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CAF U20 AFCON: Mali 1-6 Zambia – Player Rater

Signed, sealed and delivered!!! The Junior Chipolopolo became the first African country to qualify for the World Youth Cup in South Korea.

And Beston Chambeshi’s side did it in style by demolishing Mali 6-1.

Below ZamFoot Crew’s Bernard Chama rates the ‘Ma Boys’.

1.Magani Banda 8.0.
The shot stopper had little to do to stop the only goal scored by Mali but was upto the task especially in commanding his back line. He was given a yellow card for time wasting something he should have avoided.

3.Prosper Chilufya. 7.5
The Zambian left back didn’t provide the match needed runs on the wings but his command in defence frastrated the Malian wingers who eventual run out is steam on the wings.

5. Solomon Sakala.8.0
The Zambian captain ensured his backline didn’t concede the second goal and his long passes forward offered the much needed support from the middle field.

2. Nyondo Moses. 8 5
The Juniour Chipolopolo kin pin was beaten in the air when Zambia conceded the only goal of the game butbje rose to occasion whenever their was a need and his sire clearances and passes proved what a great defensive asset the National team had going forward

13. Shemmy Mayembe.7.5
Made overlapping runs going
approach to the Zambian attack offering a variety of finishes to whoever wanted to score.

12. Emmanuel Banda Jnr. 8.5
Scorer of the second goal from outside the box Banda did as was expected by coach to distribute technical balls. His runs partnership with Enoch Mwepu in the midfield proved to be too lethal for the Malians.Banda easily lost some balls but his cover up runs made his task look so easy for the day.

21. Boyd ‘The Tanker’ Musonda, 8
In a team full of attacking players, the Zanaco man has to improve on his position. No need to keep on pushing forward.

He is powerful and strong in the air. His range of passing was good.

14. Edward ‘Tiger’ Chilufya: 8.5
Managed to score a brace in the 50th and 54th minutes, ‘Tiger’s runs proved to be too quick for the Malian defenders. He struggled in the first half but rose to occasion in the second half announcing his presence with a goals.

The boy from Kasama is proving a handful for Zambia.

10. Fashion Sakala. 9.5
The nights man of the match scored a cracker after beating Malian defenders. He was a thorn in the Malian Flesh.His quick pace marveled the fans whenever Zambia was attacking and always seemed a danger as he got closet to the 18 yard box.His crosses brought a classical.

20. Patson ‘Papa’ Daka: 7.5
Provider of the equalizing goal minutes after Zambia conceded Patson once again has silenced his critics. Though tightly marked by Malian defenders his runs proved to be dangerous especially in the box.Though he didn’t score today his experience upfront was a great boost to the team collectively.

Enoch ‘Computer’ Mwepu: 8.0
The midfielder performed as expected.His quick runs earned him a goal for the night. He had the highest number of complete passes for the Zambian side and covevered the most distance overole for both sides.His accurate and precise runs was what the Chipolopolo needed.

42 Comments to CAF U20 AFCON: Mali 1-6 Zambia – Player Rater

  1. Positive thinking says:

    Abaiche nabesa nechi mwela!!! May they continue this work in Korea.

  2. Logic says:

    Fashion Sakala was a 10/10 performance

    • Nostra says:

      Agreed on Fashion even 11/10.
      Patson Daka 9.5/10, he assisted on 5 goals.

      And let’s be proud that boys looks smart and healthy, no one looks like smokes ibange.

  3. I like the way Enock mwepu play his football, he plays like yaya toure of machester city he can also play as a defensive and attacking midfield at the same time.he is also a good supplier of balls he has eye for goals and another added advantage is his body and height if properly natured he is going to be better than isaac chansa and another player that we should look out is the goalkeeper mangani banda that boy knows how to command his defenders very well he is composed, stead and he has a good timing so far he is my best goalkeeper so far in the games that have be played my advise to these players don’t rush to sign contracts that you don’t understand with clubs like sundown,orlado pirates,kaizer chiefs, zamalerk and TP mazembe because these clubs won’t help you to developed but they will just finish you more especially sundown,orlando pirates and zamalek infact don’t even make a misteke to sign for these clubs if you do then you are finish that my advise boys otherwise all the best

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      There is an old saying that goes” a bird in hand is better than two in the bush”. If the only offers on the table are from Sundowns, Pirates, TP and Zamalek the boy will in reality have no choice. If he follows your advise not to sign for these teams and yet no one else has come to the table he will be following a pipe dream which will take him nowhere.

      • Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

        Sundowns is not a good team for Zambian players.The only Zambian player who had game time at Sundowns was Gift Kampamba and all the others have a very bad time at Sundowns including Sashi Chalwe who started on a high note in his first game.I know that you are a supporter of Sundowns but it is not a good destination for Zambian players.Zambian players had a good time at Kaizer chiefs since Albert Bwalya started playing for Chiefs.

      • Positive thinking says:

        Big Steve, I agree with Alexander. Sundowns is a club that has a history of bringing in more players than they need. Specifically foreign players, and then simply shelving those that they think are not good enough.

        Too many examples of this; Sashi Chalwe, Mweene, Rotson Kilambe, Mukuka Mulenga. These guys should wait until after Korea if these are the only offers they get.

  4. soccerguru says:

    Patson Daka nickname is “P Diddy” ….that’s what we call him at power. …ba Zamfoot get ur nocknames correct! !! Sha. ….

    I agree with my imposter on Mwepu. ….He can be developed into an exceptional midfielder …..I hope he goes to the right club

  5. Tc Soccerman says:

    I have seen Iris Kaingu visited the boys at their hotel. Run boys! She will give you her Gonorrhea and herpes. Man that girl loves the attention, Lol

  6. Paddy says:

    This is a continental tournament being proudly host by Zambia and therefore I expect zamfoot to cover other matches too. Should we only be reading about Zambia just because it’s a Zambian football site? Like really? What an opportunity being wasted here to show that you’re growing ba zamfoot. I’m a Zambian in diaspora and I’m having to go to Super sports website for news and updates involving other teams. What a shame. Good job by our boys sofar though.

