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Chambeshi: Bravo to my boys! They didn’t give up!

Zambia Under-20 Beston Chambeshi has praised his boys for not giving up in the CAF Under-20 African Cup of Nations semi final match against arch-rivals South Africa.

And the ‘Quicksilver’ has said that Zambia will play to win in the final and has no preference with regards to an opponent.

Despite scoring 19 goals between them, South Africa changed their game plan as they opted to be compact at the back and try to hit Zambia on the break.

“Congratulations to them but I also say bravo to my players who did not give up and wanted to score to qualify before penalties. It was a very good match and either team could have won,” Chambeshi told reporters at Heroes Stadium after the match.

“For the final, we have no preference whatever the opponent we will play to win it,” Chambeshi added

Zambia will now play the winner of Thursday’s other semi-final between Senegal and Guinea in Ndola in Sunday’s final, whilst South Africa faces the loser in the battle for bronze.

Chambeshi also took time to praise Amajita.

“South Africa caused us a lot of problems. They had a very good defensive organization that prevented us from developing our attacks.

Meanwhile South African Under-20 coach Thabo Senang has said Zambia are the tournament favourites.

“Congratulations to Zambia who just qualified for the final, but the match could have gone the other direction. Tonight, the two teams were close to each other and I told my players not to be afraid.

“We played well but it was Zambia that won. They are the tournament favourites and that’s why we did not hesitate to play against them towards having a good preparation for this tournament.

“All the games that will be played will serve as preparation for the players. I am proud of them and this team has made so much progress.

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  1. soccerguru says:

    Beston u are a chicken of a coach….your friend has strategy. ….u are just living off the talent of the boys and the crowd support. ….u r tactics are WEAK. …..u r have always been a coward of a coach both at Power and Nkana which is why u failed there….too afraid to try something different

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      Somehow I agree with you, South Africa had a VERY EFFECTIVE counter plan on how to deal with Zambia and it really worked well almost paid off, what was our plan? The boys played as boys naturally to make sure we win we didnt seem like there was plan in place as SA strickers were still roaming around our post like hungry wolves. Lucky enough Amajita ran out of steam in the extra time and rarely went to our side or it was again a tactical move of their coach to just go for penalties, whatever the reason, SA had a well set plan. Actually the first 90mim i would give give it to SA entirely and mind you they are the visitors thats our home ground but they took control of us thru and thru. Shame. But congrates to our boys for their resilience.


      @soccerguru I know you are a good analyst but on this one you missed the mark as the tactical approach Beston used was a metamorphic kind of approach where you instruct your Boys to drastically change the formation to counter the opposition as you know purely that your opponent know you very well so sticking to one tactical approach would be detrimental. Amajita are very tactically disciplined this due to structure they have in place country-wide, most of those boys you saw are identified at an early age and taught most theoretical aspects of soccer at a tender age. I am saying this because I know South Africa very well. Back in the day when we played ichimpombwa we used to call this approach “chipantepante” it is very difficult to score against very skilled chipantepantes unless you have sharp and articulate strikers, the Arabs mostly use this kind of style and that’s why Zambia struggles to beat them.
      I had predicted with my observations that Guinea were going to win against Mali and they did, Chipolopolo were going to win if they did not under-estimate Amajita and they won, the same Chipolopolo will win the Cup if they play like warriors giving their whole forsaking all the wins they have had and go into that game as pure newbies seeking for glory but pumped up with the thorough knowledge of their opponent.

  2. Pungwa says:

    Congratulations ama Be. Lesson one in tactics – after scoring that goal, we only had a few minutes before the end of the game . what to do ? pack the defence, let everyone drop and only leave Patson Daka upfront ! but we continued playing an open game as though we are in the first half. Renard would cane you for that !

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      😀 ….yeah Renard would slap you! Honestly we had no plan, I even wondered what we were doing 6 players up front trying to score another, just as i commented above we were just lucky Amajita ran out of steam in extra time otherwise they would have counter-attacked in last 10min if they had that zeal and enough fuel in their tanks.

  3. sade says:

    Soccerguru tell us which tactics did you want to use???

  4. serenje says:

    whatever happened we only needed a win but players need to be cautioned. In that game each one of them wanted to score no wander the wasted some chances. Up front it was more of individual football. Then this team is an attacking team i think they will be known for that. Even if they have scored they keep pumping up

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      Exactly thats my obseravtion too, the last 10min it was now like before we end I also want one of my own! That mentality is very dangerous because a very fast counter-attacking team can surprise you. Amajita were just tired they stop counters. But on the other side of the coin I liked their motivation for goals, thats not bad but the technical bench would have told them to slow down, drop and protect the only goal, hard earned goal for that matter.

