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Chambeshi happy with North Africa outing

The Zambia Nationa Team Concluded its three International friendly match tour with a big 4-1 loss at the hands of AfCON Bound Ivory Coast in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. The match was Chipolopolo’s final game of the tour of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Chipolopolo assistant Coach Beston Chambeshi expressed happiness with the tour stating that it has been a good outing which gave exposure to the first-timers and showed them what to expect when called for National duty.

“It has been a good outing we have played Some of the big teams in Africa, this trip has been an exposure to the young players the likes of Gamphani, Charles and paul it has been a learning phase despite it not being easy we just need to support them,” he said.

“We Could not Hold on to the lead this was due to the luck of Coordination and Morocco was physically fit and Ziyo Tembo was Limping so it was hard,” he added.

The tour was an invitation by the Royal Morocco Football Federation who were preparing for the Africa Cup of Nations. Zambia started their tour with a 2-1 loss to Cameroon before beating Morocco 3-2 and finally suffering a 4-1 humiliation at the hands of Ivory Coast.

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8 Comments to Chambeshi happy with North Africa outing

  1. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    And these are the types of coaches Faz and government want to engage.. Coaches who are clueless and useless

  2. Larry says:

    That’s the difference between North-African football and West-African football

  3. Kutumba Sikota says:

    If there is one thing Chambeshi has never known and lacks in his coaching is to put up a good defence. Look back at his record with the Under 20. People might argue that he won games but that’s because the team scored more and not because of the defence. At Nkana it’s the same thing and you can also see that in the team’s performance in the Confederations cup nkana always conceded alot of goals. At the senior national team it’s the same pattern. His teams will always leak goals and on a particular day if his strikers don’t score enough then the team is likely to lose coz the opposition will likely score more. It was the case in the Cameroon game, the Morocco game(except this time the strikers scored more but we could have conceded more too if Morocco were clinical) and the Ivory coast match as well. We can’t afford to have a coach who is as inept as Chambeshi in his defensive tactics to lead the national team. Case in point the Under20 world cup in 2017 is typical of how chambeshi plays, that is,Score and concede more. Zam~Italy(2-3), Zam-Germany(4-3). If he can work on his defensive tactics rather than conceding every time his team scores trust me we will be getting a great coach in Chambeshi. Until then, Beston isn’t ready! I rest my case.

  4. Kensplash says:

    I know it hurts to lose but at least this time around Faz managed to organise some quality friendly games. This is a trend that needs to continue. We can always have a good team if this team is merged with the cosafa Winning team. I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Anonymous says:

      ” The tour was an invitation by the Royal Morocco Football Federation who were preparing for the Africa Cup of Nations.”

  5. John says:

    I have never seen so much stubbornness from these local coaches. Kindly get this through your heads there is no wing back in the zambian league. Why are you failing to call emmanuel mbola who is only 26 and has been playing in europe for 10 years. What is wrong with you? The following players need to be included or assessed

    1. Emmanuel Mbola (Left back, Israel)
    2. Mwenya Chibwe (Goal keeper, Polokwane City) this guy wants to play for Zambia
    3.Frankie Chisenga(defender, England)
    4. Valance Nambishi (Defender, Denmark)

    The zambian defence is porous and weak and needs reshuffling. Mwenya Chibwe and Mwange must replace those two useless keepers that played these friendlies. Mbola should be recalled immediately. Mwange as it stands is the new number one goal keeper but Mwenya Chibwe should be given his chance. He really wants to play for Zambia and has said it so many times on social media.

  6. Sibs says:

    Good analysis Bo Sikota. Our local Coaches haven’t reached a level where the tactically and technically able to read the game at a high level. H. Renard was able to lead Zambia to it’s first major trophy by reading his opponents style of play and plot against them. The Ghana and Ivory Coast (Afcon Semi Final & Final) games are a good example of what Im talking about.

    It’s not just about coaching and then select 11 players to play. B.C needs to instill discipline in his team.

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