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Chambeshi: We ‘ll work on the loopholes


Zambia Under-20 coach Beston Chambeshi has said his ‘Dream Team’ will work on the loopholes which allowed the Germans to come back into the game.

And the Nkana legend has lauded the contribution of Edward ‘Tiger’ Chilufya who came of the bench to set up Zambia’s equaliser.

“They (Germans) had a strong team, physically they are good but tactically at least my team was better. We capitalized on that and I am happy with the way they (Zambia) are playing,” Chambeshi said

The Lumwana Radiants coach also took note of the Germans direct football as they went route one.

“We scored three goals in the second half which is a sign that we have a sharp frontline and of course did not expect that Germany will play those long balls and it was not easy for my players but thanks we have won the match.

“…today was a knockout, the most important thing was about qualifying, and then we will plan for the next game,” he said.

“It is a win but there are some loopholes where we have to improve but there are some good things too.”

“We brought in Edward Chilufya and he brought in life and we equalized,” he said.

The Zambia U-20 now awaits the winner between Italy and France in Monday’s quarter final clash.

18 Comments to Chambeshi: We ‘ll work on the loopholes

  1. Ngake says:

    Don’t get me wrong we appreciate the coach and are not saying his useless. Just saying the man needs to read the game at the exact moment it’s being played. The boys are playing excellent attacking football going forward, however, Beston himself needs to reorganise his team according to the game. For instance, Boyd Musonda becomes a complete spectator at certain points in the game adding little value going forward or defending. Then in the last 5 minutes of the 90 yesterday, the Germans were just hoofing the ball forward, they pitched that tall black guy in the middle of our half and he was knocking every high ball into the box. They then sent 4 to 5 attackers in our box to feed off the knock downs. Exact tactics we always saw with Stoke City (Allan Pardew days) firstly we could not stop the knockdowns that guy won every high ball, then secondly we did not flood the box with defensive minded players, we just kept playing the same way. I hate jumping on band wagons but Beston almost cost us the game yesterday.

  2. soccerguru says:

    Ngake….I couldn’t have put it better ….u are also wise…One day….u will be a guru like me

  3. Vinkubala says:

    At times it’s easy to notice mistakes more especially when you are an arm chair coach. Get into the thick of things that’s when you will notice how hard it is out there as a real coach. We are all different in terms of analysing games. The most important thing is to win and not criticise.

    • Chimpombwa says:

      The coach is on the pitch, we are in árm chairs. Theres nothing wrong with pointing out something when its eerie. Conceding 2 goals in 10 minutes especially a goal in the 90+4 minute is eerie. The boys are brilliant but so are the other boys in this tournament. We face Italy on Monday, they will watch our game, we will watch theirs, each team will seek to exploit the others weakness. It would be unwise to face the next team without fixing the ‘loop holes’as the coach has pointed out.

  4. its true soccer is easy if you’re just watching but as a coach you sometimes feel like if you make a change you may disturb the team spirit but I’m sure our coach has learnt something from the mistakes made in yesterday’s game considering the fact that we’re playing against world class teams like Germany etc hope the loopholes were fixed yesterday tomorrow never comes
    congratulations chambeshi.

  5. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    apa nomba ni Zambia vs Italy again 1988 revenge mwaitamba ka

  6. Billy says:

    Boyd Musonda was very useless in the game against Germany. Umu guys wamungulu sana. He thinks he can score long ball goals instead of passing the ball to scorers. He overrated himself too much. I wonder why Chambeshi still keeps this guy in the first team. Musonda should focus on his defensive role of doing the “dirty” work covering the defenders. He was not doing that in the game against Germany. That’s why our defense was under pressure from the Germany striking force. So the coach should look at that. Also complacency crept in. We could have scored 5 to 6 goals against Germany had it not been for complacency from attackers. Also Mr Coach should learn to read the game. You should have introduced in a defender when Zambia was leading 3-1 with 4 minutes to go to kill of the game and waste a few seconds off the game which you did not do thus allowing Germany to come back to equalize. Tactically Mr Chambeshi was poor in this game.

  7. Seen from afar says:

    Nothing the coach should have done, the substitutions were good.

    But this victory should have a been a clean bashing of germany instead it turned into a dogfight.
    The players need to sure up defense at 2 up. Everybody get behind the ball, shepard the ball out of play, nobody try make tackles that could result in the player going by you or giving away a foul on the edge of the box.

    Team must learn this.

  8. Kasama Boy says:

    Zambian players must develop “Game delaying and time eating strategies.” when we went 3-1,with about 4 minutes to go, there was need to change the approach to the game. Sadly, we continued playing as if we were the ones chasing the game.
    Germany has in the past reversed such scores. they even reversed a 3-0 against Japan in one World Cup, in two world Cups they reversed ama 2-0.

    All in all and what is important is that we won against some of the best football teams under the sun and we continue soldiering on.

    What is so unbelievable, encouraging and elating is the passion of the Zambia U20. I felt very touched to see Fashion Sakala crying after being substituted. That shows you the boy feels he has forsaken his colleagues, by not performing to his ultimatum. To me he did and has done wonders throughout.
    Keep the spirit bane, and God bless.

  9. Don says:

    Don’t 4get to practice penalty kicks on your training program. All the best !

  10. Mwebantu says:

    My version of guru is “ingulu!” Also, @Ngake, thank you for your criticism, remember these are crucial games and Germany is a highly technical team, this was worth a praise for both the team and the coach. Packing the 18 is good but a penalty can also be a drawback in such situations.

  11. Kuku says:

    Beston chambeshi is a good coach.

  12. Chali says:

    The coach needs to improve tactically. The issue of Boyd being a passenger in the midfield. Conceding two goals without making an effort in delaying the match.these point to the coach to make a call.Against Italy, pleaase unsettle them with 2 quick goals, otherwise if they score first and then play on the counter, Zambia may not survive

  13. aggrey says:

    zambia goes to the semis agaist the usa team

  14. aggrey says:

    remeber italian footbl is about one goal then defend, the whole 90 mnts cn finish wt a goal. careful boys. goooooaaaaalllllll!!!!!!!

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