  5. Egwugwu says:

    Chambeshi was ok the game was tough .what are you saying about the PSG coach?

  6. Kuku says:

    This is a coach and half, Quick Silver. Beston Chambeshi is a serious man. Amajita played like a European side and Zambia played like an African team. It shows you Africa is not too far away from winning the world cup. first game and second game 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1, third and fourth game 4-5-1 transitioning into a 4-4-2. Final? Hopefully Zambia wins it!

  7. Egwugwu says:

    which tactics

  8. I saw moise katumbi in the stands yesterday watching the zambia south africa game let’s hope he is not after our players.my advise to our boys don’t sign for any clubs in Africa particular Tp mazembe,sundown,orlando pirates and zamalek these clubs will disturb your progress.my advise to mr katumbi leave these boys are alone we want these boys to go to europe.there are other players in the league that you can sign players like misheck chaila of zesco,idriss mbombo,fackson kapumbu,fwayo tembo. As for our under20 boys leave them alone please

  9. Our boys should aim to go to europ already the Austrian club Red bull sarsburg is after the signature of Enock mwepu and some egyptian clubs are also after him but he should sign a contract after the world cup

  10. sly says:

    Some people think they are coaches for the U 20. The coach of that team is Beston and the tactics used were his and guess what…….they were perfect. South Africa is good on the ball. Inviting them by resorting to a defensive mode would have increased their chances to score.
    S.A could not afford to attack carelessly as if Zambia’s attack was not potent. The forward surges by Zambia did a lot to pull the S.A attacks to defend. A good example from that match is how often Singh was seen playing defender. Congratulations Silver Fox.

  11. Prince says:

    Well done coach, you will win this tournament and all these armchair critics will turn to glory…though expect many to still call you a fool because some people are just never satisfied no matter how much you work hard to please all stakeholders!

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      True, coach has done a tremendous job that need to make every Zambian happy and proud. These kids are performing and that’s what we all want.

  12. Kasama Boy says:

    Congratulations to Beston and his U20 for taking us to the “Promised land”. Nothing was to fall down like manna from heaven, you sweated, you puffed, but you fought hard.
    Whatever other bloggers say, this game would have changed completely if young Enoch ‘the Computer’ Mwepu had converted that first minute attack. infact that game would have gone either way, pantu even that Pygymy from South Africa Mbatha, ballooned 2 clear shots. Enoch was to ballon a similar one when he went for power. these games are being shoe over and over here in SA. to give you an idea of how Zambia played. Yalikosa fye game.
    Lets now remember that placard, Our Soil, Our Land, Our Cup.
    When you invest it will show.

  13. Samaita says:

    The under twenty team has too many stars. This is the most skillful and talented generation..its going to be difficult for the technical bench to drill the team to play collective football. The coach should also talk to young stars who did not kick the ball so that they wont be demotevated..

  14. Emmanuel Musonda says:

    The boys has made the nation proud again. Go Go boys!!!!! Bravo to Beston Chambeshi and the entire committee. Please remember its not over untill it is over. We are behind you guys

  15. Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

    This is the rebirth of Zambian soccer.Zambian under 20 is going to Seoul in South Korea and it is where Zambia made its history in 1988 by beating Italy by 4 goals to 0.I hope these lads will emulate what Kalusha Bwalya and his company did that time when they go for world cup.As for the finals let us lift this cup.Yesterday Zambia silenced the xenophobic boys and it was a victory for the whole of Africa by not allowing South Africa to go through to the finals.

  16. Will says:

    I agree with Samaita this team has too much talent. it’s like Luchanga does not even exist. Chilufya has been the real revaluation of this tournament. This proves that our coach does not play stars. I liken chilufya to Michael Owen small but very effective he has very good movement. He is very unlucky not to be the top scorer by now. In the first game he scored to clear goes that where wrongly ruled offside.

  17. Egwugwu says:

    @sly i like your analysis to me you know football philosophy not bakawayawaya aba ati beston is pathetic ,who told you?

  18. mwebantu says:

    We call these types of chanting and disrespect as from “Ingulu” demons! Beston, congratulations! You have done us proud! You must know by now why these wailers are antisocial by now and against everything that is right! Please take that spirit of frustration elsewhere! We bind you in the name of Jesus!

  19. mwebantu says:

    Please don’t listen to “Ingulu!”

  20. PHOTON says:

    Abantu as usual trying to outsmart each other. To every reaction there is equal but opposite reaction. So every thread here is highly valued only ‘ ba some of them to stop emiponto ‘ and insulting others. I HAVE RESPECT for sober minded analyst who articulates issues without disrespecting other people just because they differ in opinion. I LOVE U ALL

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