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Chaila, Owino, Chingandu shine at Zesco 2016 awards

In a year when Zesco United achieved their biggest success in Africa, midfielder Misheck Chaila has been named the club’s ayer of the year.

The lanky holding midfielder was instrumental in helping Zesco reach the semi finals of the CAF Champions league.

David Owino bagged two awards, deservedly walking away with the fans award and the chairman’s award.

The Kenyan international was arguably the best central defender in the league.

Midfielder John Chingandu also bagged a brace of awards.

The young attacker left his best performances for the bigger stage as he shined more in the champions league than the local league.

He was named the club’s most valuable player and also the players player of the year.

The rest of the awards:

1. Most Improved Player – Shemmy Mayembe
2. Most Consistent Player – Ben Adama Bahn
3. Most Disciplined Player – Mwelwa Mwape
4. Top scorer – Jesse Jackson Were
5. Most Valuable Player – John Ching’andu
6. Players’ Player – John Ching’andu
7. Player of the Year – Misheck Chaila
8. Fans’ Award – David Owino Odhiambo
9. Chairman’s Award – David Owino Odhiambo

21 Comments to Chaila, Owino, Chingandu shine at Zesco 2016 awards

  1. paradox says:

    Looks like bakandila are being paid a lot of money to praise kalusha and are saying the team that won the cosafa started under kalu.
    bakandila how much are u being paid?

  2. paradox says:

    Paradox is back to zamfoot. bakandile watch out, am back. if u dont know me u will know me…..

  3. As for me I’m here to provide checks and balance I will call a spade a spade

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      lol call spade a spade? Dude have you read some of the nonsense to spill on here? Let me call you out. You are one Kalu cadre that Paradox is talking about and I would not refer you to some check and balances freak, cause you ain’t one. But nice try though, we know all y’all cadres.

  4. The problem with some people on this blogger is that they don’t want to develop the culture of reading. those people you are calling names are right with what they are saying they are some prayers who are in this team were also in the previous team example is patson daka.when we critise kamanga it does not means that we hate him but we want him to do the thing

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Criticize when needed and warranted, not all because of bitterness that crooked Kalu lost and now we have thug Kazala causing havoc at Faz. Some of your critics are plain ignorant even a 4 year old can tell that you morons are still bitter. Faz is way better now with corrupt Kalu gone. Kalu took Faz for granted and you fools kept on living in the past because of Kalu’s playing career which we all appreciated, but that was not a passport to looting for his benefit to living luxuriously in South Africa, while our football was dying in Zambia.

  5. 90minutes says:

    what of Christopher katongo, Isaac chansa who were afcon winners for example, were they not there in the previous team before kalu? if you’re coming from that angle, then your checks and balance has alot of gaps. swallo your pride and Salut Mr kamanga.
    kalu had a lot to hide, while Mr kamanga is practicing transparency type of leadership. zambia was just destined to lift the 2012 afcon with or without kalu.
    after that victory, no one upto now knows were the afcon money went. not talking about the Brazil and Japan match appearance fees equivalent to two million dollars.
    the staff were not paid, owing the Euros stadium management plus the hotels which they didn’t pay.
    dribbling Nike international including the players them selves on payments. is that what you call kalu’s archivements? give Mr kamanga a break he is far much better an administrator than the footballer kalu.

  6. Mr 90 minutes we are talking about the under20 not the senior team here, well if you may wish to know the core of that team that won Afcon in 2012 was built by kalu,chris katongo and isaac chansa were first called by kalu to the national team I don’t want to start comparing the two guys in administration but before you speak out certain things do the research first like I always say on this blogger here that we have the zambian police,the anti corruption commission and the drug enforcement commissions so if you and your kamanga have evindence in what you are saying take this matter to the anti corruption commission so that they do they job instead of making noise here

