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Can Nyirenda emulate the Renard’s continental success

Former Chipolopolo Boys coach Hervé Renard qualified Morocco to the Russia 2018 World Cup at the expense of Ivory coast thanks to a 2-0 away win on Saturday.

The Frenchman has two African Cup of Nations titles to his name with Zambia and Ivory Coast.

For Nyirenda, he has just started his journey as national team coach.

He has managed to phase out the old guard from Renard’s AFCON winning squad and introduced exciting youngsters.

He has also qualified the team to CHAN.

The Frenchman was handed the Chipolopolo job by then FAZ boss Kalusha Bwalya in 2008 and took Zambia to the quarter finals at the 2010 AFCON.

He then jumped the ship to neighbouring Angola but that marriage didn’t work out and found himself in North Africa with Algerian side USM Algiers.

He arrived in Africa as an assistant to the veteran Frenchman Claude LeRoy in Ghana.
The Ghanian media claimed he was just a physical train

Despite earning Zambia a spot at the 2012 African Cup of Nations, Italian coach Dario Bonetti was sacked by Kalusha, and the Frenchman was brought up despite public outcry against his re-appointment.

The Chipolopolo faithful were still bitter about the way he dumped Zambia for the oil riches in Angola.

After three months, Renard delivered the a maiden AFCON title the Southern African country has been craving for over four decades.

After a poor performance at the Nations Cup in South Africa in 2013, the gaffer opted for a job back in his home land in France with Sochaux.


Wedson Nyirenda took over the national team reigns in 2016.
Zambia picked up only 8 points from a possible 18.

It must be noted in between his two spells in charge of the Chipolopolo, Renard failed to qualify Zambia to the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups.

He failed to keep them in the Ligue 1 and left the club.

World Cup Qualifiers


Renard with his assistant Patrice found themselves in West Africa and again delivered the AFCON title to Ivory coast in 2015.

There was another unsuccessful spell in his native country with Lille before he was lured by Morocco .

Though he failed to go the quarter final stage at the 2017 AFCON, he kept his job and the rest is history.

Unbeaten in the campaign, scored 11 goals and with best defensive record. Morocco did not concede

16 Comments to Can Nyirenda emulate the Renard’s continental success

  1. LAMECK ELLIAS says:

    True story about this WADA WADA : He is a very good Coach! he has a vision for Zambia, he can be seen by his deadly selection of players!
    He has made an excellent national team for Zambia! In Zambian football history no Zambian did this before; all the past Zambian coaches were playing names and what they found but for his case is different is identifying talent!
    Zambia National Soccer Team is now respected around the grobe despite not qualify for World Cup!
    He can definately emulate Herve Renard it’s very possible!

    • Prince says:

      I see you never met Zoom!
      However, this article is more about Renard than Wada…it doesn’t explain how Wada can challenge Renard’s achievements but gives us a history report on Renard…poor headline ba Zamfoot!

  2. General says:

    yes but he must organise the defence including sunzu is not good. he must call lubambo Musonda and also mbola, kalaba and sinkala.

  3. 90minutes says:

    Yes and he should also call Hichani Himonde, Nkausu Mbesuma, kalililo kakonje Joseph Musonda and at least Dominic Yobe.

  4. discipline says:

    Mmmmmmm,@90minutes what are you smoking bro or you have been in mars for the past four to five years.

  5. Soccerguru says:

    He is being sarcastic to those stupid fans who want to crucify Wada for refusing to call up washed up players….useless monkeys of soccer fans

  6. Chinyonge says:

    wada Kalaba sinkala mbesuma they played in the game against nigeria we lost

  7. Mwebantu says:

    Well done Renard! You are a great coach! Ama Wailers-fus are eating their own words! They might be the guys on Lusaka Times! I am sure they are!

  8. Mwebantu says:

    Where are the wailers?

  9. Bigsteve 4rm SA says:

    lol what’s with the sudden praise songs for Wada??….Is it not a bit premature to even be comparing him to a two time Afcon winning coach who is now destined for the world cup. Oranges with Oranges people lets compare comparable things.

    Lets talk this comparison after we qualify for Afcon and do well at Afcon. Wada has not won anything and not qualified for anything significant yet.

  10. big up to two above mentioned coaches Rena has proved himself to be a good coach, if wada wada can be given full support by both faz and real soccer fans not those who only know to scream when”its a goal” he is seem to be promising congratulations for such a wonderful campaign you’ve put up in the word cup, but my objection for you coach wedson nyirenda is to qualify Zambia to the afcon and finish on top of the group.

  11. @big Steve from s.a i guess this is not all about comparing but is if wada can do what herve renard has done as a coach cause cause wada has just started him national team career. coach Wada yes can do it.

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