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Chambeshi sends Zambia to Cosafa Semis with win over Namibia

The Zambia national soccer team has qualified to the semi finals of the 2018 regional Cosafa Cup tournament after they beat a stubborn Namibia side 4-3 on post match penalties.

This was after the two side played out to a goalless draw in regulation time.

Caretaker coach Beston Chambeshi named a less familiar line-up giving Benson Sakala, Shemmy Mayembe, Kelvin Mubanga and Martin Sikaonga their first full caps.

It’s was a low profile first half with both teams failing to create meaningful chances in front of goal and Nsabata going into the break without making a save.

Zambia’s best chance of the first half fell to Lazarous Kambole who was played through by Jack Chirwa but he ballooned his effort in the box under pressure.

Zambia were looking the more likely team to score after the restart with Clatous Chama pulling the strings and eventual man of the match Kelvin Mubanga coming more into the game.

Mbaeva in the Namibia goal looked busy; first having to tip a Mubanga long range shot over the bar in the 54th minute before he pulled off a brilliant save in the 59th minute to deny John Chingandu who had found himself with only the keeper to beat.

With the game looking unlikely to produce a goal, Chambeshi introduced Ronald Kampamba in the 70th minute for less effective John Chingandu and later brought on Collins Sikombe for Mubanga but his charges could still not the break.

But it was Namibia who counter attacked with 6 minutes to play. Ziyo was beaten on the edge of the box and a curled low shot was only kept out by the agile Nsabata to help see the game end nil all.

Namibia missed their first two penalties with Nsabata saving the first one well.

Zambia were on target with Sikombe, Chirwa, Nsabata,) and Chama while Kambole saw his effort come off the upright.

The result sees the Chipolopolo storm the semi finals and will await the winner between South Africa and Madagascar.

Zambia XI v Namibia
Toaster Nsabata – Shemmy Mayembe, Martin Sikaonga, Billy Mutale, Ziyo Tembo – Benson Sakala, Jack Chirwa – Clatous Chama, Kelvin Mubanga, John Chingandu – Lazarous Kambole

17 Comments to Chambeshi sends Zambia to Cosafa Semis with win over Namibia

  1. 90minutes says:

    John chingandu is probably the reason Zesco is failing to replicate the 2016 team. I wonder what couches sees in this guy who always balloons the ball weather at club level or national level. John chingandu plays like a school boy always over the bar or far from the bar shoots. Zescos Woe’s will be reduces should they fix the John chingandu equation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    John chingandu and Jack chilwa the are palookas drop them. Start with sate sate.

  3. Dynamite says:

    To be honest i dont know how Zambia managed to go past Namibia. The football was not good at all. Penalties any one can win but Zambia has alot of work to do

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lets be honest zambia played well. The could move the ball around the problem is striking force chama is marvel to watch. This Jack chilwa need to improve he loose position so easily.

  5. Tony mash says:

    Guyz lets be realistic. This team is new and they are playing together for the first time. They managed to win. This is a well balanced team. They were attacking with four player. Chingandu, kambole, kampamba and chama. They need to gel first and they will start scoring. One thing i like about this team they have no rotten players except ziyo tembo. They should discontinue from fielding him.

  6. tatu Saad says:

    Plz Ba zambia find a proper Jersey not that comboni type

  7. CRESPO says:

    The team is ok ,I feel the coach would have included two speedy wingers like Charles Zulu and Ernest mbewe to provide closes for our top man.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The weaknesses I identified.

    Defense: It allowed easy penetration by opponents on the wings.Billy Mutale has this problem of tripping himself down while not marked.
    Danger posed : with easy wing penetration the opponent will capitalize dearly and float the ball into the ‘box’ on many occasions, thus increasing the probability to put a few past the goalie.
    With Billy’s problem, an acute tactician would go for fast paced strikers with the predator instinct( imagine Dennis Lota – MHSRP or Langson Phiri playing in the opposition side and having realized this weakness, bassop).
    Possible solution: use wingers who more often drop to help in defense.
    Two defensive midfielders must be deployed in a formation that selfishly protects Mutale in his sweeping role.

    Midfield : The midfield flopped to launch a decisive attacks when it looked more like it was time to do so.Instead they resorted to back passing and Chirwa did that more often than his mates.

    Disadvantage : It helps the opponent to recover and reduces your chances of scoring. If you can’t attack them when they are exposed at the back you will see less of their weaknesses.

    Possible solution: an imposing, bulldozing, nimble footed and sharp shooting attacking midfielder could fit in well. It looks like the entire Zambia does not have one ( green buffaloes has some fellows who are close to that).

    Weakness: They do not position themselves well for breaking from the defense. They do not position themselves well to shoot.They do not trouble the backline and neither do they shoot.

    Disadvantage: the defense of the opposition becomes confident and will be solid.The role of a striker is not to score goals only.A striker’s presence must pose a threat and unsettle the opponent – leading to change in shape/ formation. The strikers can also attract attention of the most effective markers – leading to displacement.

    Possible solution:Reseved.I will be observing them in the next game.

    NB :I have trust in the current care taker coach. He will definitely solve these problems before the qualifiers through infusing players who are abroad.The former U20 players are available for selection. Above all the other players in diaspora will be available for selection too. Building a team is ongoing. Kudos to baBeston.

  9. Prolific Winger says:

    For a new team playing together for the first time, i must say it wasn’t a bad performance. The team looked balanced. Players like mayembe, B.sakala and B. Mutale showed they have a future…

  10. Pungwa says:

    We do not have strikers. how many chances will Sate Sate get to prove himself ?

  11. Kasama Boy says:

    The Team is okay since they are playing together for the first time. The fact that they still have 2 more games to play regardless of the result means they have time to gel and develop telepathy.
    I am just worried about the back passes. I feel some of them were unnecessary. We need a defence splitting midfielder who can put those balls into spaces instead of sending them backwards all the time. Sending the ball backwards always allows the opposition defence time to regroup and stabilise even when they are un-balanced and beatable.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am not disputing, they played well, however, it tires the team if the midfielders efforts are being ballooned the John chingandu way. I am not just on him, but truth be told, one on one with the goal keeper, Chingandu will do his over the bar styles which Kambila is slowly following suit.

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. tatu saad says:

    We are running a competative league in africa now,we ve also attracted many foreign players from other african countries but am still suprised that even clubs have better structures than our nation team,quality of jeyseys are pathetic……buildco ,green eagles have better jeyseys to mention a few…coming to our national teams(U20)too slow and un organised ,we will be exposed when we play Burundi(cosafa)too wasteful when it comes to scoring chances(senior team)too many try an errow selection….if ng’onga is still in the team then we need a sangoma…..B mwila is better of ,he needs to well coached and given chance …..we also need a coach for the nation team argently

  15. kensplash says:

    A lot of back passes and lack of wing play characterized our type of play,and above all our strikers were not clinical(with Kambole being the main culprit). These are the areas our coach must work on before we play our next game with a lot of emphasis on wing play which Nyirenda almost perfected( just bringing out the fact).

  16. Anonymous says:

    the coach shud work on strikers and defenders

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