zesco united Vs kaizer chiefs.

5 Comments to Chambeshi: We want to redeem ourselves

  1. Kopala says:

    You just have to win you are representing all the Zambian Soccer Teams from amarture through all the divisions to the premier league. You just have to win mudala we are behind you even if am a yellow fan

    • Dynamite says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m equally a Power fan but our rivalry for now is shelved, this is a national assignment! Good Luck Kalampa!

      • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

        “I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m equally a Power fan but our rivalry for now is shelved, this is a national assignment! Good Luck Kalampa!???

        What was the other one?? A District assignment

        Dynamite I respect you but one I differ. How do support failure. Kulabe belapo, otherwise ni same story na next year. Ku beba fye period. Tabo mfwa aba ama Guys. Years are going

  2. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Zambian football clubs, their coaches, players and Management need to get serious once and for all. It can’t be right that we are now reduced to completely nothing. Zambian football has reached its bottom. If Zambian football was Lake Mweru, Kariba or Bangweulu, there would be nothing left other than water and sand. No fish and not even crocodiles
    It is a shame how our standards have nosedived within a few years. From African Champions, Champions’ league Group stage participants (Zesco in this case) to rubbish and we are still hoping. Let us face facts and admit we have a problem and not a small one for that matter. The big question is what has gone wrong??

    Answer is simple. NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ANOTHER ONE. It is the, I know it all idiocy that has destroyed Zambian football. Kamanga is a disgrace, but as usual everyone is silent until things go wrong one more then dogs will be at it. Sorry my language, just don’t know what language we shall use in order for the fools at FAZ to understand.

    President Lungu must fire Kamanga and the whole FAZ, and let FIFA ban Zambia if they feel so, as there is no difference as the situations is now. We are better off that way in my opinion. If FIFA intervene then late they fund ba FAZ

    It can’t be right for sure 55 years after independence we still can’t think or see what is wrong. Yashani??? Awe cha chilamo
    If it is just matter participation, then let this be known to whole country

    Ukulusa ukawa muyayaya, disgusting

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