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Chambeshi justifies ‘questionable’ call ups

Chipolopolo care taker coach Beston Chambeshi has explained the logic behind his ‘questionable’ team selection for the just ended three day camp. Chambeshi explained that the young players made the country proud during the last U20 World Cup despite some of them not featuring for their clubs hence he can not throw them away just like that.

“Our aim was to bring them back, These boys did our country proud when they went to the World Cup there is no way we can just throw them away. Whenever we call up a camp we can call thirty maybe four or three can come from U20 or U23 so that we keep them going,” He said.

“As you have seen some of them are now playing at their clubs but it’s not their fault all we just need is to monitor them so that we see how ready they are and they have shown. I have seen Muchindu, I have see Mangani and it’s good for the country there is no way you can throw away such players after reaching that far,” He added.

Chambeshi said they were still waiting on Zesco United players who they still have room for. The Nkana boss also revealed that they were monitoring Ziyo Tembo who is out with Malaria.

“We are coming back with the same players because we waiting on Zesco United whose players we had to release because of the continental engagement that they had. We will also add maybe one or two Players, Ziyo Tembo is out with sickness so we are waiting to see if he recovers in time he might join us ” He said.

Zambia will join the 2018 COSAFA tournament at the quarter final stage where they will face Namibia in the 2nd of June. The tournament will be held in Limpopo, South Africa.


20 Comments to Chambeshi justifies ‘questionable’ call ups

  1. Mulenga Pulu says:

    Quicksilver is as much a joke as wada remember they failed together

  2. Mulenga Pulu says:

    Who has been wadas assistant as wada failed?is this how you choose a national team?check the team Zimbabwe has called that’s national team selection …Ak is killing chipolopolo

  3. Tony mash says:

    Well said coach. Give chance to young stars. Zimbabwe they call a full strength to defend the title. Thats a foolish move. This tournament its for developmental purpose..

  4. Pulu mulenga says:

    We need to develop a strong local side …developmental tournaments are u 23 u 20 u 17 etc

  5. km says:

    Well said coach, you don’t throw players just like that. I like your stance, you are building a strong u23. Even from zesco, pick up,young players such as logic chingandu,kambole, silwimba not old legs. Please coach,stick to your selection. Will support you.They should always be ways to help these players gain momentum. This is exactly what GERMAN does.they don’t throw away young talent. Your parental heart towards these young players will be rewarded.

  6. BigSteve 4rm SA says:

    I wonder how some people find it ok to call a coach a joke because he is blending youth with the senior players…how else are you expected to achieve growth in the team? Time and time again over the years this is the one tournament that has afforded us an opportunity to identify new talent, al the Chris Katongo’s, Justin Shonga’s etc were identified through this tournament and now you want Zambia to take a full strength squad of only the known players and not afford a chance to the unknowns to showcase their ability so that there is growth in the team and also so that the coaches increase the talent pool. C’mon guys the coach is spot on here, this is a developmental and talent identification.

    • Pulu mulenga says:

      This guy has picked bench warmers muchindu doesn’t play at Nkana were Beston is coach yet he is calling him for national duty even if it’s to blend youths they should be in form

  7. Ngake says:

    Okay lets put a bit of meat to the topic and not just blab. Lets face it this team will not go past the quarterfinals. i would have brought in at least 4 pros (fringe international players) to beef the team up and make us more competitive no matter who we meet in the tournament. Developing is also about confidence. Continous losses drain confidence. Which is why a developing boxer is given fights he can win initially to develop confidence. Here is my list for selection:
    1. Goalkeepers – i would retain Toaster and use this to give him more confidence. The goalkeepers picked are in-experienced at this level and will surely blunder.
    2. Full backs – experiment only on one wing. Bring in an E Mbola and give him another try as he is still young. Experiment on the other wing.
    3. Central defense – he has picked Ziyo and Billy no problem there.
    4. Central midfield – B Sakala and N Sunzu (Sunzu could be shaky as he is young, i would have brought in Salulani Phiri of Polokwane to beef this area up, this is also a vulnerable area in the senior team, so plan to develop these guys to play full internationals after the tournament)
    5. Wings – Charles Zulu left, Clatous on the right. no problems there though I would have brought Lubambo and given him a tournament to prove himself.
    6. Strikers – do not like the players selected. Ronald Kampamba is not international material. I would select B Mwila he is more experienced than the other guys selected even as a local. i would also bring in Saith Sakala from Saudi Arabia and give him a run. Their league is now in recess.

    • BigSteve 4rm SA says:

      Going back to my point, at what point do we stop playing names and have developmental focused tournaments to build talent and increase the selection pool?