  7. Egwugwu says:

    Football politics.kalu and kamanga awe sure .I praise HR who taught the boys how to believe in themselves (psyching them) adding it to libreville where the 1993 hero’s perished it was a big motivation .This HR was brought in by kalu and he was belittled as just a physical trainer who knows nothing about football. He won us afcon and went to COD and did the same.Let’s focus on the under 20 afcon we re hosting which is gonna be higly competitive than this cosafa which to me was training .People wanted kalu to go because of the numerous allegations and now that he is gone why should people still blame him if kamanga fail in his administration.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      ” now that he is gone why should people still blame him if kamanga fail in his administration.” You Kalu cadres are discrediting anything Kamanga wants to do that is why Kalu’s name keep coming up. Anything good like winning casafa is attributed to Kalu’s players, anything bad like failing to qualify to AFCON is Kamanga’s failure forgeting that Kalu failed to hire a good coach and as such when Kamanga took over, the damage had already been done. There was total confusion in the national team. We didn’t know who our main strike was, was it Luchanga or even Patson Daka or was it Mbesuma? Midfield, we had the Katema’s type of players. Are you kidding me? Kalu was doing all that infusing of young players so he could sale them to Europe and get a cut as he did with Mbola etc, but short sighted people like won’t see that, but continue to show your ignorance on here. We ain’t buying it. Kalu was pathetic and his corruption was bad for Zambian football period. He will go down as one of the most corrupt person at Faz and its a shame because being a former player, one would have thought he would have done better than the previous admins in as far as paying players/coaches was due to them, but instead he used the players to enrich himself. “Kaili yali ninkhongole fye.” my @$$.

  8. Wesu Nandibo says:

    Insoni ebuntu! Kamanga is a failure period. Great Kalu achieved a lot and he is still achieving more at the continental level. So leave him alone iwe Parodox if you really dont know what you are talking about. You cant compare the two period!

  9. Football is about winning games all we want is see the national team winning games

  10. Egwugwu I like your analyst you are spot on in what you are saying people wanted kalu out of FAZ and it happen yet there are now blaming him for the failure of kamanga.kalu is no longer at FAZ so stop attacking him

  11. Zambia has won that cosafa cup for the record of eleven times so winning the under20 cosafa is not an achievement because zambia won it before,just like qualifying to AFcon all what we need now is qualify to the world cup or probably the under 20 should lift the AFcon that we are hosting

  12. Zamfoot why are you doing this? were are my comments? zambia is a democratic national so why are you blocking my comments?.are you in the pact with kamanga?

  13. Kamanga says:

    Cosafa cup we know it’s not an archievemeny in Zambia
    Qualifying to Afcon is not an archiement
    Wearing kapa is not an archiement
    Suspending kazala is not an archiement
    Failure at Kabwe and power not archiement
    THIS has been seen before in zed
    We wanted kalu to go and he is gone
    Wether Mr kamangas admin is being sabotage indirect that does not matter
    Kalus admin was also sabotage by mwale and rupiah
    Baparadox let’s unite and help kamanga to archive something
    1.going to the WC
    2.improve the standards of soccer
    Not this chaldish name calling ati kakandilepo
    Grow up man all else get a life

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      “Suspending kazala is not an archiement” But holding people accountable by finding where the money from the gate takings went is an archivement in my books. I hate thieves and corrupt people, too bad you don’t.


    For Haven s sake bloggers leave Kalu and Kamanga alone. There is so much in Football We can discuss than these two men.Its time We identify other boys from the under 17 who can beef up the under 20 for the crucial U20 Zambia is hosting.Comparing Kalu and Kamanga will not take Us any where.

  15. Sometimes i fail to understand our hate statements. the titlte above our comments is the Under 20 winning COSAFA. but people jump to criticise the former n current FAZ bosses. No one will ever escape the critisim of failure no corruption it just not attainable gentlemen. sometimes we ought to check our rhinkuing . we say kalu a thief but a thief not in jail or kamanga a failure at warriors n power but still a dailure at the helm of FAZ??????. then i will say stupid n jealous Zambian. lets discuss what is at hand not what we habour in our thoughts. Grow up.

  16. Wesu Nandibo says:

    Iwe Mambwe a failure is failure ayi as there is proof. But you can not call someone a thief who has not been arrested for any offence nor taken to court. The reason why we compare the two it’s because the current administration came in the office without any agenda but just to kick out great Kalu at the expense of our soccer. As though that is not enough they even wanted him out of CAF, yet the man has a lot for our game. Unless he start performing we will keep on criticizing him. Elo grow up! what do you really mean? Infact iwe you need to get life!

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