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CAFCC: Zesco United 2 – 2 SuperSport (As it happened)

Zesco United are in action against SuperSport United of South Africa in the second leg of the CAF Confederations Cup Quarter final.

The first leg ended 0-0 in South Africa.

Zesco United XI v SuperSport United

Banda, Silwimba, Fackson Kapumbu, David Owino Odhiambo, Dauti Musekwa, Misheck Chaila, Kondwani Mtonga, John Chingandu, Maybin Kalengo, Jackson Mwanza, Jesse Were

SuperSport United XI vs Zesco United FC


SSU Bench: Pieterse,Nhlapo,Mashamaite,Wome,Mbule,Mnyamane,Nkhatha

46 Comments to CAFCC: Zesco United 2 – 2 SuperSport (As it happened)

  1. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert
    4′ Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    John Chingandu slams one in on a volley from a Kondwani cross

  2. ZamFoot says:

    13′ Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    John Chingandu again finds space in the box but is only denied by the keeper

  3. Fanatic says:

    great start Zega. keep them coming Zamfoot,nice work

  4. ZamFoot says:

    14′ Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    Maybin Kalengo is played through by Jackson Mwanza but again keeper saves well and recovers to demy Mwanza with the rebound

  5. STUMPY says:

    were is mbombo?

  6. Fanatic says:

    Zesco must convert their chances and bury the game in the first half

  7. Fanatic says:

    Mbombo was sold to some club in the middle East if I’m not mistaken

  8. ZamFoot says:

    21′ Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    Supersport have stabilized and getting more into the game

  9. ZamFoot says:

    23′ Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    Best chance for SS falls to Mphala after they benefit from a Chaila poor back pass but he hits the side netting

  10. ZamFoot says:

    26′ Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    Counter attack by Zesco is led by Kalengo on the right who tries to find Were in the box but the cross is just beyond the Kenyan

  11. ZamFoot says:

    30’Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    Jeremy finds space in the Zesco box but is denied by a good save from Banda

  12. Fanatic says:

    whatever they do, Zesco must avoid conceding or else it bye bye

  13. ZamFoot says:

    33′ 30’Zesco 1-0 SuperSport
    SSU survive a counter attack AS Chingandu is again denied by goalie

  14. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert
    34′ Zesco 1-1 Supersport
    Mphala drives one home

  15. ZamFoot says:

    37′ Zesco 1-1 Supersport
    SSU watch a looped ball over Jacob Banda just miss the upright. Close!

  16. ZamFoot says:

    43′ Zesco 1-1 Supersport
    Looks 50/50 at the moment but the score favors SuperSport

  17. ZamFoot says:

    Zesco 1-1 Supersport HT

  18. Don says:

    Come on Zesco

  19. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert
    Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    David Owino scores from another Kondwani assist

  20. STUMPY says:

    lets park a mazandu bus

  21. ZamFoot says:

    55′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport

  22. ZamFoot says:

    61′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Gould gets a yellow for a crude tackle on Chingandu

  23. ZamFoot says:

    68′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    What a save by Williams as he denies Were from close range this time

  24. ZamFoot says:

    68′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Yellow card to Silwimba

  25. ZamFoot says:

    72′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Sub: Dave Daka in for Jackson Mwanza

  26. ZamFoot says:

    76′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Sub: Patrick Kongolo in for Maybin Kalengo

  27. Don says:

    This score line is scary…park the bus guys

  28. ZamFoot says:

    79′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Owino sees his cracking header come off the crossbar. This should have killed the game

  29. ZamFoot says:

    80′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Final sub for SS
    Wome in for Modiba

  30. ZamFoot says:

    84′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Final sub for Zesco United
    Akumu Agay in for John Chingandu

  31. ZamFoot says:

    86′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Supersport camp in the Zesco half. Zesco holding strong

  32. ZamFoot says:

    89′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Zesco not keeping possession

  33. ZamFoot says:

    90′ Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    Dauti Musekwa goes down as Zesco earn a foul

  34. ZamFoot says:

    Zesco 2-1 SuperSport
    3 minutes added

  35. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert
    Zesco 2-2 Supersport
    Phala with a brace

  36. ZamFoot says:

    Zesco 2-2 Supersport FT
    Supersport United proceed to semi finals on away goals

  37. STUMPY says:

    we lack time winding tactics in zambian football.

  38. Don says:

    Ouch! Seriously ?

  39. Muchofe says:

    That coach is useless..fire him please. Zesco won’t even be in the top two this season.

    • Dynamite says:

      I totally agree with you. This coach hasn’t done anything at Zesco. I can’t see his philosophy, if anything Zesco has gone down in terms of performance

  40. chibuye says:

    zesco don’t even waste time fire this idea less coach. you see what we have been saying!

  41. Kuku says:

    Its the players. They could hold the ball. And obviously Tinkler and arandse bullied them and they where not focused. Amateurish towards the end.

  42. Kuku says:

    They could not hold the ball.

  43. discipline says:

    Yes Tinkler very childish, any way at least sa has got the better of us this week starting with the Lassie in zim now this zega fiasco

  44. General says:

    that ZESCO coach shud park and go is useless.

  45. John James says:

    This is not the first time we have seen this in Zambian football. We have even seen it before with the under 20’s in the world cup losing concentration in the dying minutes of the game and this can only be attributed to Zambians inability to play a technical game from the technical bench. Championships are not always won on the field of play especially in tough encounter last yesterday, those kind of matches are also won from the technical bench. I always say South Africans are not as talented as Zambians but can afford the luxury to play a technical game and get the results. They knew that Zesco will play an open game at mwanawasa and in that situation the game was up for grabs and exactky liket that. Modern soccer has changed you can not always rely on home ground advantage which is an encient system used mainly in the 50’s and 60’s. Zesco had a better chance of progressing if the took chances in pretoria. In ndola it was 50/50 if you doubt me then you have other results than yesterday’s. Thanks and Bola na Lesa.

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