      Just to respond

      1. Goal keeper – despite not being his clubs first or even second choice Mangani was brilliant at the world cup and even in the games and tournaments leading to the world cup. At what point do you build on this brilliance if at a tournament like COSAFA you are still looking at tried and tested goalies like Toaster? yes Toaster should be there only as cover if the young man gets overwhelmed but this is the best kind of tournament to build the young man.
      2. Midfield you say Sunzu is shaky, if not at a tournament like Cosafa please tell me were you will have a chance to build him up to first team level to lose his shakiness? Is it not best to use this opportunity to build the lad into a dependable national team player?

      It is nice to win COSAFA but truth be told I would rather have COSAFA develop a pool of players for me that will be strong enough to take me to the world cup than just keep winning COSAFA. Its a nice have but lets look at the bigger picture and use this tournament to develop the fringe players even the ones who are already internationals and yet are still national team fringe players.

      Playing names got us kicked out of the world cup qualifiers and has us on the back foot in the Afcon qualifiers but we want to keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

      • Ngake says:

        Some of your comments back up my statement such as “use this tournament to develop the fringe players even the ones who are already internationals and yet are still national team fringe players”. Read my earlier statement again to see.
        So in a nutshell no one is against development not me or you. However we need to be intelligent about how we do things that is my point. You don’t make wholesale changes. You change with focus.

        1. Fuse experienced and inexperienced – if you are going to have an inexperienced full backs use an experienced goalkeeper. The one will look to cover for the others lack of experience. Even at work you do not send an inexperienced team alone. You give them a senior. Only once they can stand alone you leave them. Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe are sending experienced teams and you need to hold your own by the way. If you get baptised the whole deck of cards falls apart.
        2. Player exposure is tricky at national team. Progress gets destroyed when players come up against formidable opponents, they can regress such as John Mwengani or even Adrian Chama. Off course you need to expose players but limit playing anything more than three inexperienced players at the same time. Beston may have to field five or six inexperienced players in his first team at this tournament.
        3. What is the main goal at the moment? building first team or building cosafa team or building under-23 team or what? we are all over the place with our planning. Build the first team completely if you ask me, only after this is done should you build a second team. Right now our A team is still under construction. Our B team (under-23) is also under construction. We have no full backs to rely on, our central midfield is also weak.Kondwani Mtonga is getting slow and showing his age. Focus on that.
        4. Build on previous selection. Not everything wada did is bad. We sent a team to cosafa last year where are the defenders we used? Shamujompa? Lawrence Chungu? and where are the goalkeepers? we are now sending another batch and when they get beaten we will try another batch next year. Plans should show progess.

        So in a nutshell this is what we have to work with based on Bestons current selection:

        1. inexperienced goalkeeper.
        2. inexperienced wingbacks.
        3. inexperienced midfield pairing.
        4. inexperienced attack combination

        Needless to say this is asking for trouble.

  8. Pulu mulenga says:

    Ngake u right this team will be lucky to even go passed Namibia

  9. pundit says:

    local coaches kuwayawaya fye these guys are motivated by emmotions look you cant jstfy bring pepertual bench warmers to the national team based on there past form at a youth tounaments this z being dull and so unprofessional if the tounament is developmental why are we seeing some already experienced and established players in there late 20s if not 30s..this z now confuseing and paradoxicol!!!!

  10. pundit says:

    we cant just throw them away?? Who z throwing who Beston z a coach at Nkana i have not seen him use Boston or Nyondo jst advise these young players to find teams were they can feature regular instead of giving them platform at national team..wat proud did they do wen they didnt win the cup or even semii finals

  11. Ngake says:

    Local coaches in Zambia are being exposed for their incompetence. Unfortunately, the fans and players are paying the price. Not a single one of these coaches seems competent!

  12. chilu says:

    What about Jacob ngulube? Beston doesnt use him at nkana
    but he wants to use him at the national team. No sense!

  13. tasman says:


  14. Mulenga Pulu says:

    The incompetence of our local coaches is honestly appalling shocking and suprising

  15. km says:

    What are you going to say if they perform well.Lets wait and see.I just hope you are not wishing the young boys doom.Personally Ave no problem with the selection. I also Ave respect to your opinion,

  16. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    If Chambeshi, has selected players that he is not using in the first team at his club to play for Zambia, this is an insult to deserving players who are playing week in and week out at their clubs. This would never happen in the rest of the world, only in Zambia of course. It is pure madness and I don’t understand how ba FAZ can remain mute on this one.

    A player cannot be in form without playing regularly at his club, never. This pathetic

    It is time Govt assisted ba FAZ by employing a foreign coach be it from within Africa or anywhere else

    Chambeshi why don’t use these bench warmers at your own club????

  17. Mwebantu says:

    Quicksilver is better than Wada!

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