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Can Kalampa or Dinamo take advantage of Zanaco and Zesco’s CAF commitments

The imbalance between the Zambia football season calendar and the CAF one is to a larger extent a traverse.

The fixture compilations and flights connection always takes its toll on Zambian teams.

Zesco is a vivid example of that: last season, despite having the best squad in size and quality in the country by some miles, they couldn’t handle the physicality, jet lag and fatigue that accumulates in the process.

They ended up surrendering the trophy to the ‘Bankers’ Zanaco and almost missed out on the CAF competitions slots.

So, with  Zanaco’s and Zesco’s run in the competitions promising to be a long voyage, is it advantage  Nkana (Kalampa) and Power Dynamos (Dinamo)?

Zesco’s demise last season was not coincidental, it was well documented. In a space where Zesco  had to criss-cross the continent, Zanaco had the luxury of having more time in training and conditioning – a luxury Zesco couldn’t afford. The rest is history as they say; the bankers ended up being crowned champions of Zambia.

A similar fate beckons for Power and Nkana this season. They have to cease the moment like the bankers did last season and make sure Zesco and Zanaco play the meek character.

So, who’s ready to pounce between the two?


The heart-throb of many Zambians. They do have a great squad but Nkana’s achilles heel is holding it when it matters, a syndrome which has become palpable at the club.

If there is chance for Nkana to further enrich their trophy cabinet, it’s this season.

They’ve kept their best players from last season, with Walter Bwalya being the epitomizing stamp of that.

The most certain thing at pa Chilata is uncertainty – they’ve leap-frogged Aggrey Chiyangi from head-coach  to technical director– and in turn they’ve elevated his assistant Zeddy Saileti to head coach -a tale that makes less sense. Saileti and and Chiyangi presided over last season’s Nkana’s title chase collapse and altering positions with the same personnel is surprising for a team of Nkana’s caliber.

Maybe there is more than meets the eye in this case. But even then, Saileti has to instill his ethos on this team and that could prove to be  hindrance number one–he’ll need more time.

Nkana’s holy grail maybe bagging their 13th title, but with the factors aforementioned,  this Nkana’s dream is sure to be a wild goose chase more than anything.


Power’s biggest problem over the years has being their inability to find that coach to propel them to the top again.

They’ve lagged behind the likes of Zanaco and Zesco due their managerial merry-go-round.

In Danny Kabwe they look like they’ve defied that hoodoo which has proved elusive for a few years.

He’s brought  his tactical nous to the  fore and the players seem to have imbibed to  that. His biggest task would be to avoid that slump that finds its way in this Power side after their last title.

With Nkana having changed coaches over the break  in hope of countering for the title; Power on the other hand have not changed–that and power’s shrewd signings in  pre-season does put ‘aba yellow’ on a more certain wagon than their nemesis.

Do you see Power Dynamos or Nkana seizing the opportunity?

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  1. GSK11 says:

    This article lacks editorial oversight- too many errors.

  2. Pungwa says:

    Bushe who is sponsoring Lusaka Dynamos ? Where is this money coming from ? Generally it seems a lot of money has come into our league this season – look at Builcon and now Dynamos flashing such cash .

    Ugandan defender Ochaya joins Zambian top side Lusaka Dynamos FC

    Uganda’s international defender Joseph Ochaya has joined Zambia’s Premier League side Lusaka Dynamos FC, a club official said here on Tuesday.

    David Tamale, the KCCA FC Chief Executive Officer told Xinhua that the deal has been concluded and Ochaya has signed a two-year contract.

    Tamale revealed that the Zambian team paid 120,000 U.S. dollars to sign the utility defender.

    “He played his last match for KCCA FC against South Africa’s Mamelodi Sundowns in the CAF Total Champions League last weekend,” added Tamale.

    The former Asante Kotoko defender in Ghana has been in good form that saw him help KCCA FC win the 2015/2016 League title. The team is also top of the League this season.

    “I am very happy that I will be trying out my talent at a professional level again. I will continue working hard for my team and country,” said Ochaya.

    Ochaya was part of the Uganda Cranes team at the 2016 Africa Nations Championship in Rwanda and the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon. Enditem

    Source: Xinhua/NewsGhana.com.gh

  3. soccerguru says:

    Pungwa. …very good observation….I have been wondering who is sponsoring them as well…when I saw the swanky team bus I was amazed. ….Zamfoot instead of boring us with those articles. ….can we have data on who is funding Lusaka Dynamos. …We know it can’t be hanif Adams. ….There must be some serious financial muscle behind Lusaka dinamo

  4. paradox says:

    punch knows who the sponsers are

  5. soccerguru says:

    So why doesn’t punch tell us….where have Lusaka Dinamo found all this cash

  6. slim says:

    Road construction contracts, where else???!!!

  7. Positive thinking says:

    I like this article. It paints a very good picture of how teams lack balance in terms of league and continental commitment. Squad depth is an oversight that you can’t afford if you are going to do both.

    Nkana and Power also have a very good opportunity to jump in and win the trophy. Though, I do think an article on where ba City ya moto is getting their funding also has my curiosity peaked.

  8. paradox says:

    i think he hasnt been to this site in a long time

  9. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    huawi is the one who’s sponsoring Lusaka dynamos

  10. Tc Soccerman says:

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  11. Zamfoot you should also give us the information about the new signing in the zambian premier league we want to know which players has Nkana,Green buffolos,power dynamos and these other clubs have signed and how many foreigner players have been signed so far because there no information about the super league team activities so far

    • Tc Soccerman says:

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  29. Since he left kabwa warrior is back in the super league and they are attracting good players again example is solomon sakala the under20 captain so tell me something else

  30. At the moment warrior is well organised than during the time of kamanga they even employed the expatriate coach in the name of mohamand fathi. Which kamanga failed to do

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  33. Hello mr Americano are still there? or you have run away can you prove to me that your dad is competent to run football e.g by giving me the belief history in football administration be a man enough and face me and you should also answer my questions don’t be a chicken I’m waiting zamfoot my comment is harmless

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  35. Amandla says:

    When is our team going to make a modern stadium? Ba Mopani!

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