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      I agree with you actually ZAMFOOT should also be doing spying onthese other teams, gives us some feedback on what systems are likely to be adopted, what their media back home are saying about us or other teams things like that. All we are reading is about Zambia, but we also need to know what our opponents think of us!

    • J.S says:

      true. Those of unable to watch the games are disavantaged. would like know how the other teams are fairing.

    • Positive thinking says:

      Paddy, thanks for saying what I was about to say aswell. How can you not report on other matches when we are hosting. I am not even talking about match reports, but at least a ka data on the results.

  7. Logic says:

    I agree Paddy, the only time we see activity is when Zambia is playing. It reminds me of the strory I read about Ndola fans boycotting games because Zambia is not playing in Ndola. How can we expect to host major tournamemts with attitudes like this surely. Zamfoot hire an assitant if need be, we need updates and discussions regarding the whole tournament

  8. TC soccerman I also saw that picture I hope she is not up to something.soccer guru I’m not your imposter don’t get me worry there is the different between the undefeated guru and soccer guru just compare the names they are different no hard feeling

  9. Fc Luo says:

    The veteran soccer analyst is soccer guru and the undefeated guru u are new on the site.wayback we were evaded by ghanians and Nigerians you used to post irritating comments guys like Naija

  10. yazzy says:

    I think my man of the match was Edward chilufya he scored 2 assisting 1 and played very well which was gud.

  11. F-15 says:

    under 20… Hope is kindled.

  12. Tc Soccerman says:

    Fashion Sakala! Charlie Musonda jr who? Who needs him. I am okey with Fashion sakala, let Musonda please whiteman in Belgium if he will ever make the team with the way Hazard is playing, good luck. We have Fashion!

  13. soccerguru says:

    Undefeated Guru. …before this site was …I was…I am the soccerguru. …the beginning and the end of Zambia football. …I fought valiantly against Razcozy and the other punks from Ghanasoccernet who invaded this site after our assent to the throne of African football in 2012. ….I got fed up of insults and internal attacks from John and his surrogate Stumpy ….so I decided to take a sabatical. ….

    I am now back to take my rightful place ad chief analyst on this site…

    Lol the Musonda boys will regret their skitting they will never be good enough for Belgium. ….and frankly they are not good enough for Zambia….soon they won’t be good enough for Chelsea or other European Club

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      True Soccerguru on the Musonda kids. And yes we all all know you from back then and your contributioon to this site, welcome back.

  14. Amandla says:

    What a performance boys! For the first time I have seen this rating that is so high for all the players! Well done boys!

  15. Mario says:

    A very impressive performance especially going forward, and this was despite the poor pitch. I cannot recall such cool headed finishing from any Zambian team. These boys have the mentality to go much further. They are hungry and confident in their abilities.

  16. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Kwasala Egypt ena ni 7-0

  17. Adebayo says:

    That boy is proven, but thank in these boys we have a team, hope they ii not be rushed into signing for these useless teams. They are going to the youth word cup the rest like mwepu and others can go to betta teams

  18. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    “…The boy from Kasama [Edward Chilufya] is proving a handful for Zambia….” What is this?

  19. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I honestly think Enoch ‘Computer’ Mwepu was also in the region of 9/10. At parts of the game he was easily man of the match.

  20. SLIM says:

    The goal by Mwepu was magical in its simplicity! It was “poetry in motion”.

  21. C2 says:

    Body Musonda needs to improve he is putting the central defense under so much pressure. For me it’s 5/10 he needs to improve.

  22. Mubs says:

    This site has grown zoona.I remember back in the days(It was called zambianfootballblog.net when one of the pioneers-we used to call mbesuma at UNZA was posting and editing stories in the lib basement on internet meant for research-

  23. Mubs says:

    This site has grown zoona.I remember back in the days(It was called zambianfootballblog.net when one of the pioneers-we used to call mbesuma at UNZA was posting and editing stories in the lib basement on internet meant for research

  24. Kuku says:

    Musonda needs time to build his European career and become seasoned, its a blessing that he has not yet played for Belgium. Fashion is doing well, he has to keep building his all round game and professionalism. So far we have seen he can defend and attack in great fashion. He can run for 90 minutes but he has to learn how to control his breath.

  25. Seen from Afar says:

    it is just good to see a Zambian side flowing with confidence, a side that have a knack of hitting the target. it has been along time.

    this is all very exciting but let us remain humble and focused and reach for the highest rewards.

  26. Positive thinking says:

    Ba Zamfoot. Can you please atl east copy paste supersport reports on the other games? Like some of us are saying. How can you just be posting about Zambia when the tournament is being held in Zambia? C’mon guys!!!

    • Paddy says:

      It’s so frustrating I tell you. It’s happening in Zambia, in two cities only and we still can’t cover that? God help our land mwe

  27. Chiko says:

    There is an urgent need to find new defence! Or at least move Solomon Sakala to right back and find a new central defender and defensive midfielder.

  28. Guys let me make this clear to every one I’m not new on this blorg I have been blorging since 2011 its just that I have been changing names I know people like john,kay hammer,mulenga,stumpy and also remember the west African blorgers like self made,wiz kid I was also among those blorgers who fought with the west Africans

  29. Yes you are soccer guru no doubt about it, you can take your rightful place I have no problem but I will remain the undefeated guru

  30. Vinkubala says:

    And not forgetting Vinkubala who lured Big Steve to this site from Chipolopolo Boys blog where insults were the order of the day.

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