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Cameroon 1 – 1 Zambia: Match highlights & goals

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8 Comments to Cameroon 1 – 1 Zambia: Match highlights & goals

  1. Billy says:

    We need ball players going forward, the likes of Lubambo, Mayuka, Walter Bwalya, and Mbola. Wedson Inyirenda is trying to build a team thats why he seems to be trying different players and tactics. But I must say Nyirenda is better than Lwandamina. Lwandamina is corrupt, nepotistic and chooses players depending on his relationship with them. The ref also killed us in yesterday’s game. He only gave them a penalty after Cameroon players protested. Also Fwayo should have been introduced instead of Silwimba. Fwayo would have added more offense to the attack. Having said that lets build the team using the remaining qualifying games. There is no way Zambia can qualify to Russia 2018. We made a mistake to lose to Nigeria at LPM. A draw against Nigeria would have been much better. Nigeria is going to win the group. Cameroon are no longer the team they used to be. Algeria are bad travelers to sub-Saharan countries, and might lose all their away games.

    • Zambia Shall Win the Afcon Again says:

      We are in safe hands under wada lets us support him. We shall blow our chances by not doing our best in the remaining matches

  2. Zambia Shall Win the Afcon Again says:

    We still have a chance of qualifying so let us not lose hope despite the huge task ahead of us

  3. Billy says:

    Ghana vs Egypt. Ghana doing well so far. As far as I am concerned Ghana is a better team than Nigeria. I agree with what Micheal Essien said. Ghana is better than Nigeria. Up GH.


    why d hatred for Nigeria…. Nigeria is better than all the south african cauntries in football. The trophies speaks from the u17 to the seniour level, even Ghana cant compare themselves with Nigeria kid.. Dont follow wat someone says make the research yourself and see.


    am sorry if what i said hurt.. But ur comment is provocative. @ BILLY


    which cauntry is zambia better than in african football?

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